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Hero Bike Insurance

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Insurance for your bike is not only essential, but it is a must in India. It is important to insure your Hero bike with extensive coverage. Buying two-wheeler insurance will help you adhere to the law as well as have financial protection by the insurer during unforeseen accidents or other losses. Read on to find out more about Hero Bike Insurance and the benefits of buying bike insurance online.

Insurance Plans for Hero Bikes:
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Bike insurance is classified into two types of insurance plans. Mentioned below are the details of the two-wheeler insurance plans:

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance
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The Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan comes bundled with the mandatory Third-party Bike Insurance Plan. But the main benefit of the Comprehensive Insurance Plan is that it covers you against financial losses arising due to accidental damages or losses due to a fire, flood and/or other man-made or natural calamities. You also have the choice to opt for add-ons which increases the coverage of the basic plan.

Third-party Two-wheeler Insurance
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The Third-party Bike Insurance Plan is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act and covers you against third-party losses. While it does help you adhere to the law, it does not offer coverage against financial losses arising out of accidental damages to your vehicle. The Comprehensive Plan does include both the Third-party Cover and Own Damage.

The table below provides the differences between the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan and Plan:

Inclusions (Coverage) Comprehensive Bike Insurance Third-Party Bike Insurance
Losses to third-party life or damages to third-party property Yes Yes
Accidental damages to your Hero bike Yes No
Damages due to man-made calamities (riots, etc.) Yes No
Damages due to natural calamities (floods, etc.) Yes No
Theft of the vehicle Yes No
Personal Accident (PA) cover for the policyholder (To be taken if not previously bought) No (Optional) No (Optional)
Add-ons (Optional) Yes No
Choose/modify sum insured (IDV) Yes No

Add-ons for Hero Bike Insurance:
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To enhance the basic Comprehensive Insurance Plan, you can include add-ons which adds value to the plan. Mentioned below are the add-on covers available with the comprehensive plan:

Personal Belongings Protection (Damage/Theft)
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The cost to repair or replace personal belongings left in the vehicle such as your helmet will be covered with this add-on based on the sum insured amount of the add-on.

Engine Protection
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In case, water has entered the bike’s engine, the add-on will cover the cost to repair or replace engine parts or gearbox parts of the vehicle.

Roadside Assistance
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Emergency towing, fuel fill, minor repairs or other roadside assistance are available with this type of add-on.

Consumables Cover
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Engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricants, nuts and bolts, and such consumables items are covered under this add-on, which is not covered under the basic bike insurance plan.

Claim Procedure:
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Registering a claim against your insurance policy is easy and simple by following the below-mentioned steps:

Benefits of Buying ACKO Bike Insurance for Your Hero Bike:
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ACKO is a 100% digital insurance company which sells bike insurance policies online. The claim procedure is completely online, making it a paperless experience. Here are the benefits of ACKO bike insurance for Hero bikes:

Online Experience
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Through the online method, you can buy, renew insurance policies as well as file a claim without the need to submit documents. It is completely paperless and hassle-free. Our website or mobile app helps you to transact online without the need for paperwork.

Low-Cost Bike Insurance Plans
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ACKO is able to provide low-premium bike insurance policies since it does not depend on agents or middlemen. These savings have led us to design low-cost two-wheeler insurance plans.

Instant Claims Settlement
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For minor damages such as dent on the fuel tank or a broken rear-view mirror, we offer instant claim settlement so that you can get it fixed at a garage of your choice.

Guidance From Insurance Professionals
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Any queries about the buying or the renewal process or the questions about claims, our insurance professional will help you with the next steps to resolve your issues.

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We offer personalized discounts on festivals and special occasions so that you can buy insurance at a lower price without compromising the coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Hero bike insurance:

Commonly Asked Questions About Hero Bike Insurance


1. How to buy two-wheeler insurance for my Hero bike?

You can buy a bike insurance policy through our website or mobile app. You can also scroll up to the top of this page to compare plans and buy bike insurance online instantly. Enter a few details about your bike, choose the plan, pay the premium and get the policy through email.

2. What is ACKO’s procedure to renew two-wheeler insurance online?

For ACKO customers, you can visit the website or the mobile app to log in to your account and renew the policy online without any paperwork. For new customers, scroll up to the top of this page to enter a few details of your vehicle to renew the insurance for your bike instantly.

3. How to renew an expired bike insurance policy?

To renew an expired bike insurance policy, you can log in to your account through our website or ACKO app to initiate the renewal process. Our customer service team will guide you through the necessary steps. Your vehicle may be inspected before the policy can be renewed. Please note, the policy remains inactive if you do not renew it within the expiry date. Also, any NCB that you have earned will remain active for a period of 90 days.

4. Do add-ons add value to the basic Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan?

There are several useful add-ons that you can choose from. However, you need to include only those which suit your requirements. For example, if you ride long distances and travel a lot, then you may consider including the bike roadside assistance add-on or if you can opt for the Personal Belongings Protection add-on which covers losses to your personal belongings left in the insured vehicle when the accident occurred, like your helmet. The add-on will cover the cost to repair or replace the helmet. Refer to the above-mentioned add-ons for more details.

5. What documents are required to file a claim for ACKO bike insurance?

To register a claim against the ACKO bike insurance, you need not submit any physical documents. File the claim online through our website or app, and our claims team will help you with the next steps. For minor claims, ACKO offers ‘Instant Claims’ where the claim settlement amount will be paid directly to your account, and you can get the bike repaired at a garage of your choice.

6. What is the meaning of Insured Declared Value (IDV) and how does it affect the pricing of the bike insurance policy?

The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the sum insured amount declared in the policy. In case your bike is stolen or totally damaged, the insurer will pay the IDV after considering the depreciation. It is the approximate market value of the bike, hence you need to choose the right IDV while buying the policy so that you get the right compensation during claims.

7. How long does it take to insure my Hero bike online?

Through ACKO you can renew your bike insurance online within a few minutes. ACKO is a digital-first company which offers a 100% digital environment. Enter a few details of your bike through our website or ACKO app to insure your vehicle almost instantly.

8. Is it mandatory to buy a Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy?

The Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy is not mandatory; however, to stay protected against financial losses arising due to accidents or theft of your bike, the comprehensive plan not only protects against such losses, but it also includes the Third-party Bike Insurance which protects you against third-party losses. You can also buy add-ons to increase the coverage of the basic plan.

9. How is ACKO able to offer low-cost bike insurance plans?

ACKO is a digital insurance company offering paperless two-wheeler insurance and sells bike insurance directly to the customer. We do not depend on agents, hence, the savings are passed on as low-cost insurance plans. Also, since it is a digital environment, our operating costs have been reduced. All these savings have led us to design low-premium bike insurance plans for different types of bikes, scooters and four-wheelers.

10. Is inspection mandatory to renew bike insurance?

If you renew the policy within the expiry date, then inspection is not required. However, if the policy has expired, then your bike may be inspected before the plan can be renewed.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Hero Bike Models/Variants
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