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Travel Insurance for France from India

Ensure a safe trip with France travel insurance plan.

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If you're planning a trip to Europe, France is definitely a must-visit destination. It's got everything from beautiful cities to stunning countryside, making it perfect for a vacation or even a work or study trip. But before you pack your bags and head off, it's important to make sure you have the right travel insurance in place. This will help protect you financially in case anything unexpected happens while you're away. Plus, it's a requirement for anyone travelling to France as part of the Schengen area. 

Keep reading to find out how France travel insurance can make your trip even better!

Why do I need travel insurance for France from India?
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Travel insurance France from India is definitely an essential requirement if you look at the following reasons.

Why Choose ACKO's Travel Insurance for France?
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If you're looking for an insurance option that prioritises protection and is budget-friendly, ACKO is the way to go. Our travel insurance is not only affordable but also covers everything you need for a worry-free trip.

Online Insurer
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From start to finish, ACKO Insurance is convenient. Our digital platform lets you manage policy purchases, claims, and management online.

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Insurance plans that provide adequate protection can be found at reasonable prices. ACKO provides affordable 5-day travel plans for Rs. 49*, or about Rs. 10 per day. 

Adaptable to your needs
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Your ACKO travel insurance policy's coverage options are flexible, so you can tailor them to your needs and budget. 

Claims are settled quickly
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We immediately get to work when an ACKO claim is submitted. We will resolve your claim quickly so you can return to your passion. 

Benefits of ACKO’s Travel Insurance India to France
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COVID-19 coverage
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If you get sick with COVID-19 while travelling, we'll pay for your hospital stay until you recover. Additionally, if you experience any financial loss, like missing a flight, due to COVID-19 quarantine requirements, we'll provide monetary compensation.

​​Anytime and anywhere help
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No matter where you go, our travel insurance will cover you. We currently cover more than 150 countries and offer help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, we have your back no matter where you are or what time it is.

Medical assistance in emergencies
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When you travel to a different country, even small health problems can cause a lot of trouble. Our travel insurance plan, however, will protect you financially in the event of a medical emergency.

What's covered

What's not covered

What's covered in ACKO’s France Travel Insurance?
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Here are the situations generally covered when you buy a travel insurance policy for France from ACKO.

Travel Coverage

  • Return of minor child to the city of residence in case of the insured person's hospitalisation

  • Family member’s compassionate visit in case of the insured person’s hospitalisation

  • Monetary loss for transportation in case of medical care and death of the insured person during the trip

  • Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

  • Compensation for rescheduling

  • Compensation for misplacement or delay of the checked-in baggage

  • Compensation for total loss/partial loss of checked-in baggage

  • Unrecoverable costs related to the loss of passport

  • Compensation in the event of a paid booking bouncing during travel

  • Compensation in the event of a paid booking bouncing during travel

Legal Coverage

  • Monetary loss brought on by an extended stay following an injury, illness, or hospitalisation

Medical Coverage

  • An accidental injury that requires hospitalisation or daycare

  • A medical emergency that requires hospitalisation or daycare

  • OPD medical expenses due to injuries or illnesses

  • Adventure sports-related injuries requiring hospitalisation

  • Permanent total disability/Permanent partial disability caused by an accident during the travel period

  • Accidental death of the insured person during the travel period

  • Coverage for transporting remains in case of death during travel due to injury or illness during the travel period

  • COVID-19 quarantine resulted in flight cancellation

What's not covered in ACKO’s Travel Insurance for France? 
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Here are some of the exclusions from a France travel insurance plan.

Travel exclusions

  • If you go to Germany without a visa

  • If you are travelling to Germany for medical purposes

  • Travelling despite not being in good health

  • Travelling against the advice of a doctor

  • If you purchase after leaving India or if your trip doesn’t end in India.

Legal exclusions

  • Attempted suicide or self-harm

  • Liabilities incurred while intoxicated

  • Any financial loss resulting from carrying out a criminal act

  • Harm resulting from doing risky work like aerial photography, tunnelling, mining, etc

Medical exclusions

  • Health complications resulting from pre-existing health issues

  • If a report to prove disability is produced by a family member

  • Medical expenses associated with pregnancy

Note: Please refer to your policy document to understand all exclusions and inclusions.

How do I buy Acko Travel Insurance for France from India?
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Follow these six simple steps to buy ACKO's travel insurance online for France:

How do I claim online travel insurance for France from ACKO?
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It is easy to file a claim with ACKO's Travel Medical Insurance France. Just follow these steps to make a claim: 

Claim Process If medical cover is applicable: 

For other covers:

Know more about France before starting your trip
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Here are a few sections to help you prepare for your trip to France.

What to do in France?
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France holds worldwide popularity for its rich culture, iconic landmarks, top-notch fashion and unique cuisine. So, when you are on your trip there, make sure you don’t miss the following things.

  1. Sunset from the Eiffel Tower: Enjoy the romantic sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

  2. Admire the art at The Louvre: Visit The Louvre museum to indulge in the age-old artistic side of France, including the world-famous Mona Lisa created by Leonardo da Vinci.

  3. Have a leisurely beach day: Don’t forget to explore the beautiful French Riviera shores as well as the resorts in Cannes.

  4. Head to the port cities: Saint Tropez and Marseille are some of the most beautiful port cities where you can go sailing.

  5. Go skiing: The massive French Alps call you for a once-in-a-lifetime skiing experience.

  6. Shop your favourite brands: If you have a thing for fashion, plan a day for shopping at some of the most exclusive stores in Paris. 

  7. Try the wine and food: The local cuisine and red wine are to die for in France. So, make sure you walk the streets and try the food at the local cafes. 

Tips to follow before Travelling to France
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Before travelling to France, consider these tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip:

France visa for Indian tourists
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Indians need to apply for a visa to enter France. The categories of visas depend on the purpose of visiting the country, as mentioned below.

France entry information for Indians
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While visiting France, you must be ready with all the necessary documents to make your entry smooth. Here are the main documents you will need to enter France from India.

France visit: Safety precautions
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On your trip to France, you should take the following safety precautions to avoid any potential hassle.

Indian Embassy in France 
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Here are the key contact details of the Indian Embassy in France.



Consular services, pending passport, visa services

Call: 0140 507171, Email: [email protected]

Emergency contact

+33 648340063

Passport services

[email protected]

Visa services

[email protected]

Other consular services

[email protected]

Airports in France
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Here are some of the main international airports in France.




Paris Orly Airport


Charles de Gaulle Airport


Marseille Provence Airport


Nice Cote d’Azur Airport


Saint Exupery Airport


Paris Beauvais Tille Airport


Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg


Merignac Airport


Nantes Atlantique Airport


Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Tips to buy the cheapest travel insurance for France from India online
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You can easily buy travel health insurance France online by following these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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These are the frequently asked questions related to a France travel insurance plan.


Is travel insurance mandatory for Indian visitors visiting France?

Yes, France has made travel insurance mandatory for visitors from India and other countries. It is mandatory for your travel insurance to have proper medical coverage to cover health-related treatments and evacuation if required. 

Does France belong to the Schengen Area?

Yes, France is a member of the Schengen Area, which means that if you're traveling to France as well as other Schengen countries, you'll typically need a Schengen visa and, in most cases, mandatory Schengen travel insurance to enter and travel within these countries

What kind of health coverage do I need for France?

You need at least €30,000 in medical expenses, repatriation, and natural disaster coverage to meet France travel insurance requirements.

How can I buy ‘France travel insurance’ in India?

You can choose the online and offline modes to purchase a travel insurance policy for France in India.

Can I purchase travel insurance after starting my trip to France?

No, you cannot buy travel insurance if your trip has already begun.

Disclaimer: The plans, services, features, processes, and other details mentioned on this page are subject to availability and change. Baggage cover for up to 5 days in Asia is available for just ₹49 (inclusive of GST) for adults – that's around ₹10 per day. Remember, prices may change, so be sure to check the policy details before deciding. If you have questions, reach out to us at [email protected].

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