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Albania Visa for Indians: Application Process, Processing Time and More

TeamAckoMar 8, 2024

Located on the Balkan Peninsula in southern Europe, Albania is a small country filled with beautiful landscapes and rich culture. Numerous iconic destinations can be found in the nation, including the well-known Albanian Alps. Owing to its geographic location, natural scenery, and architectural treasures, the nation welcomes almost 4 million tourists annually.

All Indian citizens who wish to travel to Albania for different reasons need to apply for an Albanian visa for Indians to enter the geographical area of the country. Albanian visa applications are processed swiftly. To avoid rejection of the visa application, the applicant must submit a few specific travel papers, which we will be discussing in further sections. 

This article contains various crucial information as well as detailed advice on how to apply for an Albanian visa from India.

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Do Indians Need Albanian Visas?

Yes, a visa is required for Indians to enter Albania. The Albanian visa for Indians is a travel document that permits admission into the nation for several reasons, including tourism.

Indian tourists are granted a 180-day tourist visa to Albania, during which they may stay for a maximum of 90 days. Indian nationals can obtain an Albanian visa through two main methods: the Albania e Visa and the Albania-stamped visa, also known as a sticker visa.

Different Types of Albanian Visas for Indians

Indian citizens can apply for multiple kinds of Albanian visas. The kind of visas they can apply for will depend on their intended purpose of travel and length of stay in Albania.

  • Type A Albania Visa for Indians

This particular kind of Albanian visa can be applied for using the online mode. For travellers passing via Albania's Tirana International Airport, a type A visa is required.

This type of visa is only good from the time of your arrival until the time of your departure. Depending on your requirements, the type A Albanian visa may potentially be used for more than one entry. 

  • Type C Albania Visa for Indians 

This short-term visa, also known as a short-stay Albania Tourist Visa for Indian citizens, is in the form of an eVisa. This visa allows you to travel and stay in the country for 90 days within 180 days of your arrival date. 

Multiple visits within 180 days are permitted with a visa type C. Still, you cannot stay in Albania for more than 90 days in a 180-day period. Albania Visa Type C can be obtained for reasons such as tourism, official visits, medical treatment, and so on. 

  • Type D Albania Visa for Indians 

It is frequently referred to as the Albania Tourist Visa for a Long Stay. This Albanian visa is a digital visa. It is mainly applicable to people who want to stay in Albania for more than 90 days as part of a 180-day tenure. If you fulfil the Albania Type D visa requirements, you can apply for this visa type seamlessly.

Albania Visa Type D comes in the following subcategories: 

  • Student Visa

  • Diplomatic Visa

  • Family Reunion Visa

  • Work Visa

Validity of Albanian Visas for Indians

Now that you understand the various types of Albanian visas for Indians, you must understand the validity of the Albanian e-visa before applying for one. This information is provided in the table below.

Albania Visa Types

Validity of Visa

Type A Visa 

Typically short-term, allowing you to transit through the international zone of an Albanian airport. The visa is only valid for a brief period and will expire as soon as your flight departs from the airport

Type C Visa

Usually for a short duration, such as up to 90 days within 180 days.

Type D Visa

Longer durations, usually for stays longer than 90 days. A Type D visa can be valid for as long as 3 years or more under special circumstances. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for an Albanian Visa for Indians

There are some eligibility and Albanian visa requirements for Indian citizens that you should be aware of before applying. Let us go over those criteria with you below.

  • All visitors from India who wish to visit Albania must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the day of entry. 

  • There should be at least one blank page in the passport for stamping. Indians will also need a recent photo that is the same size as their passport, as well as the Albania tourist visa application form. 

  • Finally, Indian visitors may be required to attend an interview.

Documents Required for an Albanian Visa for Indians

As per the Albania visa requirements for Indian citizens, the following documents are required to make a successful application. Please keep in mind that these are only general documents. Additional documentation may be required, depending on the type of visa you apply for.

Here are the required documents: 

  • The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Albania and contain at least one blank page. 

  • 1 photograph to the specifications

  • Albania visa application form completed. 

  • Travel health insurance for the duration of your stay

  • Reservations for hotels

  • A letter of invitation

Albania Visa Fees for Indians

The Albania visa fee for Indians is determined by the type of visa you are applying for. It may also differ depending on the country of application. Because the fee is in euros, it will fluctuate per currency exchange rate. As a result, you must double-check the amount before proceeding with your application. 

The tentative Albanian visa fees for Indians are as follows.

Type of Albanian Visa

Visa Fees

Type A Visa

Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, approximately

Type C Visa

Rs. 5000 to Rs. 8000, approximately

Type D Visa

Rs. 4000 to Rs. 5000, approximately

How do I apply for an Albanian visa from India?

There are several steps involved in applying for an Albanian permit from India. Because there is no Albanian Embassy or Consulate in India, applications must be submitted to the Embassy of Albania in Beijing, Istanbul, or Abu Dhabi. 

Before you begin the application, you have to confirm that you are eligible to enter the country on a specific type of Albanian entry permit. Following that, you can proceed with the application, as we have discussed below.

Step 1 

  1. Visit the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. 

  2. Then you must proceed to the online application portal.

  3. Begin by following the instructions on the Albania online visa application form. 

  4. If you have an Indian passport, you will be given the option of selecting one of the consuls from "Beijing, Istanbul, or Abu Dhabi."

  5. Continue by filling out your basic information, family information, travel information, and any other information requested on the Albania visa application form.

  6. Upload scanned versions of the documents required for the specific type of visa. This includes a passport, a photo, and any additional documentation.  

  7. Send in your application. 

Step 2 

  1. You will receive an email saying that your application has been accepted once it has been verified and is successful. You will also be informed of any additional procedures and fees that must be paid. 

  2. You must then proceed to deposit the required fees into the appropriate bank account. 

  3. You must visit the aforementioned diplomatic mission of Albania in India according to the appointment date and time, accompanied by a printout of the Albania visa application form, original passport, fee payment receipt, and supporting documents. For example, the Albanian Honorary Consulate in Mumbai or Kolkata. 

  4. These must be submitted at the mission for your passport to be stamped with the visa. 

Albania Visa Processing Time in India

Albanian visa processing time is determined by the type of visa, the number of entries, the length of stay, and the volume of applications received at the embassy. You should normally receive a response within 15 working days. However, depending on the circumstances, this could take up to 30 days. As a result, make sure to apply well ahead of your trip. 

Why Do Albanian Visas for Indians Get Rejected?

You may encounter several Albanian e-visa issues while applying for the visa. Here are some of the most common reasons for Indians being denied an Albanian visa.

  • If the information you provided on the Albania visa application form is incorrect or invalid, the officials will deny your request. 

  • Your e-visa application will be denied if you have a criminal record in India.

  • If you falsify any information to obtain approval for the Albania e-visa for Indians, your application form will be automatically rejected.

  • The uploaded document for the Albania visa could be incorrect. It may result in your request being rejected.

What to Do If My Albanian Visa Gets Rejected?

If your Albanian visa for Indians has been rejected, you can use the advice provided below to deal with the situation and correct your errors.

  1. To avoid making the same mistake twice, double-check all of the information you provided in your application form.

  2. Reapply for an Albanian visa for Indians with all of the correct information and details so that your application is approved the second time around. Check your previous mistakes and avoid repeating them in your new application.

  3. Speak with officials at the Albanian Embassy or Consulate to find out why your application was rejected. Even if the reason isn't due to a mistake, it's always a good idea to reapply.

  4. Double-check that all of the documents you've uploaded meet the requirements. Upload your documents correctly so that the visa officials can issue you an Albanian e-visa for Indians on your next application.

Things to Remember for an Indian Regarding an Albanian Visa 

Before you begin planning your Albania trip, keep a few things in mind regarding the Albania visa for Indians to avoid problems during your journey.

  • Apply for an e-visa based on the purpose of your visit. It assists officials in comprehending your situation and avoiding denial of your visa application.

  • Fill out all of the information on your visa application form carefully and correctly. Check your application twice or three times to detect and avoid any errors.

  • While travelling, keep all of your documents close at hand. Even if you submitted the necessary documents when applying for the visa, it is advisable to keep them on paper so that you can be quick to provide them to officials if asked during check-in or check-out at the Indian to Albania airport.

  • Make sure to purchase travel insurance. If your Albania visa for Indians is denied for any reason and you have already booked your accommodation and flight, your trip will be hampered. Purchasing travel insurance will assist you in covering the losses incurred as a result of such scenarios, allowing you to avoid losing money on your trip.

  • If you have any questions about the Albania e-visa for Indians, you can contact the Albanian Embassy in India, which is located in New Delhi. Contact them during office hours to have your questions answered quickly.

Final Words

Overall, Albania is a beautiful destination that draws thousands of visitors each year for a variety of reasons. The smooth application and approval of an Albanian visa for Indians only serves to make your trip more enjoyable. To have a memorable trip to Albania, make sure to follow all of the rules, guidelines, and tips we've highlighted in this article.

Do you want some solid advice? When planning a trip to Albania, purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance will assist you in covering losses caused by the loss of a passport, baggage, funds, medical expenses, booking cancellations, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers related to Albania visas for Indians.


Can I extend my Indian visa to Albania? 

The short-term types of Albanian visas cannot be extended. However, in some cases, the long-term D categories may be extended. However, in exceptional circumstances, such as a Force Majeure, you may be able to extend the visa if you can demonstrate that you are unable to return to your home country.  

Are there any additional requirements for an Albanian work visa for Indians?

In addition to the general visa requirements, obtaining an Albanian work visa as an Indian citizen may involve presenting a job offer, a valid work contract, and other relevant documents. Check with the Albanian embassy or consulate for the specific requirements related to work visas. 

Is it necessary to apply for travel insurance when visiting Albania?

Applying for travel insurance is essential if you want to have a safe trip in Albania, with all of your unexpected losses or expenses covered. However, purchasing travel insurance during your international trip is not mandatory.

How long does it take to process an Albanian visa for Indians?

The processing time for an Albanian visa for Indians can vary. It depends on factors such as the type of visa, the completeness of your application, and the current workload of the embassy or consulate. Plan and apply well in advance of your intended travel date. 

Are there any additional requirements for an Albanian work visa for Indian citizens?

In addition to the general visa requirements, obtaining an Albanian work visa as an Indian citizen may involve presenting a job offer, a valid work contract, and other relevant documents. Check with the Albanian embassy or consulate for the specific requirements related to work visas.

What is the rejection rate for Indian visas to Albania? 

Your chances of having your application rejected are largely dependent on you. You will not be rejected if you provide all of the required documents, pay the fees correctly, and follow the exact procedure. However, most people make a mistake at some point during the application process, resulting in a visa rejection. 

As a result, it is strongly advised to use the tips we provided earlier to assist you in obtaining your visa without rejection.

Is there a specific visa policy for Indians travelling to Albania?

Yes, Albania has a visa policy that outlines the requirements and procedures for Indian citizens to obtain various types of visas. Familiarise yourself with the current visa policy to ensure compliance and a successful application process.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any passport-related decisions.

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