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How to Charge a Car Battery From Another Car?

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Car batteries are crucial because they supply the energy required to run electrical components and start the engine. But occasionally, car batteries can lose their charge or go dead, making it impossible to start the car. In such circumstances, another vehicle can come in handy to recharge the car battery. Charging a car battery from another vehicle is a simple process. In this article, we have shared some steps on how to charge a car battery from another car safely and effectively.




How to charge a car battery from another car

If your car battery is not working, you can use another car to bring it back to life. This process is called a jump start. In simple words, this process involves using a healthy battery from another car to charge your dead battery.

To jumpstart your car, you will need the following items.

  • Jumper cables

  • Rubber gloves

  • A car with a fully charged battery

With these tools and a few straightforward steps, you can quickly get your car working again.

How to jumpstart a car

Jump-starting a car is a relatively simple process that does not require any special tools beyond jumper cables. It can be a fun and rewarding do-it-yourself process provided it is done safely and correctly. Here are the steps to jumpstart your car.

  • Gather all the necessary tools and materials required, including jumper cables and rubber gloves.

  • Ensure that both vehicles are parked facing one another, with the engines off.

  • Connect the positive terminal of the dead battery with one end of the red cable.

  • After that, the positive terminal of the functional battery should be connected to the other end of the red cable.

  • Connect the black cable's one end to the working battery's negative terminal.

  • On the vehicle with the dead battery, attach the other end of the black cable to an unpainted metal fastener (such as a bolt or nut on the engine block).

  • Start the car with the working battery and let it run for a few minutes.

  • If the dead battery can start the car, disconnect the cables in the opposite direction from how they were connected and try starting the vehicle again.

  • If the car does not start, wait a few minutes before attempting again. If it still does not start, there could be a problem with the battery or the car's electrical system, and you'll need to seek professional assistance.

Tips to avoid an explosion

To avoid the risk of an explosion while charging your car battery, follow these tips.

  • Gather all necessary tools before initiating the jump-starting process.

  • Inspect the battery terminals for any damage or corrosion.

  • Attach the negative jumper cable to a clean, unpainted metal surface.

  • Verify that the battery is in good condition before beginning the jump-starting process.

  • To avoid any confusion, pay attention to which terminal you are connecting the jumper cables to. 

  • When the car is running, avoid removing the jumper cables.

Can a car battery be charged without a second vehicle? 

There are several ways to charge a car battery without another car. Here are some of the common methods.

  • Use a portable battery charger: These are small, portable devices that can be used to charge a car battery. Simply connect the charger to the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions, and the charger will supply the necessary current to charge the battery.

  • Use a household power outlet: You can use a household power outlet to charge your car battery by using a car battery charger. This approach is comparable to using a portable battery charger, but the charger is fixed to a wall outlet at home.

  • Use a solar panel: If you have access to a solar panel, you can use it to charge your car battery. However, you will need a solar panel charger that is specifically designed for this purpose, as well as a cable to connect the solar panel to the battery.

  • Take the battery to a professional: If you don't have any of the above options available, you can take the battery to a professional service centre or mechanic. They will have the equipment and expertise to charge the battery for you.

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about how to charge a car battery from another car are addressed in this section.


What precautions should be taken before jumpstarting a car?

Before attempting to jump-start your car, it is important to inspect the battery to ensure it is in good condition. Look for any signs of acid leakage or visible cracks on the battery. If the battery looks damaged or unsafe, do not attempt to jump-start your car and seek professional help instead. If the battery appears to be in good condition, you can proceed with the jump-starting process using another car.

How long does it take to charge a car battery from another car?

The time to charge a car battery from another car will depend on the size of the dead battery and the condition of the donor battery. In general, it will take longer to charge a larger battery or a battery that is in poor condition.

What are the common ways a car battery loses charge? There are several reasons that can cause the battery of your car to lose its charge. Some of them include the following.

  • Leaving the headlights or cabin lights on after parking the car.

  • Charging electronic devices for an extended period of time while the vehicle is turned off.

  • Forgetting to turn off the music system for an extended duration while the car is not in ignition mode.

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