We know that for you, your car is family. Now, let’s see which family member it personates.

Which Family Member is your Car Like? - Acko

Keeps you safe, like Mom & Dad

Your four-wheeler keeps you safe, unlike a two-wheeler or public transport at late hours. It gives you the freedom to drive, or rather speed, on open roads at night. Plus, if you follow proper safety instructions, you are way safer inside a car during an accident than in any other vehicle.

An equal, just like your twin

High on love or low on confidence, tears of joy or sorrow; your car has witnessed all your moods. If it’s in your car that you open up, then that makes you two twins. Enjoy being yourself, as your car is your comfort zone.

Throws tantrums, like a younger sibling

Is your car throwing tantrums? Does it behave when you need to reach your destination in time? If no, then your car is like a younger sibling who will throw a fit at any given moment. All you can do is bear with it. Maybe pamper it once in a while?

Together on weekends, like your cousins

It’s said that our cousins are our very first friends. We find time over the weekends to catch up with them and chill. If you take your car out on specific occasions like a weekend road trip, your car is like a cousin for you.

Needs attention, like a grandparent

Finally, it’s time for a grand entry! Adorable and a sheer joy having around, grandparents are the foundation of our existence. However, they need a ton of attention and a small mistake can take a toll on their health. Similarly, if you have an old family car that you or your family can’t let go off, your car is like a dearest grandparent to you.

The car is like an important member of the family. You need to take care of it by regular maintenance and a car insurance policy. Moreover, opting for comprehensive car insurance will allow you to shower your car with love and attention, in case of an accident.

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