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Tata Altroz Car Insurance

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Tata Altroz Car Insurance

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Tata Altroz is an offering from the company to cater to the premium hatchback segment. Apart from its premium exterior design language, the Tata Altroz boasts of new and premium features and interiors. For a premium hatchback such as the Altroz, it requires a well-designed insurance plan to protect against unforeseen accidents. Read on to learn about the benefits of Tata Altroz insurance, how to buy/renew online and answers to frequently asked questions.

Importance of Buying Online Car Insurance for Tata Altroz
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Unforeseen liabilities such as damage due to accidents, fire, riots, flooding, or in case the car is stolen, the Own Damage cover will cover your losses. While the Tata Altroz is priced at an affordable price range, it also requires a well-designed insurance policy to protect you in case of financial losses. Comprehensive Four-wheeler Insurance Policy is an ideal plan since it covers both Own Damage (OD) and Third-Party Liabilities. Insuring our Tata Altroz with a comprehensive plan is not only an excellent choice, but it is important in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance Plans for Tata Altroz
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Mentioned below are the two types of insurance plans for Tata Altroz:

Third-party Car Insurance
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Third-party injury or their property is covered under this plan. Third party car insurance  is also mandatory as per the legal framework of the country.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
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The plan includes third party cover along with insurance coverage for your Tata Altroz. You also have the choice to include car insurance add-on covers to the standard plan.

Inclusions (Coverage) Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Third-party injury and/or damages to their property
Accidental damages to the insured Tata Altroz
Coverage for damages due to floods, earthquakes, or such natural calamities
Theft of the Tata Altroz
Personal Accident cover (PA) for the Owner-Driver (Policyholder)
Option to include Add-ons
Choose/Modify Insured Declared Value (Sum Insured)

What is Covered in Tata Altroz Insurance (Inclusions)?
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The Comprehensive Car Insurance for your Tata Altroz comes with various benefits such as coverage for third-party liabilities along with coverage for your car. Below are the inclusions under the Comprehensive Plan for your Tata Altroz:

Exclusions of Tata Altroz Car Insurance
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Mentioned below are exclusions under the Tata Altroz insurance:

Add-ons for Tata Altroz Insurance
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You can include the add-ons mentioned below while purchasing the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy:


Zero Depreciation (Bumper-to-Bumper):
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Claims will be settled without considering the depreciation of motor parts being replaced.


Engine Protection:
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In case of water ingression due to flooding in your area or in case of oil leakage, you can get the engine repaired and claim for the repair bills for the same.


NCB Protection:
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No Claim Bonus or the discount that you get for not raising a claim is protected even if you file a claim due to this add-on.


Invoice Protection:
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In case your vehicle is totally damaged, get the invoice value of the Tata Altroz under this add-on.


Consumables Cover:
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The add-on will cover the cost of consumables such nuts and bolts.


Roadside Assistance:
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Get assistance during an emergency towing in case of an accident, or get the tyre repaired in case of a puncture, or get emergency fuel fill.


Accessories Cover:
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Get to protect high-end accessories such as an expensive stereo system in case of damages to your vehicle in an accident.

Benefits of Buying ACKO Car Insurance for Your Tata Altroz
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ACKO’s digital infrastructure has reduced the dependence on agents or middlemen to buy, renew the policy or raise claims. All three processes can be executed online and directly with ACKO. Mentioned below are the benefits of ACKO car insurance for your Tata Altroz:

Swift Online Process
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You can buy, renew or raise a claim with a few clicks on the website or on our ACKO mobile app. The entire process is quick and hassle-free compared to the traditional method.

Quicker Claim Settlements
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The car insurance claim process is digitised, and you can file a claim online without the hassle of filing various forms or paperwork. Get instant claim settlement for minor damage, while major damage can be repaired at any of the garage of your choice with cashless claim settlement.

Get Professional Support
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Our insurance experts are trained to offer solutions for various stages of the insurance policy. Be it buying, renewing, raising claims or questions about your policy, our insurance professionals will help you with every query.

Pick and Drop Facility
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As soon as you raise a claim, our executives will pick up your vehicle, get it repaired at any of our garage of your choice and drop the car back to you at your doorstep (*available at selected cities).

Follow the steps below to file a claim with ACKO:

Step 1: Use ACKO mobile app or visit our website

Step 2: Log into your account and choose the policy for your Tata Altroz.

Step 3: Click on claims and upload the photos of the damages to your car.

Step 4: Get an instant claim settlement in case of minor damages, and you can get the vehicle repaired at any garage of your choice.

Step 5: In case of major damage, our executive will pick your vehicle get it repaired at garage of your choice and deliver it back once the repairs are completed.


Frequently Asked Questions
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Mentioned below are answers to frequently asked questions to Tata Altroz car insurance:



1. How to renew insurance online for my Tata Altroz?

The procedure to renew the policy for your Tata Altroz is by logging into your ACKO account and selecting the policy for the respective vehicle. Click to renew the plan, pay the required premium and receive the policy document to your email account instantly.

2. Which types of add-ons are suitable for Tata Altroz?

There are several useful add-ons that you can choose from. From Zero Depreciation (Bumper-to-Bumper), Engine Protection, NCB Protection to Roadside Assistance, there are useful add-ons you can include to the comprehensive policy.

3. Which documents are necessary to renew Tata Altroz car insurance policy?

ACKO does not require physical documents to renew your policy. Simply log into the account, select the policy for your vehicle, click on renew, pay the premium and get the policy to your email account. If you are new to ACKO, use our ACKO app or visit our website, enter a few details of your vehicle, and you can buy ACKO car insurance policy for your Altroz.

4. Do I need to submit documents while filing a claim against my Tata Altroz insurance plan?

You have to submit minimal paperwork to raise a claim against your motor insurance policy with ACKO. Log into your account through our mobile app or visit our website and raise a claim under the ‘Claim’ section. Upload the photos of the damages to your car. You will receive instant claim settlement in case of minor damages so that you can repair the damage at a garage of your choice. In the event of major damage, our executive will assess the damage, pick your car, get it repaired at any garage of your choice and deliver the vehicle back to you, subject to terms and conditions.

5. What will be the insurance cost for my Tata Altroz in New Delhi?

The insurance premium is based on several factors which include the value of the car, the year of manufacture and the location of the vehicle. Hence, the insurance cost for your Tata Altroz will be based on the variant, the year you bought the vehicle, the location (in this case New Delhi) and any NCB. Additionally, the installation of anti-theft devices will reduce the insurance cost for your Altroz.

6. How can I avail cashless claim facility against my Tata Altroz car insurance?

ACKO provides cashless claims by repairing your Tata Altroz at any of garage of your choice. In case you want to get it repaired at any of the non-network garages, you will have to raise a claim for reimbursement of the repair cost against your vehicle insurance plan.

7. Is online car insurance safe? Can I buy insurance for my Tata Altroz online?

Yes. Online insurance for your vehicle is safer, faster and hassle-free. It does not require any paperwork, and you can buy the policy directly with ACKO. There are no agents or middlemen involved, hence, you can transact directly with us. ACKO is registered and licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to sell vehicle insurance in the country. Enter a few details of your Tata Altroz and you can insure your vehicle immediately and receive the policy document to your email account.

8. Is insurance expensive for Tata Altroz?

The cost of car insurance for your Tata Altroz is based on the value of the car, the year of manufacture and the location. You can get an affordable insurance plan for your car through ACKO. Since there is no dependence on middlemen or agents, the benefits are passed on to you. That being said, insuring your Tata Altroz will protect you against unforeseen financial losses arising due to accidents, theft, fire, flooding, etc. Hence, it is important to find the insurance coverage that is extensive at affordable pricing.

9. What is an ideal car insurance plan for the Tata Altroz?

An ideal car insurance plan for your Tata Altroz should provide a wider coverage at a lower price. However, an insurance plan should also offer a good after-sales service and how your claims are settled. Also, an excellent car insurance policy for your Altroz should provide financial protection to both your car as well as towards the third party liabilities. You can also consider buying useful add-on covers that are right for your vehicle.


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