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Tata Indica Car Insurance

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Tata Indica Car Insurance

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Tata Indica has enjoyed its fair share of glory before the manufacturer decided to stop the production. Yet, Indica is still seen on Indian roads running as commercial, passenger-carrying cars that offer a comfortable ride. If you own this car then the following article will help you understand how to buy/renew and more about Tata Indica Insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Car Insurance For Tata Indica
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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Tata Indica insurance policy online.

Online Policy
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Insuring your car online is easier as compared to getting the policy offline. You simply need to log in to ACKO’s website/mobile app and enter a few details about the car and previous insurance policy if applicable. ACKO will suggest a few suitable car insurance plans. Select the one you need and make payment. You shall receive your online policy instantly.

No Form Filling
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Car insurance does not need to be paper-heavy. It can be purchased without a single physical document. This eliminates unnecessary confusion about what information is to be filled on insurance forms. Neither do you have to sign multiple pages simply because your agent has made an X mark on the page. Buying ACKO insurance is simple because no heavy insurance language or jargon will confuse you.

Compare Policies
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Comparing car insurance will help you identify the right plan that will give maximum benefit in the time of need. You can understand which plan offers what features. Viewing insurance quotes is also possible while comparing insurance. This way you can tweak a few details and see how it affects the premium.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Tata Indica
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Following are the main types of Car insurance plans for your Tata Indica.

Third-party Liability Insurance
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Buying at least a Third-party insurance policy is necessary to abide by the law. It offers coverage against third-party injuries, death, or property damage. It does not cover you for any damage that your car may suffer from. You have to bear those expenses by yourself.

Comprehensive Insurance
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Comprehensive insurance provides adequate coverage with dual benefits of Third-party and Own Damage insurance. You can even customize this plan with additional coverages like Engine Protect, Zero Depreciation, Roadside Assistance, etc. This plan increases Tata Indica insurance price.

What’s Covered in Tata Indica Car Insurance Policy? (Inclusions)
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The following situations are covered in a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy for Tata Indica at ACKO.

What’s Not Covered in Tata Indica Car Insurance Policy? (Exclusions)
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The following situations are not covered in a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy of Tata Indica at ACKO.

Add-ons for Tata Indica Car Insurance Policy
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Additional coverages increase the coverage stated in your car insurance policy. Each car insurance add-on can be used for a specific purpose, for example, the Engine Protection cover provides insurance for engine damage.

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Take a look at the following benefits of buying your Tata Indica insurance policy from ACKO.

Low Premium

Low Premium
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Due to the robust digital infrastructure, many transactions are conducted online. This reduces our operational costs and allows us to provide a discount on car insurance policies. Hence, ACKO’s insurance plans are high on coverage and low on costs.

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Value-Added Services
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Register your claims through our website or mobile app, and we will pick up your car, repair it at garage of your choice and deliver it (in select cities) back to you. Enjoy 1-year repair warranty and access to original spare parts.

Same Day Claim Settlement

Instant Claim Settlement
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With ACKO, you do not have to go through the tedious paperwork. Simply send us the pictures of the damaged car by raising a claim from our app or the website. Post this; we will assess the loss and settle the claim accordingly.

Claim Process for Tata Indica Insurance at ACKO
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Making a car insurance claim at ACKO against your car insurance policy is very easy and quick. Here are the steps for your reference.

Step 1: Use your registered phone number and log in to ACKO's profile through the website or mobile application

Step 2: Find your car details and click on "Claim Now"

Step 3: Answer a few questions related to the claim and upload proofs and other necessary documents

Once you submit the claim application, the team will get in touch with you for understanding more details about a major claim. For minor ones, we can work out an instant settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some of the most asked questions about the Tata Indica car insurance policy. Feel free to get in touch with ACKO in case of more queries by sending an email to [email protected].



Why do I need to pay extra for add-ons while buying Tata Indica car insurance?

Add-ons are optional coverages that enhance the features of your Tata Indica car insurance policy. They can provide various benefits like no depreciation in claim amount, free car towing service after an accident or a breakdown, etc. Thus you need to pay a negligible amount to avail of these benefits.

I do not use the car much, do I still need the Tata Indica car insurance policy?

Yes, because it is mandatory by Indian law to insure a car irrespective of its usage. Another major advantage of buying comprehensive insurance is you can claim for damages if the car gets damaged in events like calamities, vandalism, intentional damage while it is parked in the garage

Why is it suggested to renew the car insurance online before expiry for my Tata Indica policy?

You need to make an informed choice while buying or renewing your car insurance policy for your Tata Indica. Doing so will help you get adequate coverage in case of an unfortunate event. Thus, it is suggested that you renew the motor insurance policy before expiry.

Car Insurance for Other Tata Car Models/Variants:
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