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Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance

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Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance

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For bike enthusiasts, riding their two-wheeler is nothing short of undiluted pleasure. And there’s no doubt about this if the scooter itself is called Hero Pleasure. However, riding a two-wheeler is not all fun and games. It comes with a responsibility. And opting for Hero Pleasure Two-wheeler Insurance is one such responsibility. Read this article to know in detail about different types of two-wheeler insurance policies, their features, and why choosing Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance online is a good option.

Why Choose Online Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Pleasure?
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People are divided when it comes to online shopping. Some prefer the convenience of buying stuff online while some prefer to get a feel of tangible things before purchasing them. In this scenario, financial products such as a bike insurance policy are extremely easy to purchase online. Here’s why.

1. Go Paperless
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It is assumed that purchasing an insurance policy involves a lot of form-filling and attaching multiple documents to the application. However, that’s not the case, especially with ACKO. You can insure your Hero Pleasure without the above-mentioned tedious activities via ACKO’s app/website.

2. Anytime Policy
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Just like you can visit an ATM to withdraw cash anytime, you can buy insurance anytime thanks to online bike insurance. For example, you can simply insure your Hero Pleasure on a Sunday evening from your couch by visiting ACKO’s app/website without any inconvenience.

3. Informed Decisions
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There are several stories where an agent has sold a type of policy that was not required by the policyholder. Such instances are eradicated when buying insurance online. For example, as ACKO follows a Zero-commission model, there’s no agent interference and you get to make informed decisions.

Types of Insurance Plans for Hero Pleasure
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When it comes to buying or renewing Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance, you have the following primary options.

1. Third-party Liability Policy
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This plan offers a basic cover for your scooty. This law-mandated cover does not insure your two-wheeler against damages but covers third-party liabilities that may arise because of an accident. For example, if you injure someone while riding your Hero Pleasure, this policy will cover your financial liability towards that individual. This policy covers third-party injury, death, and damage to their property.

2. Comprehensive Plan
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This plan is an upgrade over the basic Third-party Plan. It scores over the Liability-only policy as it offers that policy’s coverage and also insures damages to your bike. Thus, a Comprehensive Plan covers you against third-party liabilities and bike damage caused by calamities, fire, accident, etc. Bike theft is also one of the listed inclusions of this plan.

What’s Covered in Hero Pleasure Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Hero Pleasure Two-wheeler Insurance Policy. Note that you need to buy a Personal Accident Cover separately as it is not a part of this plan.

What’s Not Covered in Hero Pleasure Insurance? (Exclusions)
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The following situations are termed as exclusions to a Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance Policy.

Add-on Coverage for Hero Pleasure
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If you feel you need additional coverage than that offered by a Comprehensive Plan, then you can go for add-on covers. These covers come in handy at the time of claim settlement or to avail of services in case of bike damage. Here’s a list of popular add-ons to buy with Hero Pleasure Bike Insurance.

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Here’s why you should insure your Hero Pleasure with a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan offered by ACKO.

1. Low-cost Policy
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As ACKO is a digital insurer, the cost of buying or renewing bike insurance from the website/app is on the lower side. This is possible due to low operational costs and a Zero-commission model.

2. Tech-based Process
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Whether it is insuring your bike for the first time, renewing the policy, or raising a claim, ACKO offers a tech-based process for transparency, convenience, and seamless claim processing.

3. Hassle-free Claims
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Settling claims is not an issue with ACKO because of our digital infrastructure. You can get instant claim settlement for minor claims such as dents. Major claims are also processed swiftly.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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You have the option to raise claims via ACKO’s responsive website as well as the mobile app. Read ahead for an overview of the process in three simple steps.

Step 1: Visit your ACKO account using an OTP verification process

Step 2: Hit ‘Claim Now’ and share basic information about why you want to raise a claim.

Step 3: Follow the process to get your bike insurance claims settled seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Commonly-asked questions surrounding Hero Pleasure Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy a Comprehensive Hero Pleasure Two-wheeler Insurance online just for a month?

As of now, the Comprehensive Plan is unavailable for a month. You can go for an annual plan instead.

Will I be penalised for riding my bike without a valid insurance policy?

Yes, you can be penalised if you are riding your uninsured two-wheeler.

Can I renew insurance from ACKO for a pre-owned bike?

Yes, you can insure a pre-owned bike with ACKO.

Is bike insurance purchase as well as renewal possible via the ACKO app?

Yes, you can buy and renew bike insurance within minutes by using the ACKO app.

Will a Third-party Policy insure me if my bike gets damaged due to a tree-fall?

No, tree-fall is classified as Own Damage, which is not covered by a Third-party Cover. You will need a Comprehensive Plan for it.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Bike Models/Variants
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