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8 Advantages of Buying Car Insurance Online

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Some people shy away from buying car insurance online. There might be numerous reasons for opting the traditional method  for getting a car insured. One might have placed their trust in a traditional insurer that offers offline policies. Another reason could be that a person is not comfortable with the idea of buying a product online.


Making a purchase online has become very simple and buying car insurance online is no more a big deal. Take a look at the following advantages if you are skeptical about buying your car insurance policy online.



Benefits of buying car insurance online:

1. Multiple policies can be compared:

Traditionally buying car insurance required a lot of effort for the potential policyholder. Getting in touch with the insurance company or an insurance agent via calls or personal visits is the first step. Next, one has to either buy the policy on offer or repeat step one with another insurance company or agent. In this situation, comparing various policies for their features, car insurance quotes, and services provided by the insurer becomes a tedious process. However, buying car insurance online eliminates manual comparison. Simply visit any insurance aggregator’s website and use the free comparison tool to get the best car insurance policy. Remember that comparison is the key to find the most suitable policy available in the market.

2. You get the best deal:

In today’s competitive market, various car insurance policies with similar features and services are available for different car insurance quotes. When you compare car insurance online, you can compare the cost of each insurance policy and then decide which one you wish to buy. The only thing to note here is that one should consciously compare similar types of policies. 

For example, comparing a Third-party liability policy with a Comprehensive policy will not be fruitful. One should compare the same type of policies offered by different companies to find the one with a lower quote.

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3. Minimum to nil paperwork required:

When you set out to buy a car insurance policy online, you are asked basic questions about you and your car. Based on these questions, you can select the coverage you wish to buy for your car. If you have been renewing your policy in time or if you are about to buy a new policy, you can get your car insurance without any paperwork. That is you will require zero paperwork to buy a car insurance policy. 

In some cases like when there is a break in policy or case of a claim, you may be asked to get an inspection done. This might require you to submit documents like personal identification, previous car insurance policy, etc. The paperwork you submit will be less as compared to buying a car insurance policy offline.

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4. Convenient:

Thanks to the internet, you can buy a product like a car insurance at any time and from anywhere. You can buy a car insurance policy from the comforts of your home at midnight and you will still have a seamless experience. Buying car insurance online provides convenience. This is not possible while buying car insurance manually i.e from the insurance company or an agent.

5. Instant policies:

Buying car insurance via the traditional method requires time. You have to start looking for an ideal policy much in advance say a couple of months before the actual expiry date. This is because you first need to look for a suitable car insurance plan, compare it manually to other plans available in the market, complete the required documentation like your ID proofs, car insurance application, etc. After your application is accepted a policy will be generated and a hard copy will be sent to you via post. 

On the other hand, buying a policy online will give access to instant policies. As mentioned earlier, you just have to answer some simple questions and if things are in place you will receive your car insurance policy instantly. 

6. Checking the credibility of the insurer is easy:

Social media has its set of pros and cons. One of the benefits is that people can leave genuine reviews on the services they avail. When buying car insurance, you must buy your policy from a credible insurance company. This will ensure a smooth process at the time of claims. If you accidentally choose an insurer that has high turnaround time or does not offer seamless services, you will end up dissatisfied in spite of making proper payments for getting your car insured. 

Make it a point to go through various social media handles of your preferred car insurance policy before making a payment. You can decide if you wish to buy the policy or not based on the reviews and user testimonials.

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7. Genuine policies:

Contrary to popular belief, buying car insurance online provides completely genuine policies, provided you buy them from credible insurance companies. These policies are fully legal and are accepted by any authorized person. Insurers need to get their products approved before selling them to potential policyholders.  The process of getting these products/policies approved from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is similar for both types of policies – online and offline.

8. Does not require expertise of an agent:

The need of buying car insurance from an agent arises when you have no knowledge about the plans, the jargons used and what is the best match for your needs. However, while buying a policy online you have the whole web of information to your disposal. You can simply use any search engine to understand the meaning of any phrase mentioned on the insurer’s website all by yourself. Thus eliminating the need for an agent. 

Nowadays, insurance companies also take efforts to explain the meaning of jargon they use. You will most likely not require any special knowledge while buying car insurance online. If you still need clarification, you can always get in touch with your insurer get your queries solved. 

Always make it a point to buy your policy at least one week before the expiry date of the previous policy. Read the terms and conditions before buying your car insurance policy.

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Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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