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5 Tips to Avoid Obesity and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Decades ago, famines, malnutrition, and calamities were major problems faced by people all over the world. Today, these problems still exist but there are concerns regarding overeating, obesity, and lifestyle-related diseases as well.

While underdeveloped countries are facing issues related to lack of food, some developing countries and developed countries are battling the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle powered by fast-food and lack of physical activity. This article is about one of the biggest side effects of a modern lifestyle – obesity. Read ahead to know more about the disease and ways to prevent it.




Understanding Obesity:

Obesity, is an illness that is associated with excess body weight. It is a step ahead of being overweight. Obesity can trigger a lot of other problems in the human body. It makes you vulnerable to diabetes, heart issues, and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Multiple factors are responsible for making a person obese. Family history, sedentary lifestyle, and lack of a balanced diet are major causes of obesity. Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a good way to understand whether you fall under the following categories – underweight, normal, overweight, and obese. You can speak with a medical professional to know your BMI accurately.

Obesity Prevention Tips:

Obesity can be prevented, provided you lead a disciplined life. For example, if you are overweight, then controlling your diet and exercising can prevent you from becoming obese. It can also reduce your weight. Listed below are five weight-management tips that can help you to prevent obesity.

1. Eat the Right Stuff:

A balanced diet constitutes healthy food items that provide your body with adequate nutrients. Food items that have a high proportion of salt and sugar are dangerous for the body. Avoid binging on fast-food, drinking excessive alcohol, and smoking. Consuming fried stuff on a regular basis is also a big no. People tend to overeat if there’s a huge gap between two meals. Avoid that. Eat healthy food items at frequent intervals. Pampering your taste buds with pizzas and pastries is fine if it is done occasionally.

2. Exercise, it Feels Good!:

Exercising shouldn’t be a task. It should be a fun activity; something that you look forward to. A lot of people have the misconception that exercising means lifting heavy weights and sweating it out in the gym. That is just one aspect of exercising, not the only one. There are multiple ways in which you can ensure that you are involved in some kind of physical activity. Swimming, dancing, jogging, etc. are also ways to burn extra calories and workout your muscles.

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3. Sleeping has More to Offer:

People usually associate sleeping with getting rest. A sound sleep does more than that for your body and mind. It influences neuroendocrine cells, glucose metabolism, and other functions that are responsible for enabling smooth bodily functions. For example, lack of sleep can harm appetite-related hormones, which can lead to excess eating resulting in obesity.

4. Stay Consistent:

Regularity is of great essence in managing body weight. Eating right, exercising right, and sleeping right needs regularity. Doing so for a month and then going off-schedule for the next isn’t going to help the cause. Monitor the above-mentioned activities and take active measures if you are going off-track.

5. Beat the Stress:

Stress can mess with your mind and body in multiple ways. If you find yourself in a situation where you are fatigued and sleep-deprived for a long period of time, it is time to take control of your life and control the stress-causing factors. Crumbling under stress can cause metabolic imbalances leading to a host of problems, including obesity. Visit your doctor at the earliest and take corrective measures in case you feel stressed out on a continuous basis.

Medical Insurance:

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