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Hero Passion Bike Insurance

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Hero Passion Bike Insurance

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Among all the Hero Motocorp bikes, Hero Passion bikes are one of the most popular and budget-friendly bikes in India. Insuring this bike is very crucial as the insurance covers the financial losses incurred due to major vehicle-related mishaps. Just like any other insurance coverage such as health or property, bike insurance shields your finances during uncertain events. It also meets the legal requirements to ride a bike on Indian roads. Read ahead to know more about Hero Passion Bike Insurance and the benefits of buying it online.

Benefits of Buying Online Bike Insurance for Hero Passion
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Here are some benefits of purchasing two-wheeler insurance online for your Hero Passion bike:

1. Transparent Process
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When you buy bike insurance online, there is no involvement from an agent/middleman. You can directly purchase the policy from ACKO. With no influence from an agent, you can make an informed decision to buy the best-fit two-wheeler insurance policy at an economical price.

2. Save Time
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Buying bike insurance online is quick and convenient. Just log on to the ACKO website/app and complete the purchase from anywhere across the globe. This can save your precious time and effort.

3. Zero Paperwork
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There is no paperwork or documentation while buying/renewing two-wheeler insurance online from ACKO. Visit the ACKO website or app and fill in the personal and vehicle and details to purchase Hero Motocorp Passion bike insurance. The whole purchase/renewal process can be completed within a few minutes.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for Hero Passion Bike
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There are mainly two types of bike insurance plans for Hero Passion bike; Third-party and Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy. Here are the details about both the insurance plans:

Third-party Insurance Policy
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Mandated as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy is a legal obligation for your Hero Motocorp bike. This basic insurance plan provides coverage against loss/damage to third-pary life or properties. Please note that third-party insurance doesn’t offer coverage for own damage to the vehicle.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance
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Along with the Third-party Insurance, the Comprehensive Bike Insurance covers financial losses (related to bike repair) that occurred due to accidental damages, fire, flood, and/or man-made and natural calamities. You also can opt for various useful add-on covers to enhance the standard plan. However, third-party coverage doesn’t provide add-on covers.

What’s Covered in Hero Passion Bike Insurance? (Inclusions):
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Hero Passion Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy offers coverage against the following:

What’s Not Covered in Hero Passion Bike Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Similar to different types of insurance plans, bike insurance also comes with certain exclusions. Below are some exclusions of the Hero Passion bike insurance:

Add-ons for Hero Passion Two Wheeler Insurance:
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A Comprehensive bike Insurance Policy allows you to expand the coverage via add-ons. Note that, your insurance premium increases as per your chosen add-on cover. Below are some add-ons for Hero Passion Bike insurance:

Benefits of Buying Acko Two-wheeler Insurance Policy for your Hero Motocorp Passion Bike
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Below are the benefits of buying Hero Motocorp Passion bike insurance from ACKO:

Online Insurance Process
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ACKO is one of the first digital insurance companies in India to offer motor insurance online without any paperwork. You can easily buy/renew bike insurance for your Hero bike digitally. Within a few minutes, your vehicle will be insured with us.

Expert Assistance
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All your queries regarding your bike insurance will be resolved by ACKO’s insurance experts. Also, you can get assistance from the bike insurance experts in choosing the appropriate insurance policy for your Hero Motocorp bike.

Low Premium Bike Insurance Policy
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ACKO offers a low premium bike insurance plan as there are no middlemen/agents involved in the buying process. By offering a digital process for bike insurance, ACKO saves on operational costs and passes on the savings to the customers via low-cost insurance plans.

Simple and Faster Claim Settlements
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With ACKO, you can get an easy and faster claim settlement for your bike. File a bike insurance claim online, and you will receive instant claim settlements for minor/small damages. For major damages, ACKO’s insurance experts will get in touch with you to process the claim.

Claim Procedure
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Follow the steps below to file a claim against your Hero Passion bike insurance policy through ACKO:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are the frequently asked questions about Hero Passion bike insurance policy:

Commonly Asked Questions About Hero Passion Bike Insurance


1. How to renew my Hero Passion bike insurance online?

You can renew your Hero Passion bike insurance by logging in to your account via ACKO’s mobile application or by visiting the official website of ACKO. Select the policy for your bike, and renew the plan within a few minutes. If you are new to ACKO, visit the website or log in through the mobile app, enter your vehicle details such as bike model, purchase year and previous policy details. Then, choose a plan, pay the insurance premium and your policy will be renewed.

2. Is online bike insurance valid for Hero Motocorp bikes?

Yes, online bike insurance is valid for Hero Motocorp bikes. When you buy Hero Passion bike insurance online, your insurer will send you a soft copy of the insurance certificate which is applicable for your Hero Motocorp bikes.

3. What is the advantage of not raising any claims against the bike insurance during the policy?

The major benefit of not raising any claims against the bike insurance during the policy period is that you can get a discount on the premium while renewing the bike insurance. The insurer will award you the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount for making zero claims during the previous policy period. And the discount can go up to 50% if you haven’t raised any claims for five consecutive years.

4. Is it mandatory to buy add-ons along with my standard bike insurance plan?

No, it is not mandatory to buy add-ons along with your standard bike insurance plan. However, Comprehensive insurance offers an option for customizing it by opting for several add-ons. Add-ons help to enhance your standard insurance policy by providing extra coverage.

5. Can I buy add-ons with a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy?

No, you can not buy add-ons along with a Third-party Bike Insurance Policy. However, you can buy add-ons with a Comprehensive insurance plan.

6. What is Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Hero Motocorp bike insurance?

The Insured Declared Value is the total sum insured amount. It is the amount that you will receive in case your bike is damaged beyond repair or gets stolen. It is the approximate market value of the vehicle.

7. How can I insure my Hero Passion bike online?

You can insure your Hero Passion bike by visiting ACKO’s website, or by downloading the ACKO app on your mobile. You can log in to your account by submitting a few details about your bike. Within a few minutes, you can insure your Hero Passion bike with us.

Two-wheeler Insurance for other Hero Motocorp Bike Models/Variants
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