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Don’t Panic If Your Car Is Stopped by the Traffic Police

Team AckoApr 12, 2023

Ever felt your heart racing at the sight of a traffic policeman, in stealth mode, at the side of a signal waiting to get hold of you? All of us have heard that whistle and seen angry looking traffic police beckoning us to pull over. Our very first thought is what if my neighbor killed someone and put the dead body in my boot space? The cop will discover the corpse and I will rot in jail forever!

Don’t Panic If Your Car Is Stopped by the Traffic Police



Relax, unless you actually have a serial killer for a neighbor you will not rot in jail for eternity. There could be multiple reasons why were are asked to stop by the side of the road. Let’s see what they could be:

Reasons a Traffic Police Could Stop You

#1 Overspeeding

One of the most common reasons because of which you might be stopped is overspeeding. Nowadays, traffic police are equipped with speed guns. As the name suggests, these devices can detect the speed of moving vehicles. According to the new traffic rules, you will be fined with Rs. 1000 for overspeeding.

#2 Tinted glass check

Using a high percentage of tint on the glasses of your car is an offense in India. This rule was recently created to help curb serious criminal offenses like kidnapping, rape, etc. If you are roaming around the country and are not using RTO approved tinted glass on your car then you will be fined heavily. Plus, police have the authority to remove the tint then and there. This could result in deep scratches on the glasses of your car.

#3 Documents Check

Traffic police can randomly perform a check for documents on any road. Ideally, you should always carry a valid driver’s license, car’s registration certificate, pollution under control (PUC) Certificate, and car insurance policy. If you fail to produce any of these, you will be given a challan.

#4 Nakabandi for Specific Reasons

Sometimes police are looking for people or specific types of cars, which might be involved in a criminal offense (yes, yes Crime Patrol type!). If you are not the person the police is looking for, there is nothing to worry about.

#5 Drunk Driving Check

This is a common occurrence at night or during festive seasons. At times there are high possibilities that people might break the law against drunk driving. Checking the driver for alcohol levels could be a reason the traffic police might stop you.

#6 Elections

Traffic policy often checks cars for cash, alcohol, or other suspicious goods at the time of elections. Coordinating with them and allowing them to do their job is important.

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How to Keep Your Cool and Coordinate?

Police officials are well aware that by asking a car to stop, they have already made the driver nervous. But as said earlier, it is their job and they have to it. The best way to get out of this situation is going through the process! And not running off.

First of all, you have to carry all the necessary documents and follow the rules while driving. Period. There is no way out here. Secondly, as long as you coordinate with them, you will be alright. Even if you are nervous, follow their instructions and produce the documents.

If you still panic, tell them upfront that you have panicked. They are there for keeping the people in check not to scare them unnecessarily!

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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