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France Visa For Indians: Application Process, Types, and Fees

Team AckoOct 5, 2023

With age-old history, exquisite architecture and rich culture, France is a treasure trove for travellers. From having a mesmerising view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower, or roaming around the french village-square markets, to visiting local bistros to taste their “plat du jour” or dish of the day, it all feels like a beautiful dream. 

Planning a trip to France in your head already?! If yes, then the first thing you need to do is apply for a France visa for Indians. There are different types of visas you can opt for based on your travel purpose. So, read on to learn about the application process, visa validities, fees and more.

France Visa for Indians



Different Types of France Visa

Before you apply for aFrance visa, you should know what type you need. The visa type depends on your requirement. You need to consider your purpose of visit and the duration of your stay in France before applying.

  • Short Stay Visa

If you plan to stay for 90 days or less in France, you will need to apply for a short-stay visa. 

The embassy will issue this visa for France for purposes like tours and travels, family visits, and business trips. You can also apply for this visa if you plan to undergo an internship, short training program, or corporate events.

A short-stay visa for France is a requirement when you have to change your airport or are transiting with a stopover at a local hotel.

  • Long Stay Visa

If your stay is for more than 90 days, you require this visa. 

A long-stay visa is valid for three months to a year. So, you will have to plan your visit accordingly. After the year, you have to renew your visa to continue your stay in France.

The long-stay visa equals a Schengen visa. If you possess this visa, you can travel to Schengen areas outside of France. The only restriction is the duration of your travel should be within 90 days. Also, if you have travelled outside France, you are barred from repeating for 180 consecutive days.

  • Airport Transit Visa

The airport transit visa issue is specific to people who are:

  •  Within the international zone of the airport while waiting for the connecting flight to the destination

  • Travelling to a destination outside of the Schengen area

If your destination airport is in the Schengen area, you need a valid short-stay visa. 

You can visit the official website for France visas for further information regarding which type of visa.

Things to Know Before Applying for France Visa

Here are a few things to remember to successfully apply for a France Visa.

  • You must fill in all the correct information while filling out the visa form. Submitting false information or documents can delay your application, or worse, you risk visa rejection.

  • Always be on time for your visa interview. All the interviews are appointment-based. So if you are running late for your interview, the officials will likely cancel the appointment. 

  • When going for your interview, wear something comfortable yet formal. It gives the impression that you take your application seriously and improves your chances of visa approval.

  • Be at ease during the interview. Try to answer all the questions frankly and honestly.

How to apply for France Visa from India?

Here is the process to follow to apply for a France visa for Indians.

  • Schedule an Appointment

In India, the visa application process is online. You should schedule an appointment with the Visa application centre through their official website.

Appointments are available on all weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. You can choose the visa application centre from New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

  • Fill out the Application Form

You will get an application form on the France visa official website along with the appointment. You should register your account on the website. Ensure that you fill in the correct data in this form.

  • Verification of the Data

The officials will give you a date for an interview. In this interview, they will verify all the documents with the data you fill in the application form to ensure that you fulfil all the requirements. When you go for the interview, be sure to carry all your documents.  

You will need to make the payment for the visa and submit your biometrics for the record.  If you have given your biometrics within the past five years, you need not do so again.

Documents Required for France Visa from India

You will require specific documents based on the type of visa you are applying for. However, in general, you will need to submit the following documents for your France visa application:

  • The original passport should be valid for at least three months post-trip with a minimum of two blank pages

  • Your copy of the duly-filled application form

  • Two recent copies of passport-size photographs

  • Photocopies of address and identity proof in the passport

  • Photocopies of visa for the destination nation - Schengen area if applicable

  • A signed cover letter including applicant details and travel reason

  • Photocopy of travel itinerary/hotel booking/sponsorship letter

  • Photocopies of confirmed flight tickets

  • Proof of income/occupation - ITR and recently updated bank statements for the previous three months - to show sufficient funds

  • Proof of insurance policy - signed visa insurance form.

  • For lone minor travellers, parents/guardians authorisation letter for authorities. Photocopy of parent/guardian's identity proof.

  • Birth certificates for minors

  • Employer's No Objection Certificate

  • For the dependant spouse, the marriage certificate

  • For students, their respective university's letter of enrollment.

Photo Requirements for France Visa for Indians

You will need to submit photos as per the specifications:

  • They should be recent and not more than three months old

  • The background should be a solid white or grey

  • You will have to face towards the camera with a neutral expression and eyes open

  • Your head should occupy the centre position

  • You should remove any eyewear and only wear thin-rimmed prescription glasses for the photo.

  • You will have to remove any headgear except for religious purposes.

  • Avoid giving a side profile.

  • The photo size should be 35mmx45mm

  • The print: coloured with a matte finish

France Visa Fees and Validity

India does not come under visa-exempted nations. Indian citizens should apply for a visa before entering France. You will also have to pay the fees for visa processing.

The fees for the visa depend on various factors. These factors include the number of entries, duration of stay, biometric submission, visa type, and other service charges.

The fees for France visas for Indian citizens also fluctuate based on foreign exchange rates. Typically, the charges may range between Rs. 4,000 - Rs. 8,000.

An important point to note is that the fees are non-refundable. So if (for any reason) your visa gets rejected or if you withdraw the visa application before processing, you will not receive the fees back.

Here is a table with the fees and validity of different types of France visas.

Entry/purpose Duration Fees Validity
Normal multiple entries/Religious 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Normal multiple entries/Business 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Normal multiple entries/Study 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Normal multiple entries/Work 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Normal multiple entries/Scientist 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Normal multiple entries/Dependant 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months
Term normal multiple entries/Long-term 90 days or more Rs. 8,746 3 months to 1 year
Normal multiple entries/Tourist 90 days Rs. 6,551 3 months

How to Track France Visa Applications for Indians?

Once you complete the application process and the interview, the French embassy will process your application - it can take about 5 to 20 days. A long-stay French visa may require more time. So, you may receive a response between 15 to 20 days; or it can even take up to 2 months in some cases.

You can track your visa status from the visa centre where you apply. They provide you with an online tool to track your application. You will receive a reference number with your application. You can use your personal or contact details to access the tracking tool.

The tracking portals are exclusive for providing information regarding your visa status. Refrain from contacting the officials through helpline call numbers for the same.

What to Do if Your Visa Gets Rejected?

The French embassy can refuse you a visa for several reasons. If it does happen, you can submit a re-evaluation request for your application. However, you should take this measure only if you have a valid reason to believe the refusal to be unjust.

According to European laws, you will receive the reason for the rejection of your visa application.

You will get two months from the day of refusal to appeal against the rejection decision. You will have to attach all the documents to your appeal. 

You may get a direct refusal from the officials. In case of an indirect response, there will be no communication from their end during the provided two months.

France Visa and Travel Insurance

In case you don’t know, Travel Insurance is a mandatory requirement to apply for a France visa. Moreover, you will be financially more secure on a trip to France with an insurance policy to cover any unforeseen crisis. ACKO has a perfect Travel Insurance Plan to comprehensively cover your next trip to France.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few common questions on France visa


What Is a Schengen Visa?

Schengen countries are a few European countries (including France) that issue  standard visas. Before you apply for this visa, ensure you select the correct jurisdiction.

Is a Transit France Visa for Indians to Tour Paris Compulsory?

You can tour Paris while transiting to other countries with a Schengen visa; a tourist visa is unnecessary.

Can I Renew/Extend My Visa From France?

If you wish to extend your visa, you must return to India to renew it.

What Is the Medical Test for a France Visa for Indians?

For a long-stay visa, medical tests are mandatory, but for a short duration, you can skip the tests. 

How Many Times Can I Enter France With My Visa?

The number of times you can enter France will depend on the type of visa. If you need to make multiple short trips for business or family visits, you can apply for a multiple entry visa, also called a circulation visa. This visa is valid for six months to five years.

Do I have to make an appointment to obtain my visa for France?

Yes, you need to appear in front of the authorities to have a meeting when you want a French visa.

Can I complete the interview process in a single meeting when travelling to France with my family?

No, every family member who needs a French visa must appear for a meeting individually.

Can I utilise the photographs I used at the time of my previous visa?

No, you must take a recent photograph for your visa application. The photo can’t be older than 6 months. 

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any visa-related decisions.


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