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Top 7 Technological Advancements in Health Insurance

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Technology is changing the way we live. It has affected almost all individuals as well as industries. With respect to the health insurance industry, technology can be perceived as a big boon to overcome barriers that have been restricting the industry’s growth since ages. Nowadays, technology has been woven intricately into the entire health insurance fabric resulting in an enhanced product. This sophisticated tapestry has far-reaching potential, evidence of which is apparent by analyzing technology’s impact on the health insurance sector.


Technological advancements in the health insurance sector have intensified competition among insurance providers. By leveraging technology, insurers can reach more people and ensure data-backed underwriting. A Variety of health insurance plans with different features and benefits have provided a lot of options for potential policyholders. All this competition has caused a shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market with respect to health insurance plans.

Listed below are the top 7 technological advancements in health insurance that have been instrumental in helping the industry evolve at a rapid pace and serve policyholders in a better manner.



7 Technological Advancements in Health Insurance

1. Wearable Tech

Gadgets such as fitness bands provide insurer’s with real-time health-related data of their policyholders. This enables them to track a person’s physical and health-related activities. Wearable devices help in providing personalized insurance products. For example, insurers can offer discounts on premium if the potential/existing policyholder achieves pre-defined health goals.

2. RPA & AI

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play an integral role in increasing operational efficiency of health insurance companies. From interacting with customers to understanding their needs and matching them with an appropriate health policy, RPA & AI can be extremely productive. Their precision and ability to perform repetitive tasks in a short span of time makes them highly efficient. These technologies reduce dependency on resources and increase accuracy.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain fosters transparency. Patient data can be fortified using this technology. It secures the data but does not confine it. Instead, Blockchain aids enhanced analytics by ensuring storage of secure aggregated health data. It reduces dependencies on third parties, ensures data security, and increases overall efficiency.

4. Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs are crucial for data management. Just like banks, insurance companies are also moving towards an open API structure for swift flow of information between systems. Health insurers need efficient integration when it comes to patient’s eligibility, health data, digital claims management, etc. and APIs are ideal for such free-flow of information in the healthcare ecosystem.

5. Predictive and Behavioral Analytics

Data analytics is the foundation of superior insurance underwriting. Predictive and Behavioral Analytics helps a health insurance provider to send preventive care notifications to the insured, gauge what kind of health policy would be suitable for an individual, and detect fraud.

6. Social Media

Nowadays, social media is not just an information dissemination tool but also an information gathering tool. For example, a person’s lifestyle data can be accessed from social media. Health insurers are considering social media as a platform for customer education, customer engagement, and lead generation with the overarching goal of brand building.

7. Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure in health insurance has been a supporting function. However, it is moving to becoming the core function as a lot of technologies have to co-exist, communicate, and comply with each other. Cloud computing offers flexibility, better management, cost optimization, and anytime-anywhere access of data for health insurers.

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Health Insurance in India

Global health insurance firms have already embraced the technological advancements. Whereas in India, this adoption has been slow and steady. However, with the ascent of digital revolution and the rise in InsurTech firms, Indian health insurance sector is entering a new age.

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