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Your Guide to Preventive Healthcare in India

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

The human journey from Stone Age to the digital age has been nothing short of fascinating. Humans battled predators to ensure they had something to eat in the Stone Age. Today, in the digital age, predators have been tackled but obesity is killing a huge number of humans. What does this have to say about our species? Development? But at what cost?

Chasing money has led to a lot of stress. Today, bad lifestyle habits have a direct effect on one’s health. A New kind of diseases have emerged. Climate change is causing massive catastrophes across the world. In such challenging times, health is the one true asset. And one must take preventive as well as reactive measures to keep one’s health in prime condition. While health insurance offers financial security in case of medical issues, preventive health check-ups can help you take proactive measures to mitigate health-related ailments.




Important Aspects about Preventive Healthcare in India

Rising Healthcare Costs

The gulf between India’s rich and the poor is increasing day by day. Along with it, there has been a steady increase associated with medical inflation over the years. This makes it difficult for the middle class and lower middle class to avail prompt and adequate healthcare. In such a scenario, adopting preventive healthcare measures will surely help in avoiding certain diseases and safeguarding oneself from the financial burden associated with treatment of those diseases. This, coupled with a comprehensive health insurance policy can help you secure your finances in case of medical mishaps.

Health Check-ups Are Crucial

Periodic health check-ups can help in early detection of life-threatening ailments. Such early diagnosis can help in taking quick measures to reduce the damage caused by the diseases. In some cases, diseases can be prevented as well. As the body ages, it is a good practice to undergo a full body check-up on a regular basis.

Preventive Healthcare Packages

From all-encompassing packages to focused ones, there are a variety of plans available for preventive tests in the market. Some popular packages are as follows:

Health Insurance Plans

Some health insurance companies also provide above-mentioned plans free of cost or at a discounted price as a part of their plan. For example, medical insurance plans might offer free check-ups if no claim is raised for a period of three years. Some insurers offer them as Add-ons to health insurance plans. This feature has its terms and conditions therefore one must make an informed choice. You also have the option of going for health check-ups without being associated with medical insurance plans.

Income Tax Deductions

You are eligible for a tax benefit of Rs. 5000 for the amount spent on health insurance check-ups. This benefit is also applicable if you spend for the medical check-up of your spouse and children. Note that this deduction will be within the overall deduction limit (for example, 25000 or 50000) as per deduction under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

Make it a Ritual

Modern lifestyle has altered our eating and sleeping habits. This has changed the way our body functions. In some cases, it has also made us vulnerable to diseases If you are someone who has undergone a lifestyle change (such as irregular working hours, lack of exercise, moving to a different city, etc.) or feel that something doesn’t feel right about your body, it is essential to get a health check-up as a precautionary measure. Make health check-up an annual ritual and stay one step ahead of life-threatening diseases.

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