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Car insurance in Jaipur

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Jaipur, the Pink City of India, is known for its fabulous world heritage sites, palaces, and ancient forts. Also, it is one of the biggest and most densely populated cities in the country. Thus, the citizens depend a lot on roads to move around in Jaipur. More roadways mean more cars and more cars mean higher chances of road accidents. Hence, it becomes necessary to have car insurance. So, if you are wondering why you should buy ACKO car insurance in Jaipur, read on to learn about our unique benefits.

Car insurance plans in Jaipur
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ACKO offers different types of car insurance plans in Jaipur based on your requirements. Note that the details mentioned in this section are subject to availability and changes, please read the respective policy wordings before making any insurance-related decisions.

Third-party Insurance
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As a car owner, you must own the mandatory third-party car insurance while driving a vehicle in India as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It offers a financial shield against injury, death or property damage incurred by a third party due to an accident involving your car.

Own Damage (OD) Cover
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The 3rd Party Insurance does not cover damages to your car due to an accident, fire, natural or manmade disasters, or even vehicle theft. For insurance coverage for your vehicle, you can consider purchasing the Own Damage (OD) Cover apart from the mandatory Third-party Insurance.

Comprehensive - Basic
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A combination of the Third-party Insurance and OD Cover, the Comprehensive - Basic plan offers coverage for third-party liabilities and own damages. You can also buy add-on covers to enhance the coverage further.

Comprehensive - Super Saver
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ACKO’s customised car insurance plan offers wide-ranging benefits and superior claim experience. During claims, we shall pick up your car, get it fixed at our partner garage, and get it back to you at no extra cost. But, if you fail to inform us prior to claim-related repairs, you must pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000 during claim settlement.

Zero Depreciation - Basic
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The Zero Depreciation - Basic plan is also known as bumper-to-bumper insurance. It offers coverage listed in the Comprehensive - Basic plan but does not consider depreciation of car parts during claims. Hence, you get a higher claim settlement amount and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver
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Another customised ACKO car insurance plan is the Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver plan. It offers the benefits of the Zero Depreciation - Basic plan but at a lower premium. During claims, you have to pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000, and ACKO shall pay the rest of the repair bill. The plan is suited for those who may think there is a lower chance of raising claims during the policy period.

Zero Depreciation - Super Smart
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The plan offers the benefits of bumper-to-bumper car insurance along with an excellent claim experience. During claims, we shall pick up your car, get it repaired at our network garage and deliver it back to you. The service is not charged. The only catch is that if you don’t inform us about claim-related repairs, you have to pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000, and we shall pay the rest.

Personal Accident Cover (PA)
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The PA Cover is an additional cover to your car insurance. It is mandatory to buy this cover along with Third-party Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance. The cover offers financial coverage against death or permanent disability while driving a car.

Need for car insurance in Jaipur
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Usually, Jaipur features on top of tourists' must-visit places in India. This surge in tourism means more vehicles on the road. With several road users in Jaipur, car owners may experience bad road conditions and heavy traffic that can result in accidents. 

Here’s where having wide-ranging car insurance in Jaipur offers you financial protection against third-party liabilities, damages to your vehicle due to an accident, fire, natural or manmade calamities, and even vehicle theft.

Difficulties faced by car users in Jaipur
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Here are some of the challenges faced by car owners in Jaipur.

How to buy car insurance in Jaipur
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Buying car insurance in Jaipur is simple if you opt for the online method. At ACKO, you can buy/renew car insurance instantly. Here are quick steps to insure your car in Jaipur.

Benefits of buying car insurance in Jaipur from ACKO
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We are a digital-first insurance company where you can buy car insurance online without middlemen. Here are some of our standout benefits.


Affordable premium
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Since we operate on a direct-to-customer basis, our operational expenses are lower. It allows us to offer low-cost car insurance plans so that you get the best car insurance in Jaipur and an exceptional digital experience.

Super Fast and Easy

Quick claims
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Register your claim through your smartphone or computer, or just give us a call. We shall pick up your car from your location, get it fixed at our partner garage and deliver it back to you in three working days (subject to terms and conditions).

Unique Plans & Discounts

Exclusive discounts and plans
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We usually offer discounts on car insurance in Jaipur during festivals and special occasions. So, watch out for such discounts to get the best insurance price for your car.

How to file a claim with ACKO
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Similar to our quick car insurance purchase process, our claims process is simple, straightforward, and paperless. Here are the steps to register a car insurance claim ACKO.

Step 1:
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Visit our website or use our mobile app to log into your ACKO account (Alternately, you can call us on 1860 2662 256).

Step 2:
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Once you access your account, choose the policy document of your car, and click on “Claim”.

Step 3:
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Provide answers to a few queries about the damages, and upload photos of your damaged car to file your claim with ACKO.

How can ACKO car insurance protect your car in Jaipur?
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Driving on Jaipur roads can be difficult due to high traffic, the presence of pedestrians, and other road users. Thus, the possibility of an accident increases. Buying car insurance in Jaipur would be wise to stay financially protected in such situations.

We follow a direct-to-customer approach. So, you can transact with us directly through our online platforms, such as our website or mobile app. Here are our unique benefits.

Why you should buy/renew car insurance in Jaipur
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Following are some of the disadvantages of not insuring your car in Jaipur.

1. Avoid heavy fines
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Driving a car without insurance in Jaipur can lead to a heavy traffic fine. Presently, the traffic penalty for driving without car insurance for the first time is Rs. 2,000, and the subsequent fine is Rs. 4,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months. Additionally, there is a possibility of your Driving Licence (DL) being suspended. Avoid heavy fines by insuring your car with the mandatory 3rd Party Car Insurance in Jaipur.

2. Comprehensive Car Insurance to the rescue
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For substantial car insurance coverage, you should consider buying a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. It offers coverage against damages to your vehicle due to an accident, natural calamities, manmade disasters, fire, theft and third-party liabilities. Make sure you renew car insurance in Jaipur for continuous insurance coverage for your car and opt for a Comprehensive Policy during renewal..

3. Car insurance add-on covers suitable for Jaipur
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If you think Comprehensive Insurance does not cover major risks, you should opt for add-on covers to enhance the coverage. For example, the Comprehensive Insurance does not cover the vehicle's depreciation during claims. You can opt for the Zero Depreciation add-on cover, as it does not consider depreciation of car parts being repaired or replaced leading to receipt of a higher claim settlement amount.

Frequently asked questions
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Here are answers to some common questions about car insurance in Jaipur.

Is it possible to renew car insurance online in Jaipur?


You can use our online services through our website or mobile app to buy or renew car insurance in Jaipur. You can also file a claim online.

Which insurance type is best for cars?


Opting for the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is ideal since it provides complete financial protection from damages to a third party and your car. You can include add-ons to increase the coverage further.

Is ACKO’s Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver a good car insurance plan?


This plan is customised and suitable for car owners who think the chances of raising a claim during the policy period are very low. Hence, if you think you can avoid car damages and related claims, you can opt for the Zero Depreciation - Smart Saver plan.