Few years ago, mobile phones were a luxury. Today, they are a necessity. Similarly, today, electric cars are just in the first gear but they will accelerate soon. There is considerable research and development associated with electric cars as they are termed as the future. Conventional cars as we know them today, will become extinct in the coming decades due to scarcity of fuel. Thus, electric cars with rechargeable batteries that run on solar energy might become conventional in years to come. They might be the preferred option available in the future. Read ahead to know 6 benefits of electric cars over fuel-driven cars.

Know These 6 Benefits of Electric Cars Over Conventional Cars - Acko

  •        Benefit Number 1 – Feasible Alternate

Electric cars are a viable option. They do not compromise much on performance and pose themselves as a worthy contender to dethrone fuel-driven cars. Few years ago, there was no alternative and people had to purchase fuel-driven cars. Electric cars were just introduced and they were far behind regarding performance. Their market price was also on the higher side. In the near future, the price point and the performance will be taken care of and electric cars will eventually win the popularity race.

  •        Benefit Number 2 – No Fuel

With the constant depletion of natural resources, the cost of fuel is going to increase exponentially in the future. The fact that electric cars do not need petrol, diesel, or CNG in itself is a big advantage. The rising cost of fuel has a direct impact on the car owner’s wallet. No fuel means cut down on monthly expenses.

  •        Benefit Number 3 – Low Maintenance

Conventional gas cars need continuous maintenance. That is one of the reasons why vehicle service centers have Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). The extent of servicing depends upon the age and the usage of the vehicle. Oil change, part replacement, repairs, and wear and tear, etc. increase the conventional car’s maintenance cost. Also, taking time out of your busy schedule to take the car to the service center and bring it back is also a hassle. Yes, an electric car will also need maintenance but the frequency and the cost associated with it is expected to be less.

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  •        Benefit Number 4 – Environment Friendly

Using electric cars will lessen our carbon footprint on the planet. Global warming is on the rise and natural resources are depleting. Thus, we need to act now. Electric cars work on renewable energy, which is the way ahead.

  •        Benefit Number 5 – Safety First

Contrary to popular belief, electric cars can be as safe as fuel-driven cars. They also undergo safety tests, feature basic safety accessories and sophisticated braking system, and comply with the regulatory norms before being made available to the public at large.

  •        Benefit Number 6 – Designed for The Future

Electric cars have made their presence felt all over the globe. People know its advantages and are slowly coming to terms with them. Right now, they are not that popular because of lack of infrastructure, for example – recharging stations. With several environmental challenges in front of us, electric cars are a natural choice as they are designed for the future.

New Car, New Car Insurance

Whether you drive an electric car or a conventional car, buying car insurance is a must. New car insurance companies might also offer specific policies or Add-ons for electric cars in the future. Till then, make it a point to ensure that your car is insured all the time. Nowadays, buying car insurance online is child’s play. You can buy electric vehicle insurance online easily as well as quickly. Also, make sure to renew it in a timely manner.

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