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Hero Karizma Bike Insurance

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Hero Karizma Bike Insurance

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Hero Karizma is one of the best sports bikes to be introduced by Hero MotoCorp. It is quicker off the line, and the build quality is excellent. A bike that offers solid performance also needs a well-designed insurance plan. The plan should protect you financially against third-party liabilities and damages to the insured bike. Read ahead to learn more about online Hero Karizma bike insurance and its benefits.

Benefits of Online Bike Insurance for Hero Karizma
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Here are the reasons why online two-wheeler insurance is beneficial over offline bike insurance.

1. Zero Paperwork
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There is no paperwork involved when you insure your bike online. Insuring Hero Karizma online requires you to visit the website or download the app on your mobile, provide basic information about the motorcycle and previous policy details to insure it instantly. It is an entirely paperless experience.

2. Compare Plans
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As the process is online, you can surf through different plans and compare them before you can make the decision. You can also compare add-ons and other services of the insurer so that you make an informed decision about the purchase. This benefit is not available through the offline method and the process is tedious and time-consuming.

3. Convenient Process
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One of the biggest advantages of online bike insurance is that it is convenient. The digital infrastructure enables you to compare, buy or renew the insurance plan from anywhere and at anytime. There are no agents or middlemen hence, you can transact directly with the insurer making it a lot easier to insure your bike.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for Hero Karizma
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Here are the types of two-wheeler insurance policies for Hero Karizma.

Third-party Bike Insurance Policy
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The Hero Karizma should be insured at least with this type of insurance plan since it is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It protects the policyholder financially against third-party liabilities that include death or injury to the third party and damages to their property. It does not cover damages to the insured bike.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy
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This type of plan comes bundled with both the Third-party Bike Insurance Plan and Own Damage cover. The latter provides financial coverage against damages to the insured bike arising from an accident, fire or explosion, man-made or natural calamities and losses due to the theft of the bike. You can also choose from different useful add-ons that extend the basic plan’s coverage.

What’s Covered in Hero Karizma Bike Insurance (Inclusions)?
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The Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan offers the following coverage.

You must buy the Personal Accident (PA) cover when you purchase or renew the insurance plan. It has to be bought separately.

What’s Not Covered in Hero Karizma Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Here are the reasons when the Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Plan will not cover liabilities.

Add-ons for Hero Karizma Bike Insurance
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Add-ons are small packages that cater to specific needs. Here are the add-on covers that you buy along with the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Policy.

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Here are the key reasons why you should consider buying online two-wheeler insurance from ACKO.

1. Low Premiums
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As ACKO follows the direct-to-customer or no-commission model, there are no agents or middlemen involved. This way, savings are passed on to you as low-cost insurance plans.

2. Zero-hassle Claims
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Simply log in to the website or the mobile app and select ‘Claim Now’ to raise a claim and share the required details. Your claim will be instantly settled through on-account payment for minor damages. As for major damages, ACKO’s claim team will do the rest for you.

100% Digital Transactions
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ACKO’s robust digital infrastructure lets you buy/renew your bike insurance policy quicker and in a hassle-free mode. Even claims can be raised through the digital platform enabling you to process transactions instantly.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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Here are the steps to file a claim against the Hero Karizma bike insurance plan.

For damages that are major in nature, ACKO’s claims team will help with the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are the frequently asked questions about vehicle insurance for two-wheelers.

Commonly Asked Questions About Hero Karizma Bike Insurance


Which type of insurance plan is the right choice for my Hero Karizma?

For a well-balanced motor insurance plan for your Hero Karizma, it is suggested that you opt for the Comprehensive Bike Insurance Plan as it offers wider coverage. It includes both the Third party two wheeler Insurance Policy and Own Damage insurance.

What is the process to buy ACKO’s online bike insurance for my Hero Karizma?

You can download the mobile app or visit the website to enter a few details about your bike and previous policy to insure the vehicle instantly.

What documents are required to purchase insurance for my Hero Karizma?

There are no documents required to insure your bike with ACKO. All you need to do is visit our website or download the mobile app to insure your vehicle online without any paperwork.

Is the soft copy of the insurance policy or digital insurance policy valid in India?

Yes, the PDF document stored on your mobile phone through the DigiLocker app is valid across India. You do not have to carry the physical document while riding a two-wheeler in India.

What should I do if my bike is totally damaged due to an accident?

You need to visit the website ( or the mobile app to access your account. Select “Claim Now” and provide a few details about the damages to file a claim. ACKO’s claim team will guide you through the necessary steps.

What should I do with my bike insurance if I have changed my location?

Your two-wheeler insurance for your bike remains unaffected. That being said, you need to inform us by visiting our website or by calling our customer service team to update your current address. The two-wheeler insurance premium may change based on the location or city that you have moved to.

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