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Visakhapatnam Traffic e-Challan Status Online

Mar 13, 2024

Traffic challans are a familiar concept to Indian vehicle owners; these penalty notices ensure we maintain a safe and respectful road environment. But with the digital revolution, the traditional paper challan has found its electronic avatar - e-challan. This article will guide you through the nuances of Visakhapatnam e-challans, from understanding what they are to learning how to check their status online.

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Understanding e-Challans

A Visakhapatnam e-challan is an electronic traffic ticket, issued when a road user violates traffic rules in the city. This effort by the Andhra Pradesh Traffic Police simplifies and streamlines the penalty process, making it more transparent for all parties involved. By staying updated about your e-challan status online, you can avoid surprises and keep your driving record clean.

Penalties for Traffic Violations in Visakhapatnam

Traffic Violation


Driving without a licence

Rs. 500 or 3 months imprisonment or both

Minors driving a registered vehicle

Rs. 500 or 3 months imprisonment or both

Disqualified person driving a

vehicle in public place

Rs. 500 or 3 months in prison

Seeking a licence without disclosing endorsements made

Rs. 500 or 3 months in prison

Driver’s failure to obey traffic signs 

First offence: Rs. 100 

Second or subsequent

offence: Rs. 300

Driving without 2-wheeler/4-wheeler third-party insurance

3 months in prison or Rs. 1,000 

Motor vehicle without pollution under control certificate

First offence: Rs. 1,000 

Second or subsequent

offences: Rs. 2,000

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned fines and its conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the governing authorities.

e-Challans can raise your car insurance costs because insurers see them as risky driving. Thus, drive safely to save money! A clean record with ACKO, known for upfront pricing, could mean lower vehicle insurance premiums at renewal.

How to Check Your e-Challan Status

With the introduction of online platforms like the ACKO app and the Parivahan app, you can now check your Visakhapatnam e-challan status in a mere matter of minutes.

Through ACKO App

  1. Download the ACKO app from Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Log in using your registered mobile number or email ID.

  3. Once logged in, click on 'RTO Info' available in the menu.

  4. Under 'RTO Info', select 'e-challan status'.

  5. Input your vehicle registration number in the designated field and tap on 'Search'.

  6. The next page will display all pending and paid challans against your vehicle.

Through ACKO Website


  1. On the right hand side, you will find a challan widget.

  2. Enter your car number.

  3. Click on ‘Check Challan’ to know the status of your Visakhapatnam e-challan. 


  1. Locate the ‘Check Challan’ button at the bottom of this article.

  2. Click on the button and enter your car number.

  3. Check your Visakhapatnam e-challan status seamlessly. 

Through Parivahan App

  1. Download the Parivahan app from Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Log in and enter your vehicle registration number.

  3. Click on 'Fetch Challan' to get the details of all traffic e-challans issued against your vehicle.

  4. The app will now display a list of all the unpaid challans, with details such as challan number, violation type, and fine amount.

Through AP e-Challan App

  1. Download the AP e challan app from Google Play Store or App Store.

  2. Log in and choose a suitable language for convenience.

  3. On the home page, input your vehicle registration number in the designated field.

  4. Click on 'Search' to view all unpaid and paid challans linked with your vehicle number.

How to Pay Your e-Challan 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can pay your challan on government websites:

On Andhra Pradesh Government Portal

  1. Visit the AP e challan website.

  2. Enter your vehicle number and click on 'Get Details'.

  3. Your challan details will appear on the screen.

  4. Select the-challan(s) you wish to pay and proceed with the payment.

On Parivahan Website

  1. Visit the Parivahan site.

  2. Enter your vehicle number or challan number or DL number.

  3. Click on 'Get Details'.

  4. You can now view your challan details.

  5. Choose which challans you want to pay off and proceed with payment.

Safety Rules You Must Follow to Avoid Challans

Here are a few guidelines to ensure you don't face any unnecessary penalties:

  1. Stay within speed limits.

  2. Wear your safety gear.

  3. Avoid driving when intoxicated.

  4. Don’t use your mobile while driving.

How to Register a Complaint Against an e-Challan

Don't worry, the Visakhapatnam e-challan system provides a straightforward way for you to raise a complaint.

  1. Visit the official website of e-challan.

  2. Click on ‘Complaint’ and you will be redirected to the grievance page. 

  3. Fill in the necessary details such as your name, email address, mobile number, vehicle number and a brief description of your complaint. Do remember to select the AP e-challan issue that you are disputing.

  4. Upload an image of the disputed e-challan.

  5. After filling in all the details, click on submit.


From ensuring compliance to keeping your driving record clean, regular updates about your Visakhapatnam e-challan status play an integral role. By leveraging online platforms like the ACKO app or website, you can effortlessly stay up-to-date, making your driving experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

ACKO's wide range of vehicle insurance plans offers comprehensive and third party insurance at affordable rates. With our instant online policy purchase and renewals, transparent processes, and swift claims settlement, we strive to make your insurance journey smooth and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions on Visakhapatnam Traffic e-Challan Status Online



Q1. How to check AP traffic fines?

Visit the Parivahan website and choose "Check Challan Status." Enter your car registration number or challan number. Your challan details will be displayed.

Q2. What happens If I don't pay a challan?

Ignoring a challan can lead to a visit from a constable, a court summons, or even a suspended licence.

Q3. Where to pay AP traffic challans?

You can visit the Parivahan website to make payments online.

Q4. Fine for no helmet in AP?

Rs. 1,000 (Increased in 2019 for better road safety enforcement).

Q5. Penalty for drunk driving in AP?

Up to Rs. 10,000 for the first offence, with possible imprisonment for subsequent offences. Driving under the influence is a serious crime.


The information on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources, which may be updated from time to time. Please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any RTO-related decisions.

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