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Understanding Complexities Involved in Buying Global Health Insurance

Team AckoJul 14, 2024

Visiting a foreign land is an adventurous journey. The excitement of experiencing something new, the challenge of navigating through unknown routes, and the joy of exploring a culture, everything comes together during an overseas trip.

Usually, there is a risk with every reward. And here, it is the travel and medical risk. Travel insurance sorts out the travel risk but what about extensive medical risks? Is travel insurance enough or do you need a global health cover? Read ahead to know more about global health insurance.





What is global health insurance?

Global health insurance, is a health policy that covers medical risks across different countries. Usually, your health policy doesn’t cover medical risks faced outside your country. Essentially, it is a domestic health insurance plan. And as the name suggests, global health insurance is an international health insurance plan.

How are global medical insurance plans different from international travel insurance?

Travel insurance plans, are more focused on travel risks such as flight cancellation, baggage loss, passport theft, etc. Whereas global medical insurance plans are focused on covering medical risks that one might face during overseas stay. Travel insurance policies do have a medical insurance cover and one can strengthen it with related Add-ons. However, it is not as comprehensive as compared to a global health insurance policy.

Who should opt for a Global Health Insurance policy?

A global health insurance policy is designed to provide comprehensive medical insurance coverage to travelers across the world. It is ideal for those planning long-term visits to foreign countries, expatriates, and businessmen/employees travelling overseas for work.

Coverage of a Global Health Insurance Policy

The features of a global health insurance policy depend upon the plans and the coverages you opt for. Higher the coverage, higher the premium. Usually, global health insurance providers have different plans that offer different coverages. Listed below are some prominent covers that are offered by a global health insurance policy. Note that the covers will vary as per the chosen plan.

  • Nursing, operation theatre, daycare

  • Intensive care

  • Hospital accommodation

  • Surgeon fees

  • Organ transplant

  • Kidney dialysis

  • Expenses related to conducting different type of diagnostic, radiology, pathology tests

  • Supporting therapies such as Physiotherapy

  • Dental care in case of emergencies

  • Ambulance services

  • Mental health care

  • Cancer care

  • Maternity care

Benefits of a Global Health Insurance Policy

Listed below are major benefits of a global health insurance policy.

  • Stress-free claims

Whether it is reimbursement or cashless claims, the insurance company providing a global health insurance policy assures stress-free claims. This is mainly because they have a vast network of hospitals and the processes are in place.

  • Financial security

By availing a global health insurance policy, you ensure financial security. Imagine the monetary loss you would face if you were to pay the hospital bills from your pocket!

  • Peace of mind

A comprehensive global health policy will not prevent bad things from happening but provide support if they happen. Thus, you can focus on your travel and rest assured as your insurance company will have your back in case of unfortunate events.

Make an informed choice

Just as an insurance company has a long list of features, it also has a long list of exclusions. Exclusions are situations in which your global health insurance policy won’t be helpful. Therefore, it is important to go through exclusions and terms and conditions of a policy before purchasing it so that you can make an informed choice. If you have any doubts, they can be resolved by getting in touch with the customer care executives of the insurer.

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