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6 Key Benefits of Having a Good Health Insurance Advisor

Team AckoJul 22, 2021

Some people can perceive the concept of insurance to be complicated. This is because various terms of services are applicable while selling an insurance product. Health insurance is not an exception to this thought. Some may even say that health insurance is more complicated as compared to say motor insurance.

If a person is facing difficulty while buying a health insurance product, how is a smooth sale insured? The answer is by approaching a good health insurance advisor. The advisor is expected to guide a potential policyholder into making the right purchase at the right price. In this article, we will discuss the importance and benefits of having a good health insurance advisor.

Benefits of Having a Good Health Insurance Advisor

Benefits of a Reliable Health Insurance Advisor

#1 In-depth knowledge of the insurance industry

A professional health insurance advisor is the one who has in-depth knowledge of the health insurance industry. The advisor knows the concepts and working of this industry. He/she is also well-equipped with answers to any queries that a potential policyholder may have.

#2 Product knowledge

An advisor knows what he/she is selling. The terms and conditions of the health plan, its features, and services, advantages and disadvantages are very well known to this person. A professional health insurance advisor may not ask you to research the product individually. He/she may make efforts to acquire knowledge about similar other products and may guide a client with other aspects of the product as well.

#3 Knows how to understand your needs

Some clients may be new to the health insurance industry. They may not have an exact idea of the coverage they are looking for. In this situation, a good health insurance advisor will know how to make a client understand his/her needs and lead them to buy the most suitable health insurance plans in India.

Your health insurance advisor is an important link between you and the insurance company. As an advisor is the best person who knows you as well as the terms of your insurance company in depth, he/she serves as a link between you two. Any concerns that you have, will be addressed by the advisor and any communication that the company needs to convey regarding health insurance plans in India will be done through the advisor.

#5 Helps in the purchase journey

Every insurance company has its own purchase journey, it is nothing but the way you buy their product. Some insurance companies offer offline policies, some offer online i.e. digital policies, while some may offer both. A health insurance advisor will not only guide you to buy the best coverage but also help you in the purchase journey. This is very helpful for people who are less familiar with using the internet.

#6 Help in the claim process

When you buy an insurance policy, you are promised financial backup in the time of need. In terms of health plan, you are promised to be provided with financial help in case of a medical emergency. This is where a claim comes into the picture. You advisor will help you in the claim process.

How to Evaluate your Current Advisor?

If you are an existing health insurance policyholder and are looking to switch, you first need to evaluate if your health insurance advisor is up to the mark. You need to know the difference between a person who has your best interest at heart and the one who simply wants to sell health insurance plans in India. Here are a few points to judge that you have a good health insurance advisor:

  • Your advisor will ask multiple questions to know your requirements

  • He/she will recommend various options for you to choose from

  • He/she will try to find plans that are budget friendly as well as comprehensive

  • Your advisor will periodically update about various relevant events

  • Will do his/her best while dealing with the insurer, medical professionals, and other entities to help you get the most out of your coverage

  • Has patience while solving queries and giving an explanation

You may not have to change your health insurance advisor if you are satisfied with the services. Else you need to switch to a better advisor. Keep the above things in mind while choosing a new health insurance advisor.


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