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Family Travel Insurance

Ensure a safe trip with family travel insurance plan.

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When you travel with your family, do not just look forward to having fun. We should all be most concerned with taking care of our families and ensuring they are safe. Unfortunately, we can not follow them around on tiptoes at every step. So, getting family travel insurance will help you and your loved ones have a stress-free trip. 

Read our guide on Family Travel Insurance to learn why it is essential, what it covers, and how to make a claim.

What Is Family Travel Insurance?
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As the name suggests, family travel insurance is essential to preparing for a family trip abroad. It is similar to an individual travel insurance policy that covers the entire family with equal coverage. Typically, a standard travel insurance policy for families usually covers up to 9 people until age 71.

Why Do I Need Family Travel Insurance?
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Travelling with your family can be a wonderful experience, but it's important to be aware of the potential risks. For example, if you're travelling with babies, their immune systems may not fully develop yet, making them more susceptible to illness. Older family members may also experience health issues while travelling, and unexpected medical emergencies can happen to anyone.

Fortunately, family travel insurance plans can help you navigate these challenges and provide peace of mind. These plans includes a wide range of coverage to help you deal with issues that may arise while you're on the road. 

Some of the main reasons you need travel insurance for family are: 

Advantages Of Getting Family Travel Insurance
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Plans that are easy on the wallet: Travel insurance plans that are affordable and provide complete coverage are easily available nowadays. When it comes to prices, you will have a lot of choices, and these plans offer full coverage.

Coverage for COVID-19: Most insurance companies offer coverage for COVID-19, so you don't have to worry about it.

No pre-test required: No longer do you or your family members have to pass a bunch of medical tests just to get insurance. Just be honest about any pre-existing conditions to avoid any cancellations. 

Single Trip Travel Insurance: If you are planning a short trip with your family, this plan is a good choice instead of a more expensive one. At the end of the day, the more days you choose, the more you will pay. 

Instant purchase: Purchasing family travel insurance is quick and easy. You can do it instantly from the comfort of your home, compare prices, and check terms and conditions before deciding.

Customisable insurance: You know your family best, so why not choose only the protection they really need? No need to worry about taking on unnecessary coverage. Customise your insurance to fit your unique needs. 

Eco-friendly purchase: No more piles of paperwork! Simply fill in your and your family's details, select your destination, and your insurance will be in your email inbox.

What’s Covered

What’s Not Covered

What’s Covered In Family Travel Insurance?
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Medical Assistance: 

In case you or your immediate family members require emergency medical assistance, medical evacuation, or repatriation or get hospitalised due to an injury or health condition, the insurance company will pay for the expenses.

Personal Accident Coverage: 

Not just you but all of your family members will be taken care of in case any accidents happen that require immediate medical care and evacuation.

Hospitalisation Daily Care:

It can be expensive to get medical care and stay in the hospital if you or your family members get sick or hurt on vacation. With travel insurance family, you can get help for a pre-determined period of your hospital stay.

Flight Cancellation/Delay Cover:

If your flight is delayed or cancelled, or you need to cancel for personal reasons listed in the policy, you will be compensated for any losses incurred.

Baggage Loss/Damaged/Partial Damage/Delayed:

In all of the above situations, your travel insurance company will pay for any losses you experience.

Trip Cut-off

If something comes up that forces you to cancel your fun trip and go back home, your insurance will cover the cost of any non-refundable reservations you made for the trip. 

Bounced Booking

Despite booking everything well in advance, if a technical glitch or overbooking prevents you from receiving it, your family travel insurance plan will reimburse you for any loss you bear.

Loss of Passport:

A lost passport can create a lot of trouble for you and your family members since it is the most important document when travelling abroad. The fee and process of getting a new one are also complicated. In this case, family travel insurance will cover it.

What’s Not Covered In Family Travel Insurance?
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When choosing a family insurance travel plan, check the exclusions to avoid problems on vacation. We have categorised the exclusions into three categories:

Travel exclusions

The following travel-related circumstances disqualify you from receiving financial aid under travel insurance for family plan.

  • If a valid visa is not present when you enter a foreign country.

  • Overstaying your stay abroad than the validity of your visa.

  • If the sole purpose of your trip is to receive medical aid.

  • Travelling when you or your family members are not medically fit.

  • If insurance is taken after leaving India or if the trip doesn’t end in India.

Legal exclusions

The policy may not offer financial coverage in these legal situations.

  • Loss, damage, or injury due to self-inflicted harm, suicide, etc.

  • Loss, damage, or injury when you are under the influence of alcohol or some other intoxicating substance.

  • ​​Loss, damage, or injury during a criminal act.

  • Loss, damage, or injury during a hazardous activity.

Medical exclusions

Your travel insurance family does not have coverage for these medical issues.

  • Health issues related to pregnancy or disease.

  • Using a close relative's disability report to support a claim.

How To Buy Family Travel Insurance Online?
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Getting travel insurance for family is easy to do online. After picking an insurance company, all you have to do is go to their website and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Land on their travel insurance page.

Step 2: Give your travel dates.

Step 3: Choose a plan that fits your budget. Additionally, you can select or de-select your coverage based on your preferences.

Step 4: Fill up the details for you and your immediate family members/travel companions. Simply click on "Add Traveller" to do this.

Step 5: You'll get a quote right away. 

Step 6: Once payment is made, you will receive it directly to your email address.

How To Claim Family Travel Insurance Online?
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If you have to claim family travel insurance for any of the reasons mentioned above, you must first inform the authorities and your insurance provider. Here are the necessary steps.

Step 1: Visit the Insurance provider's official website

Step 2: Select "Initiate Claim" from the "Claims" menu.

Step 3: Complete the online form, then click "Submit."

Step 4: They will look at your claim and start working on it.

Step 5: You can also file your claim by contacting them.

Additionally, keep in mind that in order to process your claim, you'll need to submit some necessary paperwork, such as discharge papers from the hospital signed by the authorities and a no-refund stamp from the airline based on the circumstances. To make sure everything goes smoothly, it's highly recommended to read through the claim sections carefully before making any decisions. 

What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Buy A Family Travel Insurance Policy?
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All Indian citizens planning to buy family travel insurance should follow the below-listed pointers to be eligible to cover the entire family.

How To Protect Your Family With The Best Family Travel Insurance Plan?
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When it comes to planning a vacation with your family, one thing that often gets overlooked is buying family travel insurance. When travelling with your family, having the right family travel insurance plan to protect your loved ones is essential. Here are a few ways you can do it:

Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have any questions related to family travel insurance, here’s what you need to look at:


Does travel insurance cover the whole family members?

Families are usually covered by one travel insurance policy. However, you will have to pay extra to add them to your family travel insurance plan.

When should I buy family travel insurance?

You can buy your family travel insurance plan as soon as you book your trip. For some countries, like the Schengen region, travel insurance is needed to apply for a visa. It’s advisable to check with the country's embassy you are planning to visit to make a relaxed decision.

What is family floater travel insurance?

A family floater insurance is the same as family travel insurance. To make it easy for you, travel insurance that covers the entire family members is referred to as family floater insurance. It covers the whole family for the amount assured, and there is only one premium to pay. 

What is the maximum age for family travel insurance?

Most insurance companies allow people up to 71 years of age to become eligible for family travel insurance. 

How much is travel insurance for family?

A travel insurance for family can cost you between 4% and 5% of your total trip expenses. However, it depends on various factors like the age of the travellers, the cover, the duration of the trip and other things.

Can I cancel my family travel insurance plan?

Yes, travel insurance can be cancelled anytime and for any reason; however, it should fall under the policy’s money-back guarantee period if a refund is expected.

I have a pre-existing medical condition. Will I be covered for it?

Most travel companies don’t provide coverage for pre-existing diseases. However, if there’s a life-threatening situation, the initial care will be taken care of only if you have informed the insurer well in advance. That’s why being honest and not manipulating the information goes a long way when taking advantage of being overseas.

Who cannot be covered under a family floater policy?

Usually, family means your spouse, children, and parents. Siblings and parents-in-law may be covered. However, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and other relatives are excluded.

Does family travel insurance cover medical expenses?

To answer your question, yes, it does. Any costs related to medical emergencies, medical evacuations, personal accidents, hospitalisation, and daycare allowances are covered by family travel insurance policies.