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Upcoming Mahindra Cars in India 2022-2024

Team AckoFeb 27, 2024

The eagerness of a car enthusiast waiting for the launch of an upcoming car is unparalleled. Well, we come bearing glad tidings for all you car fanatics. The upcoming car segment from Mahindra includes revamped versions of its previous SUV models. They promise a power-packed road performance and come with new and improved tech. Safety is the top-most priority at Mahindra, and the company outdoes it with its cars lined up for launch in the coming years.  With futuristic tech, power-packed engines, and a sleek and elegant body, Mahindra promises its customers the four-wheel drive of their lives. Here's a list of upcoming Mahindra cars in India that will sweep you off your feet with their innovative specifications.




Top Upcoming Mahindra Cars in India

Model Launch Date Expected Price
Mahindra Bolero Neo Plus December 2022 12.5 Lakhs
Mahindra XUV400 January 2023 17 Lakhs
Mahindra New XUV500 July 2024 12-17 Lakhs
Mahindra eKUV100 March 2023 10 Lakhs
Mahindra 5-door Thar January 2023 15 Lakhs
Mahindra Bolero 2024 November 2024 10 Lakhs
Mahindra XUV900 Early 2024 25 Lakhs

1. Mahindra Bolero Neo Plus (Expected launch date: December 2022)

Revamping its existing models to serve customers better has been Mahindra’s forté. The Bolero Neo Plus is a bigger and better sibling of the Bolero Neo. We expect an engine similar to the Thar Off-Road SUV, to power this sturdy four-wheeler ride.

It will be a 9-seater SUV with a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine. It will comprise gearboxes, both manual and automatic.

  • Engine capacity: 1493 cc

  • Seating capacity: 9-seater SUV

  • Gearbox: Manual and automatic

  • Expected price: Rs. 12.5 lakh onwards

2. Mahindra XUV400 EV (Expected launch date: January 2023)

Packed with advanced technology, Mahindra XUV400 is essentially the electric cousin of the ICE-based XUV300. Mahindra has engineered this longer version of the compact XUV300, which will measure 4.2 meters reportedly. Mahindra intends to create more cabin space and a bigger boot with an extended length.

It reportedly includes ADAS tech - a sizeable touch-enabled infotainment system with Adreno X configured car AI tech.

  • Battery capacity: 39.4 kWh

  • Max power: 147.51 bhp

  • Max torque: 310 Nm

  • Range: 456 kms

  • Expected price: Rs. 17 lakh onwards

3. Mahindra New XUV500 (Expected launch date: July 2024)

The past few years have gained Mahindra a long list of loyal customers owing to the brand’s promising designs and premium products. One after another, Mahindra has managed to launch SUVs, each more fertile in features than the last. However, the launch of models like HEXA pushed the SUVs to the periphery. But necessity is the mother of invention. Mahindra is now geared up to combat this competition with the facelifted version of its 2017 XUV500.

The new XUV500 is a 5-seater with a manual transmission. While the 2017 Mahindra XUV500 had a spot-on engine offering maximum power of 140bhp@3750rpm and peak torque of 320Nm @1600-2800rpm, the updated XUV500 is capable of even more outstanding performance with a 2179cc engine.

  • Engine capacity: 1493 cc

  • Seating capacity: 7-seater SUV

  • Gearbox: Manual and automatic

  • Expected price: Rs. 17 lakh onwards

4. Mahindra eKUV100 (Expected launch date: January 2023)

Creating an interesting blend of connected car tech with cabin pre-cooling features, GPS, remote diagnostics, and driver pattern monitoring, Mahindra will launch its eKUV100 in March 2023.

With a 15.9 kWh battery pack and an electric motor rated at 54.4 PS and 120 Nm, the eKUV100 offers a range of 147 kilometres. The battery can be charged up to 80% with a fast charger in 55 minutes, while a full charge with a regular charger will take around 6 hours.

  • Battery capacity: 15.9 kWh

  • Max power: 53 bhp

  • Max torque: 120 Nm

  • Range: 350 kms

  • Expected price: Rs. 10 lakh onwards

5. Mahindra 5-door Thar (Expected launch date: June 2023)

The 5-door Thar has become the talk of the town since its announcement by Mahinda. Its unveiling will be in January 2023 at the Auto Expo. Reports say the car will have a metal hard top and ride on a longer wheelbase. We expect it to have a spacious cabin design, offering ample space for rear occupants.

It will share its 2.0L turbo petrol and 2.2L turbo diesel engines with the 3-door Thar. We expect a high-power calibrated engine and torque. Mahindra plans to price the 5-door Thar at 15 Lakhs.

  • Engine capacity: 2.2-litre (petrol/diesel) 

  • Seating capacity: 5-seater SUV

  • Gearbox: Manual and automatic

  • Expected price: Rs. 15 lakh onwards

6. Mahindra Bolero (Expected launch date: November 2024)

Bigger is better, and Mahindra takes this seriously. With its next-gen Bolero lifestyle SUV, Mahindra makes available a roomy cabin to ensure a pure blend of luxury and comfort. There are speculations about its body-on-frame, ladder construction chassis.

It will possess 2.2-liter turbo diesel and 2.0-liter turbo petrol engine options. Sources say Mahindra could also go for Marazzo’s 1.5-litre turbo diesel, and the new mStallion turbo petrol engines. We also expect the model to get automatic and manual gearbox options. We await its launch in November 2024 at 10 Lakhs. 

  • Engine capacity: 2.2-litre diesel/2.0-litre petrol

  • Seating capacity: 9-seater SUV

  • Gearbox: Manual and automatic

  • Expected price: Rs. 10 lakh onwards

7. Mahindra XUV900 (Expected launch date: Early 2024)

One of the most awaited upcoming Mahindra cars in India is the XUV900 which offers a different ball game altogether.

Based on the XUV Aero concept unveiled at the Auto Expo, the XUV900 will be an SUV coupe and will be a complete game-changer in the SUV market. It will be the successor to the XUV700 and have features above and beyond XUV700.

We expect it to be powered by Mahindra’s latest 2.0-litre turbocharged mStallion petrol engine and 2.2-liter mHawk diesel engine. The XUV900 is in line for a grand launch in the initial months of 2024. It may be available at around 25 Lakhs. 

  • Engine capacity: 2.2-litre diesel/2.0-litre petrol

  • Seating capacity: 9-seater SUV

  • Gearbox: Manual and automatic

  • Expected price: Rs. 25 lakh onwards

The Need for a Car Inurance Policy

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 mandates every rider to procure third-party liability insurance for vehicle owners to drive on Indian roads. Riding your four-wheeler without valid insurance can get you into serious legal trouble. Meeting with an accident that involves a third party or damages your vehicle can land you in a pickle.

Not only will you have to bear the legal brunt of riding an uninsured vehicle, but the financial burden of the damage caused to your vehicle and that of the third party falls on your shoulders.  Therefore, purchasing a comprehensive cover for your four-wheeler is a life-saver. It takes care of the costs of damages and hefty hospital bills and promises financial protection against thefts and damages caused by fire and natural calamities. 

Things to remember

You might spend a great deal of time deciding which car segment to go through and which model to purchase. Opting for one that suits your requirements, fits your budget, and looks amazing altogether is a tedious task. But how thorough is your research for the right car insurance policy? Making an informed purchase when choosing a car is necessary but procuring four-wheeler insurance after ample research, ensuring that it gives you and your ride an umbrella safety, is equally important. 

A car itself is expensive, and the very thought of damage to it is unsettling. Accidents are beyond prediction, and insurance is your best defence against them. Thus, procuring a comprehensive cover the moment you purchase your ride is the best choice. ACKO offers a range of car insurance options online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about Renault upcoming cars in India.


1.    Which upcoming Mahindra cars are priced under 10 Lakhs?

Mahindra offers a range of cars under the 10 Lakh price bracket. The upcoming models under 10 Lakhs are Bolero Neo Plus, eKUV100, and Bolero 2024. Mahindra manages to include all the necessary features in these cars without compromising on the quality one bit. 

2.    Which diesel cars are soon to be launched by Mahindra?

Mahindra is champing at the bit to launch its five awaited Diesel cars, the Bolero Neo Plus, Thar 5-door, XUV900, XUV 500 2024, and Bolero 2024. Hold your horses! The wait is almost over.

3.    Is Mahindra coming up with any hatchback and sedan cars in India?

No. Mahindra has not announced any upcoming hatchback and sedan cars in India.

4.    Can I renew my car insurance policy with a new insurer?

Yes. You can choose to renew a car insurance policy with a new insurer. Policyholders can port their insurance from one insurer to another along with their No-Claim Bonus.

5.    What are the add-ons to a car insurance policy?

Add-on covers are purchased by paying an additional premium amount to supplement and extend the coverage of your existing car insurance plan. Zero Depreciation cover, Roadside Assistance cover, and Engine Protection cover are some popular add-ons that can be acquired with a comprehensive car insurance policy at the time of policy purchase or renewal.

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