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Healthy Food Tips To Follow During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Team AckoJan 17, 2024

Like every other aspect of life, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has also affected people’s relationship with food. Eating habits are changing. Some people are finding it difficult to manage their daily meals while some fortunate ones have necessary food items stocked up.

As parents are working from home and juggling work with household responsibilities, thinking about ‘today’s menu’ has added another layer of complexity to the already chaotic day. This article is about ensuring you eat the right kind of food items during the ongoing Lockdown and the Social Distancing period so that you and your family stay healthy. Read ahead to know more about healthy eating tips.




Healthy Food Tips for You and Your Family:

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has stated some tips regarding healthy eating. The following section includes an overview of those tips along with some generic points about eating right during the Coronavirus crisis.

1) Eat Green Vegetables:

Make sure you and your family get the right amount of nutrition by consuming green leafy vegetables. In a Lockdown and because of the Coronavirus crisis, there might be a shortage of vegetables. The number of options available might also be limited. Do not resort to panic buying perishable items in bulk, it will lead to food wastage.

2) Snack Right:

Snacks, form an integral part of people’s diet. It’s not just about breakfast, lunch and dinner, what you in between those meals also matters. Avoid eating junk food and processed food for snacks. Instead, substitute that with fresh fruits. Making a quick veggie sandwich is also another option. Munching dry fruits can be tasty and healthy.

3) Sort Out Basics:

Basics such as rice and dal can be stored for a long period and satiate your hunger. You can depend on such basic and healthy food items when you don’t have many options.

4) Restrict Processed Food Intake:

Ready-to-eat products, instant food items, packaged food, etc. can be perceived as a blessing during the Lockdown and Social Distancing period. Students living alone and people who are finding it difficult to manage work and cooking might depend a lot on processed food. However, make a conscious decision to limit its intake as too much of it can be harmful to the body. Ensure you have a balanced diet.

5) Avoid Sugary Drinks:

24×7 access to the refrigerator should not lead to increased consumption of soft drinks. Keep a track of alcohol consumption as well, don’t overindulge.

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6) Water Is Essential:

Staying hydrated is important for the human body irrespective of the current crisis. Keep sipping water throughout the day. The Coronavirus crisis has coincided with the summer season, making it even more important to stay hydrated. If you find it difficult to meet daily quota of drinking water, consider setting an alarm on your phone to prompt you to keep sipping water at regular intervals.

7) Special Meals:

On days when you have a light working day or have a holiday, consider cooking special meals. Kids would love to have pizza, pasta, or whatever else they fancy. You can involve children in preparing these special meals and it can be a fun family-bonding time. Include them in selecting the menu, preparing the meal, and serving it.

8) Special Food Needs:

Some people might be allergic to a specific food, some might not be able to consume a type of food item. With limited options, managing such special needs can be challenging. However, it is essential, especially if the person with special food needs is suffering from a disease.

9) Wash, Wash, Wash!

Wash your hands after coming home, before cooking, before eating, after eating, wash your hands throughout the day. Encourage children to wash their hands regularly. Also, wash the fruits and vegetables without fail after they are brought home from the market. 

10) Have Timely Meals:

It is easy to lose track of time while you are busy completing tasks from your to-do list. But keep in mind you need to fill the belly to stay active. Some might argue that eating right is not enough, you also must eat right at the right time. Having dinner at 11 PM and retiring for the day is not the best way to digest food.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some queries that might be buzzing in your mind. The following is a list of common questions and answers related to healthy eating.

Can Ayurveda help me to increase my immunity?


Here’s an article that can help you out regarding Ayurveda and its association with the immune system. Read “How To Boost Immunity To Fight Coronavirus Via Ayurveda”.

Can I wear a mask while stepping outside to buy groceries?


You can wear a home-made mask while leaving your house. Make sure to avoid touching surfaces and maintain 3-6 feet distance from others while you are grocery shopping.

What should I keep in mind before washing fruits and vegetables?


Make sure to use soap and water to clean your hands before you handle fruits and vegetables.

What measures should I take before eating canned food?


Check the expiry date of the food item before buying or eating and ensure to sanitize and disinfect the can after purchasing.

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