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Tata Safari Car Insurance

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Tata Safari Car Insurance

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Tata Safari is a legendary SUV that is known for its brilliant road presence and for the comfort it offers. For an outstanding SUV such as the Safari, it also needs well-designed insurance coverage. Apart from adhering to the legal requirement of insuring the vehicle, you need to insure the vehicle for financial coverage against damages or losses to the vehicle. Read ahead to find out more about online Tata Safari insurance and its benefits.

Why Choose Online Car Insurance for Tata Safari Storme?
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Here’s why choosing to go for car insurance online to insure your vehicle is the best option.

1. Paperless Insurance
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Why waste time filling forms and attaching documents to your car insurance application when you can simply insure your car without it? Yes, online car insurance does not need you to engage in such archaic practices. You can easily insure your car in a paperless manner with ACKO.

2. Informed Decisions
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There is no agent or middlemen involved while insuring your car online directly from the insurer. For example, while insuring your car from all information is presented to you upfront so you can make an informed choice without being influenced by middlemen.

3. Buy/Renew Any Time
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Online websites and apps are functional 24x7. If you are busy during the day, you can buy insurance at night. Occupied during the week, carve out a few minutes on a lazy Sunday afternoon and insure your vehicle in a hassle-free manner by visiting ACKO’s website/app.

Types of Car Insurance Plans for Tata Safari
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Here are the car insurance policies that are available for the Tata Safari.

Third-party Car Insurance Policy
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The Tata Safari must be insured at least with this type of plan since it is a legal requirement as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It provides financial coverage against third-party liabilities that include the death of the third party or injuries. It also provides financial coverage against damages to third-party property. While the Tata Safari has to be insured at least with this plan, it does not offer protection against damages or losses to the insured vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
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The Tata Safari needs a well-balanced insurance plan. This plan is a combination of Third-party Insurance Policy and Own Damage cover. The latter offers financial protection against damages or losses to the insured vehicle. These damages or losses can be due to an accident, natural or man-made calamities, fire or explosion as well as coverage against theft or total loss of the vehicle. Additionally, you have the option to include add-ons that increase the coverage of the standard plan.

What’s Covered in Tata Safari Car Insurance (Inclusions)?
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Here are the coverage details of the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for the Tata Safari.

Please note: You need to buy the Personal Accident (PA) as it is a legal requirement when you purchase or when you renew car insurance online. It has to be purchased separately.

What’s Not Covered in Tata Safari Car Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Here are the circumstances when the Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy will not cover the liabilities of the policyholder.

Add-ons for Tata Safari Car Insurance
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Add-ons are bite-sized insurance coverage that caters to specific requirements. You can buy them with the Comprehensive Insurance Plan for an additional yet relatively smaller premium. Here are the car insurance add-ons that you can include with the insurance plan.

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Following are the key features of ACKO’s online car insurance policy.

Low Premiums

Low-premium Plans
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With a robust digital environment and a no-commission model, ACKO does not have agents or middlemen enabling you to purchase the plan directly from the insurer. The savings are passed on to you as low-premium insurance plans.

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Quick Claim Process
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The digital infrastructure of ACKO is simple and helps you raise a claim within a few minutes. Visit the website or app to access your account, answer a few questions about the damages & file the car insurance claim without much paperwork or documentation.

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One-hour Pickup for Repairs
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ACKO’s claims team will pick your vehicle up in one hour, repair it at a garage of your choice and deliver it back to you. This facility is available in select cities. You can also opt for the instant claim settlement option for minor damages.

ACKO’s Claim Process
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ACKO’s digital environment lets you file a claim without any hassles. The process is simple and easy to follow. There is no need for physical paperwork or documentation except for an FIR based on the situation. Here are the steps to make a claim instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about car insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to buy ACKO’s online car insurance for Tata Safari?

Insuring the Tata Safari through ACKO’s online platform is simple and hassle-free. There is no paperwork or documentation involved. You can visit the website or download the mobile application, provide a few details of the vehicle and the previous policy to insure the SUV within a few minutes.

How is the Comprehensive Car Insurance Plan beneficial compared to the mandatory Third-party Car Insurance Plan?

Compared to the Third-party Insurance Plan, the Comprehensive Insurance Plan provides financial protection against third-party liabilities as well as damages or losses to the insured vehicle. It is a well-balanced plan for the Tata Safari since it provides comprehensive insurance coverage. You can also include add-ons to increase the coverage of the plan.

How does ACKO settle claims for major damages to the insured vehicle?

For severe damages to the insured vehicle, upon filing the claim online, ACKO’s claims team will pick the vehicle from the location, repair it at a network garage and deliver it back to you once the repairs are completed. This benefit is available in select cities only.

Car Insurance for Other Tata Car Models/Variants:
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