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How to Get Car Insurance Without a Driving Licence?

Team AckoOct 7, 2021

While there are a few ways, it is mandatory to drive a car on public roads with a Driving Licence (DL) and valid motor insurance. Did you know that you can buy a car without a licence? Yes, a DL is not mandatory to buy a car. There are several reasons you may not have DL but want to own a car along with valid vehicle insurance. While it is possible to buy car insurance without a DL, it is not an easy process to follow. Here is a look at several scenarios where you want to buy a car insurance policy but do not hold a driving licence.

How to Get Car Insurance Without a Driving Licence

Can I Get Car Insurance Without A Driving Licence?

Buying car insurance without a licence is possible since it is not mandatory to purchase a policy for your car. However, it is one of the most important documents required to file a claim in case of an unfortunate accident. You cannot produce someone else’s driving licence. Insurance companies will approve the claim only if the DL belongs to the person who was driving the insured car at the time of the accident. If it does get approved, the amount will be credited to the policyholder’s account. Also, you may be able to buy car insurance with a suspended licence; however, this is counterintuitive since the insurer will not approve the claim.

Auto Insurance For Unlicensed Drivers:

You may have several questions such as “Do you need a licence to buy a car?” or “Is there auto insurance for unlicenced drivers?”. The answer is no for the former and yes for the latter. While most insurance companies might not sell you bike insurance or car insurance if you do not have a DL, there are few insurers who are willing to offer a policy. You will have to research extensively about insurance companies and the coverage for a policy to suit your requirement.

You may want one of your family members to drive the car or you may employ a driver to drive you to work. It is essential you do not withhold information from an insurance company. By not revealing that you do not have a licence and want to insure your car, you are setting yourself for denial of the claim in the future. Ask for suggestions from the insurer and then proceed to buy car insurance.

Primary Driver Lives With You

You will have to be excluded as the primary driver of the car and your spouse, children or any of your family members should be able to buy car insurance without your licence. However, some insurance companies may decline coverage. Check with exclusive insurance providers who offer motor insurance policies based on your requirement. This can also be applied to a situation where the primary driver lives with you but is not your family member. You will have to check insurers who offer this option.

Primary Driver Does Not Live With You

You may be able to insure the car. Several insurance companies only allow you to insure your car, which is titled to the policyholder. Ensure you explain the requirement to the insurance company at the time of buying the car insurance.

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Why Would A Non-Driver Want To Get Auto Insurance?

There are several reasons why a non-driver would want to own a car and insure it. The following are scenarios when you want car insurance without a driving licence:

Someone Else Is Driving You

Perhaps you have employed a driver or a chauffeur to drive you to your office or other places. Or, one of your family members might drive the car that you own and you may not drive at all. In this case, you will have to buy car insurance which will cover your driver and the car.

You Have A Vintage Car That You Do Not Drive

As a vintage car collector or an enthusiast, you may not drive the car but cherish owning one. While you may not require a licence since you do not drive it, the car does require insurance to protect it from any potential loss.

Your Licence is Suspended

You do have a driving licence to drive a four-wheeler; however, it may be suspended for various reasons. While you cannot drive a car, it does not mean you cannot own a car and insure it. Hence, you may want to buy a car, insure it and have it driven by a driver or one of the family members.

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Hold A Learner’s Licence (LL)

Perhaps you have a Learner’s Driving Licence which lets you drive a car under the supervision of a person who holds a valid DL and you want to buy a car. If you want to take delivery of the vehicle before you get the DL, you will still need to buy car insurance. Consult with the insurance company and find out if they will be able to insure the car with the LL.

Health Issues

It could be due to physical impairment and you need a driver or a caretaker who needs to drive you around. You still need a car which is insured under your name, but you may not be driving it. Check with the insurance provider if they can offer a policy which will insure your car under your name and include the driver’s details.

Can You Get Insurance With A Suspended Licence?

Rarely will the insurance company offer a policy to protect your vehicle in case your licence is suspended. However, you need to find an insurance provider who is ready to offer a high-risk cover for your car. This may cost you more, but you still get to buy a car and insure it. That said, you will have to provide the primary driver details so that it can be verified during claims.

Now, you may ask “How to get my licence reinstated?”. The answer depends on the transport department or authorities about revoking the suspended licence. You need to check with the respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) to find out the procedure to get your suspended DL revoked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the common queries about buying car insurance without driving licence:

How to get my suspended driving licence revoked?

The procedure differs between states in the country. You will have to approach the concerned RTO to find the steps to revoke your suspended DL.

Can I register and insure my car without a driving licence?

Yes, you can buy, register and insure your car. However, the DL is a mandatory document while registering a claim due to an unfortunate accident. The insurance company requires the driver’s DL before they can review and approve the claim.

What is the penalty or fine for driving without a licence?

The Ministry of Transport has hiked the penalty for driving a car without a licence from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000. This may vary between states, hence, check accordingly.

What to do when your licence is suspended?

Suspension of your DL happens when there is a violation(s) of traffic rules and enforcing authorities have the right to cancel your driving licence. You may approach the respective transport authorities (RTO) to check the procedure to revoke your licence.

How to check the status of my driving licence?

The government has launched Parivahan, a platform which offers transport-related services. One among them is the DL Status. You can visit the web portal of the Parivhan and enter the DL number and the date of birth of the licence holder and get the status of your DL.

Can I renew my suspended driving licence?

It depends on the transport authority and the severity of the case. You will have to reach out to the local RTO to find out the procedure to renew your suspended DL.

Will my driving licence be permanently suspended and can I revoke it?

Yes. If you are caught drinking and driving for the second time, you will be issued a challan with a penalty of Rs. 10,000 as per the latest amended Motor Vehicles Act. Also, your licence will be permanently cancelled with no option to revoke or cancel the suspension.

Is it mandatory to have a DL to get car insurance?

It is not mandatory to hold a DL to buy a car or to insure it. However, the DL is mandatory while raising claims. Insurance companies do not honour a claim if the driver does not have a DL.

Should I continue to maintain my car insurance if I don’t have a licence or can’t drive, but someone else will drive the car?

Yes, you need to renew your car insurance to continue enjoying the benefits, especially in case of a claim due to an unfortunate accident. The insurance is for your car and not for individuals. Also, it is a legal requirement to drive a car on public roads in India.

Can I register my car without a licence?

Yes, you can register the car even if you do not have a licence.

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