Health insurance is perhaps one of the most essential types of general insurance. However, many people still have their doubts about buying a good health policy. This happens due to the influence of myths. Sadly, there are some very damaging medical insurance myths that continue to thrive even today. Take a look at this article to know what they are and how you can avoid them.

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Health Insurance Myths busted

1. Young people don’t need health insurance: A common myth is that you don’t need a health plan if you are young and fit. Well, there is no assurance on when an illness or accident can strike. So, it is wise for everyone, irrespective of their age and health condition, to get a good health insurance cover. Also, when you are young, the coverage is available at a lower cost. Take advantage of this and buy a plan right away.

2. You get coverage as soon as you buy the plan: Not always. Some medical insurance plans have a waiting period. Certain illnesses are covered only after the waiting period lapses. So, when you buy the plan, make sure you read the policy wordings carefully to understand how soon you can make a claim.

3. The cheapest plan is the best option: This is perhaps the biggest medical insurance myth out there. You cannot get a coverage by just looking at the plan’s price tag! You need to see what the features are. Health needs are people specific, so you need a plan that suits your requirements. Your ideal plan should be affordable, but not always the cheapest option.

4. Employer provided group insurance is enough: Most employers offer medical insurance plans to their employees. While these are good, the coverage is limited. You therefore need to back it up with a plan of your own.

5. Pregnancy is never included in health insurance: This is another massive myth that prevents good quality maternity care from reaching many women. Maternity is widely  included in most family floater health insurance plans. You can also buy special maternity plans. There are waiting periods associated with such plans, so do keep an eye for that.

6. Hospitalization is a must: You don’t always need to be admitted to a hospital to make a claim on your health plan. You get claims for daycare procedures, OPD expenses, diagnostics tests, etc. too.

7. Online plans are fraudulent: It is sad to see people believing in this myth in the present-day digital age. Online health insurance is very safe and is actually much sought after. You get some of the best and the most economical deals when you purchase an online health insurance plan.

8. Pre-existing illnesses will never be covered: A vast number of pre-existing health conditions are covered in medical insurance, albeit after a pre-decided waiting period.

9. Customizations are seldom possible: You can customize your health insurance plan with the help of riders. Riders are Add-on covers that are available at an added cost.

The final word

Stay away these baseless and outdated health insurance myths. You need a good medical insurance policy to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Go ahead and find a good plan and live a happy, healthy and stress-free life.

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