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Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance

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Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance

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Tata Safari Storme is a spacious Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) designed for long and comfortable trips. Such types of vehicles need a wide-ranging insurance cover. A cover that can insure the vehicle against damage due to accidents, calamities, and other similar events. In addition, service-based add-ons such as a Roadside Assistance cover are a good choice. All this is possible with ACKO’s Comprehensive Car Insurance for Tata Safari Storme. Read ahead for detailed information on this topic.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Tata Safari Storme?
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Here’s why choosing to go for car insurance online to insure your vehicle is the best option.

1. Paperless Insurance
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Why waste time filling forms and attaching documents to your car insurance application when you can simply insure your car without it? Yes, online car insurance does not need you to engage in such archaic practices. You can easily insure your car in a paperless manner with ACKO.

2. Informed Decisions
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There is no agent or middlemen involved while insuring your car online directly from the insurer. For example, while insuring your car from all information is presented to you upfront so you can make an informed choice without being influenced by middlemen.

3. Buy/Renew Any Time
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Online websites and apps are functional 24x7. If you are busy during the day, you can buy insurance at night. Occupied during the week, carve out a few minutes on a lazy Sunday afternoon and insure your vehicle in a hassle-free manner by visiting ACKO’s website/app.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Tata Safari Storme
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Primarily, you have the following two types of car insurance policies to choose from while buying or renewing your vehicle’s insurance policy. The final Tata Safari Storme insurance price will depend upon which policy you choose.

Third-party Liability Policy
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This type of plan is mandatory by law and directed towards ensuring that you have insurance coverage in case you happen to injure (cause the death of) a third party or damage their property. In such a scenario, it is your liability to compensate the third party. With this policy, the insurance company will assume this liability on your behalf as per the terms and conditions of the policy. The downside to this plan is that it does not cover damages that occur to your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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This plan makes up for the shortcomings of the Third-party Car Insurance Policy. This plan includes Third-party (TP) + Own Damage (OD) cover. This means, you not only comply with the required car insurance laws but also have insurance protection if your car gets damaged. Damages due to accidents, fire, floods, vandalism, etc. are covered by this policy. Car theft is also covered. You also have the choice to enhance insurance coverage by picking car insurance add-ons.

What’s Covered in Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Here’s what’s covered in a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan for Tata Safari Storme. Note that you need to purchase the Personal Accident Cover separately.

What’s Not Covered in Tata Safari Storme Car Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Your policy will not cover you in the following situations.

Add-on Covers for Tata Safari Storme
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You can buy the following car insurance add-ons with the Comprehensive Plan to enhance your SUV’s coverage.

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Listed below are three prominent reasons why you should insure your vehicle from ACKO.

Low premium image

Low Premium
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Buy or renew car insurance from ACKO’s website/app at an incredibly low premium. This is possible because of three interrelated points: digital infrastructure, low operational costs, and zero commission model.

Super Fast and Easy

Quick Purchase
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You do not need to fill lengthy forms while insuring your car from ACKO. Nor do you have to submit documents. You can buy insurance in just a few clicks. Often, it can be done in under two minutes. Renewing the plans can be even quicker!


Hassle-free Claims
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ACKO’s claim settlement process is efficient and hassle-free. We offer one-hour pick-up from the specified location, take the car to a professional garage, and repair it and get it back to you (in select cities).

ACKO’s Claim Process
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ACKO’s claim process is entirely online. You can initiate a car insurance claim via the website as well as the app. in case of any hiccups, simply contact our Customer Care team and they will help you out. Here’s the basic process to raise a claim via ACKO’s website.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account with your mobile number (OTP verification).

Step 2: Hit ‘Claim Now’ and share some details about the reason for raising a claim.

Step 3: Follow the stated process for smooth claim settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Common queries about insuring Tata Safari Storme.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which would be the best plan for my Tata Safari Storme?

You should buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan with suitable add-ons to ensure widespread insurance coverage for your Tata Safari Storme.

Can I purchase car insurance from ACKO’s website/app at night?

Yes, you can buy car insurance or opt for car insurance renewal from ACKO’s website/app at any time.

Which add-on covers should I pick?

You need to understand your insurance requirement and then pick a suitable add-on. For example, if you regularly go on family road trips, then a Personal Accident Cover for Passengers is a good add-on along with Roadside Assistance and an Outstation Emergency Cover.

Can I renew Tata Safari Storme car insurance from ACKO if I had purchased it from an agent?

Yes, you can renew the policy from ACKO’s website or the app in such a situation.

Do I need to submit a copy of my Driving Licence and Registration Certificate to buy insurance from ACKO?

No, you do not need to submit any of such documents to insure your car from ACKO.

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