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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Car Insurance

Team AckoNov 15, 2021

Car insurance is your best friend in times of need. It can play a huge role in mitigating financial losses in case of unfortunate events such as an accident. Just as a friend lends support during crisis, car insurance provides financial support in case your car gets damaged. Not only that, the right car insurance policy also provides an insurance cover for personal injuries suffered in a car mishap. Thus, it is important to choose a policy that provides an adequate insurance cover.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Car Insurance

8 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing car insurance.

Q 1 – How comfortable are you while driving?

If you are a new driver, chances are that you will take time to get comfortable with driving your car. You would know if you are struggling to press the clutch, figuring out the right way to shift gears, uncertain while parking the car, changing lanes, accelerating, etc. Lapse in concentration for a few seconds can cause a car accident.

Q 2 – How good are your driving skills?

If you think you are not going to be able to answer this question honestly, you can ask your family members or friends about your driving skills. A look at your driving history in terms of number of claims raised in the past will give you an idea about your driving skills. If you are still polishing your driving skills and are worried about damaging your car, it is wise go for an extensive car insurance cover

Q 3 – How’s your daily commute?

If your daily commute involves travelling a long distance in heavy traffic, chances of a car accident increase slightly. Highways are more prone to car accidents as compared to narrow inner lanes. The extent of your car insurance cover needs to be as per your daily commute and other travel requirements.

Q 4 – Do you often go on road trips?

Road trips with your favorite car and favorite people can be refreshing. If you go on road trips frequently, it is better to strengthen your car insurance policy with suitable Add-ons such as Roadside Assistance Cover.

Q 5 – Whom do you travel with?

Do you travel alone in your car, or are family members, friends, and colleagues an integral part of your car journey? The car’s insurance cover can be extended to include them as well.

Q 6 – How safe is your locality?

A metropolis has a high ratio of car thefts as compared to a tier 2 city. Also, certain localities are prone to flooding during the rainy season. Comprehensive Car insurance covers your car against risks such as theft and calamities.

Q 7 – Do you drive an expensive car with costly body parts and accessories?

You will end up spending a fortune in repairing a car with costly body parts. Car insurance will come in handy to repair your car’s damaged body parts. You can also purchase a cover for your additional important car accessories (not company fitted) such as a music system, monitor, etc.

Q 8 – Do you mind spending a bit more for a wider insurance cover?

People often purchase car insurance because it is mandatory but fail to understand that the prime purpose of insurance is to safeguard yourself against financial losses in case something goes wrong. The right policy with suitable Add-ons can widen your insurance cover which in turn will be beneficial in case your car is damaged. A Comprehensive Car Insurance cover is higher than a basic Third-party Liability cover but it provides extensive coverage.

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The Right Policy

It is mandatory to purchase at least a Third-party Liability policy as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This makes it certain that you need to purchase car insurance to comply with the law. But should you go for a Third-party Liability policy or a Comprehensive one?

If you are worried about damages to your car, have a long commute, drive with co-passengers, go on road trips, reside in a city prone to flooding, and do not mind spending a slightly higher amount than what you would spend for the mandatory cover, you can opt in for a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy with suitable Add-ons.

A Comprehensive Policy includes the Third-party Liability insurance, additionally it insures your car against risks such as accidents, theft, calamities, etc. Some of the popular Add-ons that can be clubbed with a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy are Roadside Protection, Engine Protection Cover, Personal Accident, Passenger Cover, Accessories Cover, etc. Affordable Comprehensive Car Insurance can now be purchased easily online.


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