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5 Ways to be Insurance-ready This Monsoon Season

Team AckoJan 18, 2024

Monsoon can be a delightful season if you choose to overlook the related health issues. To truly enjoy the season without thinking about the financial setback, you should opt for health insurance before the beginning of monsoon or, as a matter of fact,  every other season.

But for now, let’s take a look at how you can be insurance-ready this monsoon:




#1 Love Street Food?

Indian street food is very tempting. Tasty pani-puri, lemonades, idli sambar, vadapav with extra chutni, all these sound delicious after a long day at work or even otherwise. Mothers are right to warn us against relishing these items, especially in the monsoon. Home cooked food is the best during rainy seasons as one is confident of the origin of the water and ingredients being used in the preparation, unlike street food. One is exposed to high risks of contracting water-borne diseases during this season. It could lead to a number of health issues including skin problem, stomach ache, diarrhea, fever, etc. Be sure that your health insurance or mediclaim policy covers the cost of these treatments. Avoid indulging in unhealthy delicacies.

#2 How do you Commute?

A working professional spends at least 2 hours to commute to his/her workplace on an average in metro cities. The moment you step out of your house you are vulnerable to accidents and injuries if you are not careful while driving, crossing the road or walking through waterlogged areas. Monsoon decreases the visibility to a great extend which can lead to accidents. If you drive to work, be sure to drive ten times slower than the normal speed limit in a heavy downpour. If you use public transport, be careful to not get into an over-crowded train or bus as you might slip and fall due to the slippery conditions. Every health insurance or mediclaim policy covers the cost of hospitalization if a person is injured due to an accident.

#3 Are streets safe?

Rains are unpredictable, there can be times when heavy rains block the roads and disrupt major public transport. In this situation, bear in mind the risks associated with rains. Fires breakout due to a short circuit. Open, live wires may be lying on a water-logged street. Monsoon increases the chances of electrocution. Be careful while commuting in such conditions. Public transport can be crowded in heavy rains, do not by any means travel on top of a bus or train.

#4 Going on a trek?

One of the biggest threat posed by monsoon is the spread of diseases due to the increased number of mosquitos. They breed exponentially in this season. Always use mosquito repellent before stepping out in rains. Nowadays, repellents are available in the form of wristbands and mosquito repelling liquids which can be applied to your clothes. These cannot be washed out in the rainwater like a cream formula would. This also applies if you are going out in the forest to enjoy a fulfilling trek in the rain. Go through your health insurance policy. Your mediclaim policy might cover specific diseases like Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, malaria, etc. which are related to mosquito bites.

#5 Feeling Cold?

Rains can bring a sudden climate change which adversely affect the health of a person leading to conditions like severe cold, cough, etc. This can be treated by immediate health checkups. Also, consuming hot liquids like vegetable or chicken soups, homemade ginger tea, etc. can free blocked nose and provide relief from a sore throat.

How to find best Health insurance plan?

Finding the best health insurance plan is easier nowadays as you can compare plans, calculate health insurance premium and decide coverage with the help of internet. To find your ideal plan first list your requirements. Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions which you need to be covered for? Do you need health insurance for your family members? Do you need an extra cover above your employer’s groups health insurance? Answering such questions will be helpful while finding the most suitable health insurance policy.

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