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Tata Harrier Car Insurance

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Tata Harrier Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Tata Harrier

The Tata Harrier is a mid-sized SUV known for its solid road presence and Tata Motors’ legendary build quality. The Harrier is loaded with new-age features and safety equipment at an accessible price point. For a premium SUV such as the Tata Harrier, it requires a well-packaged car insurance plan. Read on to learn about Tata Harrier car insurance, the benefits of buying online insurance and frequently asked questions.

Importance of Buying Car Insurance for Tata Harrier

Losses or damage to your Tata Harrier due to an accident, flooding, fire, or in case it is stolen, the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for your SUV will provide financial coverage to cover you against losses. While the Tata Harrier is priced at an affordable price range, it is also important to protect your finances in case of unforeseen events. Consider insuring your vehicle with a comprehensive plan to ensure it is well-protected against financial losses.

Insurance Plans for Tata Harrier

The following are the two types of insurance for your Tata Harrier:

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Covers Own Damage and Third-party Liability. Furthermore, you have the option to include several useful add-ons.

Third-party Car Insurance

Covers liabilities against third party property or injury. It is also mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act.

Coverage Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Losses to the third party due to injury and/or property
Losses/Damages to the insured Tata Harrier
Liabilities due to man-made calamities
Liabilities due to natural calamities
Theft of the insured vehicle
Personal Accident cover (PA) for owner-driver of the insured vehicle (Optional if not included)
Modify/Choose sum insured

What is Covered in Tata Harrier Insurance (Inclusions)?

The Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is bundled with the Third-party Liability cover and the Own Damage (OD) cover. Below are the coverage details of the comprehensive plan for your Tata Harrier:

  • Coverage for accidental damage to your SUV with the OD cover.

  • Personal Accident (PA) cover for owner-driver.

  • Coverage against damage or loss due to natural/man-made calamities such as floods, riots, etc.

  • Coverage against the theft of the insured vehicle.

  • Coverage against fire, explosion, etc.

Exclusions of Tata Harrier Car Insurance

Mentioned below are the exclusions under the comprehensive insurance plan for your Tata Harrier:

  • Driving the insured Tata Harrier with an invalid driving licence.

  • Losses arising out of damage caused outside the specified limits.

  • Driving the Harrier under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated substances.

  • Regular wear and tear of motor parts.

  • Electrical/mechanical breakdowns.

Add-ons for Tata Harrier Car Insurance

Mentioned below are add-on covers that you choose to include with the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:


Engine Protection

Insure the engine of the Tata Harrier in case of water ingression or oil leakage.


Zero Depreciation

Depreciation of motor parts being replaced will not be considered while settling claims. Get Bumper-to-Bumper coverage.


NCB Protection

Protect the NCB (No Claim Bonus) earned despite raising a claim during the policy period.


Invoice Protection

In case your vehicle is damaged beyond repair, you get the invoice value as the claim settlement amount.


Consumables Cover

Coverage for consumables such as nuts, bolts, engine oil, coolant, etc. while repairing your vehicle.


Roadside Assistance

Get towing service, emergency fuel fill or towing service, minor repair service with the add-on cover.


Accessories Cover

Protect your high-end infotainment system or such premium accessories in case of losses to your vehicle due to an accident.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance for Your Tata Harrier

Digital insurance has changed the way you interact with the insurance company. ACKO, as a digital-first insurer, focuses on delivering the service hassle-free to you. Here are the compelling reasons why you should consider buying ACKO car insurance for your Tata Harrier:

Minimal Steps

Be it the buying, renewing or the steps of filing a claim, the process is completely online without the need of paperwork. Visit our website or mobile app for buying, renewing policies and filing claims from anywhere and anytime.

Cashless Garages

Avail cashless claims when you repair the damage at our network garages spread across the country.

Instant Claim Settlements

Get in-account settlement in case of minor damages to your vehicle. We offer an instant settlement for minor damage such as broken rearview mirrors, dent to the bumper, etc.

Pickup and Drop Facility

Our executives will pick up your vehicle, get it repaired at our network garage and drop the car back to you in three days.

Paperless Transactions

Whether you are buying, renewing a policy or raising a claim, the entire process is paperless. Simply scan the documents and upload them online to complete the process.

Get Professional Support

Get expert advice from our trained insurance professionals about anything about car insurance online for your Tata Harrier. Give us a call, or you can write to us and our experts will help you with your query.

Claim Procedure

Follow the steps below to file a claim with ACKO:

  • Step 1: Log into your account on our website or through our mobile app.

  • Step 2: Click on ‘Claims’.

  • Step 3: Raise the claim by uploading the photos of the damages to your vehicle.

  • Step 4: In case of minor damage, get in-account instant claim settlement. In case of major damage, our executive will pick up your vehicle, repair it in a network garage of your choice.

  • Step 5: Enjoy cashless claim experience by repairing your vehicle at the network garage. You can also opt for the reimbursement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Tata Harrier car insurance:


How can I buy car insurance for my Tata Harrier?

New-age digital insurance delivered through the Internet has made the process of buying and renewing the policy and raising a claim is quick and seamless. Since there is a direct transaction between the insurer and the buyer and most operations are digitised, the benefit is offered in the form of lower premium car insurance and hassle-free experience. You can visit our website ACKO.com or our mobile app to buy, renew the policy or raise a claim instantly with a few clicks.

What are add-ons in car insurance and which add-ons are good for my Tata Harrier car insurance?

Add-ons add value to the standard comprehensive plan. Coverage for engine damage or for bumper-to-bumper insurance for your vehicle, add-on covers such as Engine Protection and Zero Depreciation will be useful. You can also consider other car insurance add-ons such as NCB Protection, Roadside Assistance, etc. to include it with the basic plan.

How to renew Tata Harrier car insurance online?

Visit ACKO.com or our mobile application to log into your account and select the policy for your Harrier. Click to renew the policy, you have the option to include add-on covers, choose useful add-ons, pay the premium amount and receive the policy document instantly to your email account.

Which documents are required while renewing the car insurance plan for my Tata Harrier?

You do not require documents while renewing your car insurance policy with ACKO. Log into your account through our website or mobile app, choose the policy against your vehicle, pay the amount and receive the policy document through email instantly. If you are new to ACKO, enter a few details of your vehicle, and you can buy/renew ACKO car insurance through our website or mobile app.

What documents are required while filing a claim against my insurance policy for my Tata Harrier?

We do not require you to fill the application for the claim or submit documents for proof to raise a claim against the policy. Visit ACKO.com or the mobile app to file the claim. Upload the photos of the damage to your vehicle and receive instant claim settlement for minor damage such as a broken rearview mirror or a dent to the bumper. For major damage, our executive will pick your vehicle up, get it fixed at a network garage of your choice and deliver the car back to you within three days, subject to terms and conditions.

What is the cost of insurance for Tata Harrier in New Delhi?

Visit ACKO.com or use our mobile app to enter a few details of the vehicle you want the Tata Harrier insurance cost and get an instant quote for New Delhi. That being said, the cost of the insurance depends on the age, location, the year of manufacture of the vehicle as well as the fuel type and the variant influence the pricing of the insurance.

What is ‘Cashless Claim’ in car insurance and how to avail it for my Tata Harrier?

By choosing to repair your vehicle at any of our network garages, the repair bill will be paid by us to the garage. This is known as cashless claims and the garages are called cashless garages. To avail this service, you can raise a claim and use our pick and drop facility to enjoy the benefits of cashless claims.

Which is the right car insurance policy for the Tata Harrier?

An ideal car insurance policy should provide wider coverage at a lower cost. However, the insurance policy should also offer an excellent service even after you buy the policy. Be it while renewing the plan or while raising a claim, the insurer should be able to provide the right support. Online insurance is an example of a faster, hassle-free and paperless form of experience, making it an ideal platform to buy or renew the policy or to file a claim.

Is it safe to buy a car insurance policy online for Tata Harrier?

Online car insurance for the Tata Harrier is safe, in fact, it is faster, hassle-free and does not require paperwork to buy or renew the policy or to register a claim against the policy. You can buy the policy directly with us since there are no agents between you and ACKO to buy vehicle insurance for your vehicle. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has provided license and registered ACKO to sell car insurance in India. The process is simple and easy. Enter a few details of your Tata Harrier, select the plan, pay the premium and receive the policy immediately through email.

How is the Tata Harrier compared to the MG Hector?

Both vehicles fall under the mid-size SUV segment and are direct competitors. The SUVs are well-built and designed to impress on and off the road. The feature list is long in both the vehicles and comes with an excellent level of safety equipment. While the Tata Harrier is currently available with a diesel engine, the MG Hector is available with petrol and diesel engines. For more information, you refer to the above-mentioned specification comparison of both the SUVs.

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