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Hero Hunk Bike Insurance

Get your Hero Hunk bike insured in a simple and hassle-free way!

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Hero Hunk Bike Insurance

Bike insurance might come across as yet another formality to complete before riding your Hero Hunk. However, this is not the case because bike insurance is a lot more than a mere formality. Hero Hunk bike insurance can help you to place a shield over your hard-earned money. This shielding is possible because your Hero Hunk Bike Insurance Policy has the potential to pay garage bills for damages occurring due to fire, calamities, and accidents. It also covers third-party liabilities. Read ahead for detailed information about two-wheeler insurance in India.

Why Choose Online Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Hunk?
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Online shopping has become a part of people’s lives. Just as several products and services can be purchased online, you can buy or renew bike insurance online as well. Here are three reasons why you should go for Hero Hunk Two-wheeler Insurance online.

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Purchasing bike insurance via a website or an app does not require you to go through the tedious process of documentation. For instance, while insuring your bike via ACKO’s platforms, the entire process is paperless. No endless form-filling and unnecessary document submission.

Minimal Effort
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Insuring your bike online requires minimal effort. For example, to insure your bike via ACKO’s website/app, all you got to do is share bike details, pick a plan, and make an online payment. That’s all, folks!

Any-time Insurance
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You do not need to stick to a particular schedule or seek appointments to buy or renew two-wheeler insurance online. If you choose ACKO as your insurer, you can buy/renew bike insurance at any time and from anywhere via our website/app.

Types of Insurance Plans for Hero Hunk
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You can insure your Hero Hunk bike with either of the following basic two-wheeler insurance policies.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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Here, liability means reimbursing a third party you have injured or whose property you have damaged with your Hero Hunk bike. The Third-party Bike Liability Policy will cover such instances, and you shall receive financial support as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Comprehensive Cover
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As the name suggests, this policy is an upgrade over the basic Liability-only Plan. Here, you shall get the financial support in case of third-party liabilities and in addition, you will also receive insurance coverage for damages to your Hero Hunk bike, which is not offered in the Liability-only Plan.

What’s Covered in Hero Hunk Insurance? (Inclusions)
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A Comprehensive Hero Hunk Bike Insurance Policy will offer the below-mentioned coverage. Note that a Personal Accident Cover is not a part of this list as it needs to be bought separately.

What’s Not Covered in Hero Hunk Bike Insurance? (Exclusions)
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No insurance coverage is extended for the below-mentioned situations.

Add-on Coverage for Hero Hunk
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If you wish to increase the insurance coverage of your Comprehensive Hero Hunk Bike Insurance Plan, then you can do so by picking the following add-on covers.  

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Mentioned below are the advantages of choosing ACKO as your insurance provider.

Low-cost Insurance
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ACKO offers two-wheeler insurance at a low cost. This in no way means the features and services of the policy are compromised in any way. Thus, you get top-notch coverage at a low premium.

Informed Choice
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Buying bike insurance directly from ACKO negates the role of middlemen and agents. This zero-commission model ensures you are the one making the decision and not an intermediary.

Easy Claims
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ACKO’s tech-based infrastructure makes sure that claims are settled without hiccups. You can raise claims via ACKO’s website/app and expect swift claim settlement from our expert claims team.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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Follow the procedure mentioned below for hassle-free claims.

Step 1: Log in to ACKO’s website/app to begin the claim process

Step 2: Mention the reason for raising a claim and share relevant details

Step 3: Follow the stated process for smooth claim settlement. In case of minor damages, we will settle the claim within a few hours. For other damages, our team will guide you with the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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List of common queries about Hero Hunk bike insurance.


Can I raise a claim for damage due to a tree’s branch falling on my bike?

Yes, you can do so if you have a Comprehensive Cover.

Is it possible to move to a different insurance company while renewing the policy for the second time?

Yes, you can do so. For example, while renewing your policy, you can do it by visiting ACKO’s website/app.

Are add-ons available free of cost?

No, each add-on cover comes at a cost.

I already have a Personal Accident Cover as a part of my car insurance policy. Can I skip it for my Hero Hunk policy?

Yes, you can skip this coverage as you are already covered under it.

Can I get cashback with No Claim Bonus?

No, cashback is not possible with No Claim Bonus as it is a renewal discount.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Bike Models/Variants
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