It is unanimously agreed that kids are wonderful, and most of them are always up for a joy ride in the car. But sometimes, they create a lot of menace as well. You don’t want to be worrying about what your little one is up to in the back seat of your car while you are driving in peak traffic, do you?

How to Make your Car ‘Fun and Kid-Friendly’? - Acko

Make your car kid-friendly simply by modifying it in a way to keep your kids entertained during the car ride. Here’s how:

  • Reading Material

There are a variety of books available for children of all ages, you can keep a few of them in your car. If your child doesn’t read, start with comics and gradually move on to story books, once they start liking the idea of reading a book.

  • Upgrade The Interiors

Is your kid a Spiderman fan? Do Minions bring a smile on your kid’s face? How about surprising your kid by changing your car’s interiors to match their fondness for cartoons, characters, and more? Simple things such as adding a badge to the car’s seat belt can keep the kids engaged and encourages them to wear it every time they sit in the car.

  • Pen and Paper

Never underestimate the potential of a pen and paper. Turn a half-an-hour car ride into an educational experience for your kid. For example, make them the speed police. Every time your car crosses 70 kmph, they need to make a note. Create your own game, five tally marks result in a fine, so on and so forth. This way they learn about rules and regulations, not just car-related but also others.

  • Turn into Riddler

Riddles are a fun way of turning your ride time into bonding time with your kids. How about creating a mini scavenger hunt in the car itself? Clues can be placed in the back seat, near the footrest, on the seat belt, etc. If you do not have time to do this, maybe you can keep a Rubik’s cube and other such puzzles in your car for your kids to keep their brain active.

  • First-aid Kit

Health trumps everything. Kids are vulnerable to injuries so it is suggested to keep a first-aid kit in the car. If your kid needs specific medication, make it a point to keep supplies stocked in the car. Storing a small fire extinguisher can also help in case of fire.

Ensure To Insure

If the tips mentioned above aren’t suitable for your kid then come up with something unique to surprise your kid. Whether you make your car kid-friendly or not, ensure to purchase and renew car insurance in a timely manner. It is not only mandatory but also a way of minimizing financial losses.

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