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Car Insurance Policy For Your Next Road Trip

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Road trips for a quick weekend or longer adventure, both offer a great way to explore a new area in the country or a fun way to seek new adventures. From the mountains to the beaches, travelling to your native place or for a family function, the thrill of a road trip never fails to impress. Your car plays an important role by taking you places and there may be situations of a mechanical breakdown or an accident.




A car insurance policy, along with specific add-on covers, will enhance your standard comprehensive car insurance policy to a more elaborate cover for your car, passengers, and personal belongings. A car insurance policy for your next road trip should be beneficial to you, passengers and the car. Read on to know the type of car insurance you should buy if you are a road trip aficionado.

Travel and Car Insurance:

Travelling long distances offers a plethora of adventures and experiences that you will cherish for long. While it is exciting and thrilling, it can sometimes be awful due to an unfortunate accident or a mechanical breakdown. To reduce the burden of finance or to get assistance in such situations, your car trip insurance policy should be more elaborate by including add-on covers which are necessary. Hence, a motor insurance plan should cover your car as well as the different aspects of the trip.

Car Insurance Policy for Your Next Road Trip in India:

Road trips in India offer different experiences. You can drive to the mountains, plains, beaches or visit different cities of the country. To address the varied regions and the challenges that it may offer, your car insurance policy for your next road trip in India should be robust and based on your requirements. Your car insurance coverage for road trips should be practical, exhaustive coverage and customized based on your requirements.

Features and Benefits:

By including add-on covers based on your requirement, your standard or regular comprehensive car insurance policy becomes all the more exclusive and elaborate. Here are the features and benefits of car insurance, especially when you go on a road trip:

  • Coverage for the owner-driver and passengers with the accident cover.

  • Roadside assistance in case of emergencies.

  • Cashless garage experience.

  • Zero depreciation of car parts in case of a repair or replacement.

  • Coverage for your personal belongings.

  • Emergency assistance outside 100 kms with the Outstation Emergency cover.

Add-on Covers for Road Trips:

When you are going on a road trip, consider the following add-on covers for your standard car insurance to provide robust coverage:

Roadside Assistance

The Roadside Assistance Add-on provides assistance in case of a mechanical breakdown of your car or an accident. Inform the insurance company that they might send a mechanic to fix your car or tow your vehicle to the closest garage. Also, you may be offered alternative transportation or stay.

Passenger Cover

With the regular comprehensive insurance, the owner-driver gets a Personal Accident cover of Rs. 15 lakhs; however, passengers are not covered. Long-distance travel or road trips can sometimes turn dangerous and lead to an accident. To cover passengers travelling with the owner-driver, the Passenger Cover is like a Personal Accident Cover which covers passengers travelling with you.

Personal Belongings Cover

In recent times, cars have become technologically advanced and you may carry a laptop, smartphones or other electronic devices which are expensive. In case of an unfortunate mishap, your personal belongings kept inside the insured vehicle are damaged, then the Personal Belongings add-on helps cover the financial liabilities arising out of loss or burglary of the personal belongings.

Zero Depreciation

Whether you are going on a road trip or travelling short distances, there might be situations wherein you meet with an accident. You may have to raise a claim and get the vehicle fixed. In such a scenario, insurers will settle the claim after considering the depreciation value on the car parts. However, with the Zero Dep Add-on, the depreciation value is not considered while settling claims.

Checklist for a Road Trip:

Nothing beats the experience of a road trip, if only you ensure a checklist is ready. Here are a few things to do before a road trip:

Check If The Insurance is Active

Ensure your car insurance is active and renew it ahead of its expiry date. It is advisable to renew your car insurance at least 10 days before it expires. An inactive insurance policy will not pay for any damages arising out of an accident. Also, this is a legal requirement, hence, you may be stopped for inspection during which the authorities demand an active car insurance policy. Ensure you have an active policy before you set off on a road trip.

Check Your Car Wheels

Wheels move your car and they require checking before a long-distance trip. Check for any possible cracks or punctures and get it fixed even if you have to change the tyres. Make sure you get the wheel alignment and balancing of your car done to ensure you do not face any unusual behaviour of the ride and handling of the vehicle.

Carry First-Aid Kit

In case of an unfortunate accident, you or the passengers may need first-aid, which could be crucial. Make sure the first-aid kit is replenished in case it has been used.

Service Your Car

It may be that the car is due for a regular service or the service may be due in a couple of days, but service it before you leave for the road trip. The mechanic may be able to detect any issues, if any, and fix it. Also, by servicing your car, check if the levels of oil or coolant are as per the specifications to ensure your car is in a healthier condition.

Carry Spares

If you are travelling to places which may not have enough garages or a mechanic to repair the vehicle, carry spares such as additional tubes for the tyres. Also, if you use a particular brand of coolant, engine or gearbox oil, then carry them along as you may not find it where you are travelling to. You could consider carrying a puncture kit in case you do not find a vulcanising shop nearby.

Travel Light

While packing, make sure you pack light. Choose a smaller bag or suitcase so that you pack fewer clothes. Share toiletries with your passengers or buy them when you reach the destination. Instead of carrying a lot of books to read, you can consider carrying an ebook to travel light.

Other Essentials

Ensure you carry flashlights, mobile chargers, power banks, warmers and other essentials. Check the weather conditions of the route that you are going to drive on and ensure you take the necessary clothes.

Should I Buy Car Insurance Online?

The experience of buying car insurance has changed for the best. The internet has brought changes to the way we buy insurance. Buying car insurance online is the safest and easiest way to insure your car. Enter a few details of your car and you can check for various car insurance quotes and then decide which suits you best. Simply visit the insurance company’s website or download their mobile app and you can purchase car insurance within minutes and receive the policy instantly to your email address. Also, online car insurance is easier for the claims process and you can avail all services with the help of the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common queries about car insurance for road trips:

Why should I choose Comprehensive insurance for road trips?


While the Third-party Liability plan is mandatory and covers your financial liabilities of the third party, the Comprehensive plan covers Own Damage (OD) as well. This means it offers overall protection, stress-free trips and it is customizable with interesting add-on covers.

Will I get roadside assistance if I do not have the Comprehensive car insurance policy?


Roadside Assistance is offered as an add-on cover with the Comprehensive insurance plan and not along with the Third-party Liability plan. Hence, you can get roadside assistance only if you have opted for the Comprehensive Plan.

What happens to my personal belongings which were damaged or lost when the insured vehicle was damaged?


You can choose from several personal belonging add-on covers such as Electronic Equipment cover, theft of personal belongings, or damage to personal belongings. The insurance company will deduct the depreciation of the personal belongings before settling the claim.

Will I get emergency assistance in case I’m outside 100 kms radius of my place of residence?


You can opt for the Outstation Emergency add-on cover. In case your car is immobilized due to an accident or a mechanical breakdown, the insurer will pay the amount specified in the policy attached to this add-on cover.

Are passengers covered in the car insurance policy?


Only the owner-driver is covered under the mandatory Personal Accident cover in the regular car insurance policy. However, with the Passenger Cover, you can insure passengers of your car as well.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on industry experience and several secondary sources on the internet; and is subject to changes. Please go through the applicable policy wordings for updated ACKO-centric content and before making any insurance-related decisions.

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