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Health Insurance Can Leverage Professional Registry: IRDAI

TeamAckoOct 16, 2023

Health insurance ensures both your well-being and financial security. With advancements that come our way every day, it may get challenging to navigate through some of the most important aids in life. In this article, we aim to understand the ins and outs of IRDAI.

Health insurance can leverage professional registry



The Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) and Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)

The Healthcare Professionals Registry (HPR) is like a big list of approved healthcare providers in India, including modern and traditional practitioners. It's connected to a digital system called the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), which helps patients find these providers. Everyone on this list is certified to practise medicine in India. The HPR makes sure that only qualified and ethical healthcare professionals can join, which is good for the public's safety and well-being.

Understanding IRDAI: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the governing body responsible for overseeing India's insurance sector. Its mission is to ensure accessible, affordable, and reliable insurance services for all. 

The Power of Professional Registries

What Are Professional Registries?

Professional registries are centralised databases containing essential information about healthcare providers. They play a vital role in the healthcare industry for both beneficiaries and the institution itself alongside the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

IRDAI's Initiative: IRDAI has taken innovative steps to implement professional registries in health insurance, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

IRDAI has introduced the Protection of Policyholders' Interest Regulations 2001, which aim to:

1. Ensure that policy proposal documents are written in simple and understandable language.

2. Define clear and efficient procedures for handling claims in both life and non-life insurance.

3. Establish centres for addressing policyholders' grievances.

4. Expedite the resolution of claims.

5. Enhance the overall servicing of policyholders.

Simplifying Healthcare Access

Challenges in Healthcare Access: Many individuals face obstacles when seeking healthcare services and insurance coverage. This may be due to language, technology, lack of understanding of the subject, and more. 

Here’s where Professional Registries come in as a Solution: Professional registries are transforming healthcare access by providing a reliable source of information about healthcare providers, making it easier for individuals to make informed decisions.

Understanding Health Insurance

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a financial tool that helps individuals cover the cost of medical expenses. It offers peace of mind by providing financial protection during illness or injury.

Health insurance is not merely a financial instrument; it's a shield that safeguards your well-being and provides financial security when health issues arise. In essence, it's a pact between you and your insurer that ensures that your medical needs are met without causing a severe strain on your finances.

Types of Health Insurance:

Explore the various types of health insurance policies available in India, including individual, family, and group policies.

Individual Health Insurance:

  • Individual health insurance policies in India provide coverage to a single person. They are suitable for those without access to employer-sponsored group insurance.

  • Coverage typically includes hospitalisation, doctor consultations, prescription drugs, and preventive care, adhering to IRDAI's coverage regulations.

Family Health Insurance:

  • Family health insurance policies extend coverage to the policyholder, their spouse, and dependent children. They offer a cost-effective means of securing the entire family's health.

  • Benefits encompass medical expenses, maternity care, and child vaccinations, in line with IRDAI norms.

Group Health Insurance:

  • Group health insurance in India is offered by employers to their employees. It covers a group of individuals under a single policy, adhering to IRDAI guidelines.

  • Coverage may vary, but it commonly includes hospitalisation, outpatient care, and access to a network of healthcare providers, ensuring compliance with IRDAI standards.

The Role of Professional Registries in Health Insurance

Facilitating Provider Networks:

  • Professional registries, such as HPR under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, enable health insurers to establish robust networks of healthcare providers.

  • Doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals are included in these networks, ensuring a wide spectrum of healthcare services is accessible to policyholders.

Verification and Authentication:

  • The Health Professional Registry (HPR) assigns a unique Healthcare Professional ID (HPID) to medical practitioners.

  • HPID is linked to identity verification methods like Aadhaar and includes verified medical qualifications, ensuring the authenticity of healthcare providers.

Streamlining Insurance Processes:

  • IRDAI advises insurers to use HPR ID for verifying and authenticating medical practitioners when issuing or renewing policies for medical malpractice coverage.

  • This digitization streamlines the process of purchasing and selling professional indemnity policies, making it more efficient for insurers and policyholders.

Encouraging Registration:

  • The use of professional registries encourages healthcare professionals to register with the HPR.

  • This not only facilitates the availability of their services but also contributes to the growth of the healthcare network.

Enhanced Policyholder Experience:

  • By leveraging professional registries, insurers can offer policyholders a wider choice of healthcare providers and services.

  • This leads to an improved overall experience for those seeking healthcare coverage.

The why of IRDAI:

Imagine you need medical attention. You turn to your health insurance policy, and it directs you to a network of healthcare providers—doctors, hospitals, and clinics. This network is meticulously curated using information from professional registries. It ensures that you receive care from qualified, recognized healthcare professionals.

Professional registries also play a significant role in claim processing. When you file a claim, the insurer can quickly verify your treatment details against the information in the registry, reducing errors and expediting the settlement process. This efficiency ensures that you receive your entitled benefits promptly during a critical time.

Steps to Register in the Healthcare Professionals Registry:

  • Generate your Healthcare Professional ID using your Aadhaar Card or any other KYC

  • Fill out the registration form with personal, and professional details.

  • Review the form filled and resolve queries (if any)

Who is eligible Healthcare Professionals Registry:

Healthcare professionals who join the HPR (Healthcare Professionals Registry) can access various digital services for providing healthcare and delivering services. The HPR aims to become a user-friendly platform for both citizens and practitioners, following international healthcare standards.

Benefits of IRDAI's Professional Registry Initiative

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has introduced a pioneering initiative centred around professional registries in the healthcare sector. This initiative, primarily focusing on the Health Professional Registry (HPR), brings with it a host of benefits that positively impact the health insurance industry and, by extension, policyholders. 

Enhanced Provider Networks:

  • One of the primary benefits of IRDAI's Professional Registry Initiative is the establishment of expansive and diversified healthcare provider networks.

  • Insurers gain access to a comprehensive pool of doctors, physicians, and healthcare professionals, ensuring policyholders have a wide range of options for their healthcare needs.

Improved Verification and Authentication:

  • The initiative introduces the Healthcare Professional ID (HPID), a unique identifier for medical practitioners.

  • HPID incorporates verified medical qualifications and is linked to robust identity verification methods such as Aadhaar, ensuring the authenticity of healthcare providers.

Efficient Policy Transactions:

  • IRDAI advises insurance companies to leverage the HPR ID for verifying and authenticating medical practitioners when issuing or renewing policies, particularly for medical malpractice coverage.

  • This streamlines the policy transaction process, making it more efficient for both insurers and policyholders.

Digital Transformation:

  • The adoption of professional registries signifies a significant step towards digitization in the health insurance sector.

  • This digital transformation simplifies administrative tasks, reduces paperwork, and enhances the overall efficiency of insurance operations.

Encouraging Healthcare Professional Registration:

  • The initiative incentivizes healthcare professionals to register with the HPR, contributing to the growth and development of the healthcare network.

  • A higher number of registered professionals translates to greater accessibility and choice for policyholders.

Better User Experience:

  • Policyholders benefit from the initiative through access to a broader network of healthcare providers and services.

  • This results in an improved and more flexible policyholder experience, where individuals can choose healthcare options that best suit their needs.

The Future of Health Insurance and Professional Registries

The landscape of health insurance is undergoing a transformative evolution, and one can go as far as to say that the foundation of it lies in the integration of professional registries, exemplified by the Health Professional Registry (HPR) under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. 

This symbiotic relationship between health insurance and professional registries is shaping the future of healthcare coverage

Expansive Provider Networks:

  • The future of health insurance is expected to witness even more expansive and diverse healthcare provider networks. Professional registries like HPR will play a pivotal role in facilitating this expansion.

  • Policyholders will have access to an extensive pool of registered doctors, specialists, and healthcare practitioners, ensuring comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Enhanced Verification and Authentication:

  • Professional registries are set to become the cornerstone of verification and authentication processes in health insurance.

  • Robust identity verification methods like Aadhaar, linked to unique Healthcare Professional IDs (HPIDs), will ensure the authenticity and competence of healthcare providers, bolstering trust among policyholders.

Digital Transformation:

  • The future of health insurance is undeniably digital. Professional registries will drive this transformation by promoting electronic record-keeping, verification, and communication.

  • Insurers will increasingly rely on digital platforms for policy issuance, renewal, and claims processing, making healthcare coverage more efficient and accessible.

Efficiency and Reduced Administrative Overhead:

  • Seamless integration of professional registries in health insurance processes will significantly reduce administrative overhead for both insurers and healthcare providers.

  • Policy transactions, including the issuance and renewal of policies, will be streamlined, allowing insurers to focus more on serving policyholders.

Encouraging Registration:

  • The future will see a surge in healthcare professionals registering with professional registries.

  • Collaborative efforts between insurers, regulatory authorities, and professional bodies will encourage practitioners to join the network, fostering a more robust and accessible healthcare ecosystem.

Empowered Policyholder Experience:

  • Policyholders will enjoy a higher degree of empowerment in their healthcare choices.

  • With a broader network of healthcare providers and streamlined processes, policyholders will have the flexibility to tailor their coverage to their unique needs.

Making Informed Health Insurance Decisions

Understand Your Healthcare Needs:

  • The foundation of informed decision-making begins with a clear understanding of your healthcare needs. Assess your health, anticipate potential medical expenses, and consider any pre-existing conditions.

  • The integration of professional registries like HPR ensures access to a wide network of healthcare providers, offering a diverse range of medical services.

Policy Evaluation:

  • Delve into policy details and evaluate them carefully. Understand the coverage, including hospitalisation, outpatient services, and critical illness coverage.

  • Professional registries play a role in verifying the authenticity of healthcare providers, ensuring that your policy covers services offered by qualified professionals.

Network of Healthcare Providers:

  • Consider the network of healthcare providers associated with your insurance plan. Insurers can leverage professional registries to create extensive networks of doctors, specialists, and medical practitioners.

  • Ensure that your preferred healthcare providers are part of the network to receive seamless, cashless services.

Premiums and Deductibles:

  • Compare premiums and deductibles across different insurance plans. Understand how these costs will impact your budget.

  • Professional registries contribute to efficient policy transactions, potentially reducing administrative costs and leading to competitive premium rates.

Policyholder Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a policyholder. Understand the claims process, including documentation requirements and timelines.

  • The integration of professional registries enhances transparency and trust, ensuring that you receive quality healthcare services.

Digital Access and Convenience:

  • Embrace the digital transformation in health insurance. Opt for insurers that offer online policy management, claims processing, and customer support.

  • The use of professional registries facilitates seamless communication and verification, making policy management more efficient.

Seek Expert Advice:

  • Consider seeking guidance from insurance experts or financial advisors when making significant health insurance decisions.

  • Experts can help you navigate complex policies and ensure you choose coverage that aligns with your needs.

Empowering the Insured

Recognize the power of knowledge and information in making informed decisions about health insurance. Having an in-depth understanding of anything involving finances and knowing where they go and what they do helps in empowering oneself. IRDAI's commitment to empowering the insured is through promoting transparency, accountability, and accessibility in the healthcare and insurance sectors.

Wrapping up!

In conclusion, knowledge is your greatest asset in navigating the intricate landscape of health insurance. IRDAI's initiatives, especially professional registries, empower you with the information you need to make informed choices about your health and financial well-being.

As you embark on your journey to secure health insurance, remember that IRDAI is committed to your empowerment. By championing transparency, accountability, and accessibility, the authority ensures that you, the insured, are at the heart of the healthcare and insurance ecosystem.

So, take the opportunity to make well-informed decisions, safeguard your health, and secure your financial future with the power of professional registries and health insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on Health insurance can leverage professional registry: IRDAI


What is IRDAI, and what is its role in healthcare insurance?

IRDAI is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, overseeing and ensuring reliable and accessible insurance services.

What are professional registries in healthcare insurance?

 Professional registries are centralised databases containing crucial information about healthcare providers.

How does IRDAI use professional registries to enhance healthcare insurance?

IRDAI employs registries to improve transparency and efficiency in health insurance.

What are the key objectives of IRDAI's Protection of Policyholders' Interest Regulations 2001?

To simplify policy documents, streamline claims procedures, address grievances, expedite claim resolutions, and enhance overall service to policyholders.

How do professional registries simplify healthcare access?

They provide reliable information about healthcare providers, helping individuals make informed decisions.

What is health insurance, and what does it offer?

Health insurance provides financial protection for medical expenses during illness or injury.

What are the different types of health insurance policies available in India?

Individual, family, and group policies cater to various circumstances and cover individuals, families, or groups of employees and their families.

How do professional registries benefit health insurance providers and claim processing?

They ensure accurate provider networks and streamline claim verification, reducing errors and expediting settlements.

What are the eligibility and steps to register in the Healthcare Professionals Registry?

Register with your Aadhaar Card or other KYC, complete a registration form with personal and professional details, and review and resolve queries if needed.

What is the future outlook for health insurance and professional registries according to IRDAI?

Advancements in technology, like telemedicine and AI, will shape health insurance, and the reach of professional registries will expand to benefit more policyholders.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet, and is subject to changes.

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