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Mahindra E Verito Car Insurance

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Mahindra E Verito Car Insurance

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It’s the 2020s, and this generation’s electric cars are adorable, available, and affordable. If you are looking to switch to an electric four-wheeler or want to start your driving journey with an electric car, then you must check out Mahindra E Verito. Also, it’s crucial to insure your vehicle to meet legal requirements and ensure financial safety. To help you out with this, the following sections showcase all you need to know about Mahindra E Verito insurance and why you should buy/renew car insurance online.

Types of car insurance plans for Mahindra E Verito
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Here’s a list of car insurance plans for Mahindra E Verito offered by ACKO (based on availability).

1. Third-party Liability Car Insurance
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This plan covers you against third-party liabilities. It is mandatory to insure your Mahindra E Verito with this policy. Failing to do so can result in legal consequences. With this plan, you will be insured against financial liabilities arising from third-party injury and death, and third-party property damage caused due to your insured vehicle.

2. Comprehensive – Basic
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This plan is an upgrade over the Third-party Car Insurance option. It not only covers the law-mandated third-party cover but also insures your car in the form of an Own Damage cover. Thus, damages to your car occurring due to fire, calamities, etc., shall be covered as per the terms and conditions of this plan.

3. Comprehensive – Super Saver
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This plan is an upgrade over the Comprehensive – Basic option. Here, you will not only get the advantages of the Comprehensive – Basic plan but also receive a superior claim experience thanks to the pick-up and drop facility as per the terms and conditions.

4. Zero Depreciation – Basic
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This plan is an upgrade over the Comprehensive – Super Saver option, as it covers the depreciation cost of a car’s parts during claims. It is also known as a Bumper to Bumper Car Insurance plan.

5. Zero Depreciation – Smart Saver
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Here, you can receive advantages associated with Zero Depreciation at a discounted rate. Note that you will have to pay a deductible of Rs. 5,000 (and other mandated charges) during a claim.

6. Zero Depreciation – Super Saver
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This plan offers a combination of Comprehensive Cover + Zero Depreciation + Superior Claims Experience (pick up and drop facility) as per the terms and conditions.

Note: Please check out the individual plan’s features in detail before buying. The above section is only an overview.

What’s covered in Mahindra E Verito insurance (inclusions)
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Here’s a list of scenarios covered under a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy. Please refer to the Policy Wordings for details.

Note: A Personal Accident Cover needs to be purchased separately. It is mandatory to do so unless you already have an active Personal Accident Cover purchased while insuring your other vehicle.

What’s not covered in Mahindra E Verito insurance (exclusions)
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Here’s a list of scenarios that are not covered under Mahindra E Verito insurance.

Add-ons for Mahindra E Verito car insurance
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Here are some of the popular car insurance add-ons for Mahindra E Verito. Note that these need to be purchased along with a Comprehensive Cover and are subject to availability.

ACKO’s claim process
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Raising and settling claims with ACKO is a smooth affair. You can follow these steps for a hassle-free claim experience.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account via our website/app.

Step 2: Check your policy card and click on Claim Now.

Step 3: Respond to the posed questions and follow the process.

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ACKO is a certified, digital-first insurer that ensures a trouble-free insurance experience. Here’s why you should pick ACKO as your insurer.

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Wallet-friendly rates
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ACKO functions on a zero-commission model. This results in fewer operational expenses, which translate into low and affordable premiums. Thus, you can avail of top-notch insurance coverage and services at wallet-friendly rates.

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Super simple claims
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ACKO’s claim process is easy, efficient, and effective. With our convenient pick-up and drop facility (as per terms and conditions), you don’t have to worry about anything. Simply sit back and let our crew handle your car with care.

Go Paperless

Totally digital
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Ditch the paperwork and say hello to a completely digital insurance experience. Whether it is buying the policy or raising a claim, you can simply complete the processes digitally via the ACKO website/app.

Specifications of Mahindra E Verito
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The following are the key specifications of Mahindra E Verito.

Particulars Details
Type Electric
Torque (maximum) 91Nm@3000rpm
Transmission Automatic
Body Sedan
Power (maximum) 41.57bhp@3500rpm
Seating capacity 5
Boot space 510 litres
Ground clearance 172mm
Range 110km

Variants of Mahindra E Verito and ex-showroom price
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Here’s a table highlighting Mahindra E Verito variants and their ex-showroom price as of 24 March 2022. The prices are subject to changes.

Variant Price in Rs.
Mahindra E Verito D2 9.12 lakhs
Mahindra E Verito D6 9.46 lakhs

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some common questions related to Mahindra E Verito and their answers.


How much does it cost to insure the Mahindra E Verito?

The exact cost to insure your Mahindra E Verito will majorly depend upon the type of policy you purchase and from where you purchase it. For example, purchasing a Third-party Plan will be cheaper than purchasing a Comprehensive Cover. Also, there might be a difference between the Comprehensive Cover offered by ACKO and other insurers.

Where can I buy wide-ranging insurance for my Mahindra E Verito D2?

You can scroll up on this page and insure your Mahindra E Verito D2 from ACKO using the purchase widget.

Can I renew Mahindra E Verito insurance online if I had purchased it via offline mode?

Yes, you can renew car insurance online (if the facility is available) from your current insurer. You can also switch to ACKO and complete car insurance renewal via our website/app.

Can I opt to insure my Mahindra E Verito with Third-party Car Insurance online?

Yes, you can opt to insure your Mahindra E Verito with Third-party Car Insurance online. However, it is suggested to choose Comprehensive Cover for enhanced insurance coverage.

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