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10 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Canada in Your First Visit

TeamAckoFeb 21, 2024

Thinking about travelling to Canada? Well, it is absolute bliss for an international trip as it comprises mountains, building cities, winter wonderlands, and pristine beaches. Overall, something for everyone. Canada is the second largest country in the world, having the world's largest coastline and cultural diversity. and is also home to approximately 40 million people.

You might have a faint idea of the places you want to visit in Canada, but to enjoy a memorable vacation, you must know a few things about Canada. This article brings to you 10 tips for your travel plan to Canada to have a successful foreign vacation.




10 Travel Tips for Your Next International Vacation to Canada

Once you have made up your mind about travelling to Canada for an international trip or educational opportunities, there are a few things you must be aware of to have a hassle-free tour. In the following section, we have brought you 10 tips you should remember while travelling to Canada.

Get Travel Insurance

When you start planning for an international trip, you need to consider the fact that everything might not go according to your plan. You may experience unwanted financial losses in terms of loss of baggage, theft, flight cancellation, cancellation of accommodation bookings or emergency medical expenses. 

To save yourself from such a situation, it is generally advisable to get travel insurance while planning the trip. Opting for travel insurance for Canada will not only cover you on emergency loss of funds but also any losses occurring due to activities such as snowboarding and others.

Be Weather-Ready

The weather in Canada is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you plan a trip to Canada. Contrary to the ongoing notions, Canada is not always in freezing conditions year-round, and some parts of Canada face severe hot summers. 

If you plan to visit the upper parts of Canada, such as Nunavut, ensure to take as many warm clothes as possible. The temperature in this region more or less remains rigid, with cold and long winters and heavy snowfalls. If you want to experience milder temperatures, opt to visit the West Coast of British Columbia, where the temperature averages 22°C.

Check the Visa Requirements and Apply as Per Your Purpose

The visa requirements differ for every country. Some allow visas on arrival, and some require an extensive set of documents to get visa approval. When planning your trip, ensure you are entirely sure of the purpose. Applying for a visa based on your purpose increases the chance of visa approval seamlessly. 

Due to the recent rift between Canada and India, the visa application and approval process has become strict. Therefore, complete your application with correct and valid information and submit every document properly to avoid rejection. 

Plan an Appropriate Budget to Visit Canada

A tour plan is incomplete without proper planning and budget allocation. You can visit Canada both on a strict and high budget. Planning your itineraries based on your budget helps you get the most out of your international vacation. If you have no limit on your budget, we recommend you visit the upper parts of Canada to get yourself a snowboarding experience like no other. 

However, if you are on a tight budget, look for affordable accommodations and food options,  as Canada has everything for everyone.

Canada Is Too Large to See in One Visit

Canada is the second largest country, with a land mass of over 10 million square kilometres. With three territories, six time zones and 10 provinces, it becomes impossible to cover the whole of Canada in one trip. Try to limit your trip to visiting 1 or 2 provinces. In this way, you can enjoy everything the place offers and get the experience of your lifetime. 

If you want to enjoy Canada’s coastal beaches and lush forests, plan a trip to the British Columbia region. However, if you are more of a snow lover, then visit the ice-covered Canadian Arctic in the Nunavut region. 

Opt For Driving Through Destinations in Canada

In case you do not have a limited budget for your Canada trip, we advise you to avail a car and drive your way from one destination to another. The natural landscape of Canada is beautiful, and if you go on a road trip, you will not feel the need to visit any specific place as you will fall in love with nature on your drive through the places. 

However, driving during the winter can become hazardous due to extreme weather conditions. So make sure you have an emergency kit in your car to enjoy the picturesque landscape with your loved ones without any worries. Also, know the speed limit and keep it in check to avoid hassle on the road. Travel insurance for Canada can also be useful in cases when your car gets mugged on the road, and you can claim the money and cover your losses.

Prepare Yourself with Some Unfamiliar Words

The people of Canada generally speak English and French. Nonetheless, the locals of Canada love to use a few terms that are unique to themselves and everyday items. If you are unfamiliar with the terms, it will be very confusing for you to understand the locals, and you might end up missing out on some fun. 

Here are a few terms you can use while visiting Canada for the first time.

  • Two-four: 24-pack of beer

  • Freezies: ice pops

  • Canadian Tuxedo: denim bottom and top

  • Toque: a knitted hat worn in winter

  • Tobogganing: sledging in snow

  • Clicks: refers to kilometres while driving

Get Yourself Familiar with Canada’s Tipping Culture

Tipping is a popular culture in Canada, where wait staff, bartenders, delivery people and others expect tipping for their services. Frequent tipping is done on 15% of the bill amount, but it also goes up to 20% when the staff provides exceptional service.

In certain places, if you are visiting as a group (approximately 6 or more), the staff will automatically add the tip to your bill. Hence, before paying the bill, confirm with your server to avoid paying double the tip for your service.

Make Sure to Enjoy the Diverse Culture of the Country

Canada is recognised as a culturally diverse country, with people visiting and inhabiting it from different countries worldwide. Moreover, the Metis, Inuit, Indigenous and First Nation people are the first inhabitants of Canada. So, to get the best experience of Canada, you must consider booking an Indigenous experience while planning the itinerary of your visit. 

Moreover, if you want to enjoy Canada’s culture, you must visit Tim Hortons. Enjoy a coffee break at Tim Horton's and enjoy a cosy time with your loved ones to make memories for a lifetime.

Have an Idea Unsafe Neighbourhoods in Canada

Irrespective of the place you plan to visit, every country comprises safe and unsafe neighbourhoods. If you are unaware of the regions, you may face significant trouble and make your trip something to forget as soon as possible. Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg are a few common places that may not be safe for everyone.

Theft, pickpocketing and mugging are quite common in the big cities of Canada. If you have travel insurance, it will cover your losses from such thefts, and you can enjoy the trip without a headache.

Now that you know the tips you must follow to have an excellent vacation in Canada, plan your trip to the country accordingly to get the best of everything. From buying travel insurance for Canada, getting familiar with the diverse culture and enjoying the country’s weather, you are up for the adventure of your lifetime.

So, plan your itineraries, apply for a visa, book your tickets and pack your bag to have the wild Canadian adventure of your life. However, do not forget to buy travel insurance to keep you covered on different unexpected expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Things you should know before traveling to Canada


What is the best time to visit Canada?

September to November is the ideal time to visit Canada for your next international trip. In this period, the temperatures in most regions of Canada remain mild to have a comfortable trip.

Is visiting Niagara Falls possible from Canada?

Yes, you can visit Niagara Falls from Canada. Locals generally say that the view of Dallas from the Canadian border side is beautiful and exquisite.

What are some of the best places to visit in Canada?

Some of the best places to visit in Canada include -

  • Quebec City
  • Niagara Falls
  • CN Tower
  • Banff National Park
  • Old Montreal
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Vancouver Island

Is it mandatory for me to purchase travel insurance?

It is not mandatory to purchase the best travel insurance. However, you must get travel insurance for international trips. Travel insurance for Canada will help you cover losses arising due to loss of baggage, flight cancellation, theft, emergency medical expenses, issues caused during outdoor activities and many more.

Is the facility of public transportation available to travel between different destinations during my Canadian trip?

Yes, you can absolutely opt for public transportation to visit different places and situations across Canada.

Which restaurant in Canada is a must-visit during a Canadian trip?

Tim Horton. It is a must for everyone visiting Canada for the very first time. 

Is visiting the winter regions of Canada feasible for everyone?

If you love snow and do not have issues with freezing temperatures, you can easily enjoy the beauty of Canada in its winter regions. Go snowboarding and make memories for a lifetime.

What is the legal drinking age in Canada?

The legal drinking age in Canada differs from one province to another. In areas like Manitoba and Quebec, the age is 18 years, whereas in Ontario, British Columbia and others, the age is 19. 


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