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Harley Davidson Bike Insurance

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Harley Davidson Bike Insurance

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Harley-Davidson bikes are simply magnificent. Their look, feel, and overall riding experience is simply exhilarating. If you are thinking of buying a Harley-Davidson bike or already have one, then do consider insuring it with a wide-ranging Harley-Davidson two-wheeler Insurance plan. Read ahead to know crucial details about insuring your valuable Harley-Davidson bike to follow the law of the land and to ensure superior insurance coverage.

Benefits of Buying Online Two wheeler Insurance for Harley Davidson Bikes
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When you can buy groceries online, order medicines online, and book flight tickets online, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy bike insurance online. Here are the top advantages of insuring your Harley-Davidson online.

1. Bye-bye Paperwork
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When you insure your Harley-Davidson online, you do not have to fill endless forms and attach a long list of documents. For instance, you can insure your bike within minutes via ACKO’s website/app.

2. Total Convenience
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Busy during weekdays? Insure your bike on weekends, public holidays, or whenever you feel like it. Online insurance is available 24x7. Besides, you do not need to meet agents or take appointments for buying/renewing insurance.

3. Easy on the Wallet
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Usually, online bike insurance policies are less expensive than offline policies. This is because of the low operational costs incurred by digital-first insurers as compared to traditional insurance companies.

Types of Bike Insurance Plans for Harley-Davidson Bikes
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If you are looking to buy insurance or renew insurance for your Harley-Davidson bike in India, then primarily, you have the following two types of plans to choose from.

1. Third-party Liability Policy
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This law-mandated policy is a basic plan that insures you against liabilities arising due to injuring a third party or damaging their property with your bike. This plan does not cover damages to your two-wheeler.

2. Comprehensive Cover
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This plan includes the law-mandated cover and insures your bike against damages. Comprehensive Bike Insurance covers damages to the bike caused due to fire, vandalism, calamities, and similar situations. You can also buy add-on covers with this plan.

What’s Covered in Harley-Davidson Bike Insurance (Inclusions)?
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Here are the inclusions of a Comprehensive Plan when it comes to Harley-Davidson two-wheeler insurance. 

Note that a Personal Accident Cover is not a part of the plan and needs to be purchased separately.

What’s Not Covered in Harley-Davidson Bike Insurance (Exclusions)?
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Here are the exclusions of the plan. 

Add-ons for Harley-Davidson Bike Insurance Policy
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Strengthening your Comprehensive Bike Insurance Coverage with suitable add-ons is a good idea, especially for a Harley-Davidson bike. Here’s a list of popular add-ons.

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You should choose to buy or renew bike insurance from ACKO for the following reasons.

1. Incredibly Low Premium
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ACKO offers bike insurance policies at a low premium. This is possible because of hi-tech digital infrastructure leading to low operational costs, and a zero-commission model.

2. On-account Settlement
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Minor bike insurance claims can be settled within a few hours and the amount shall be transferred directly to your bank account as per the terms and conditions. For major claims, the process shall be online and hassle-free.

3. Zero-trouble Insurance
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Whether it is buying, renewing, or claiming insurance, the insurance processes followed by ACKO are free of hurdles. You can contact us for any doubts concerning bike insurance!

Claim Procedure
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Here’s how simple it is to raise and settle a bike insurance claim with ACKO.

Step 1: Log in to your ACKO account with your mobile number.

Step 2: Click on Claim Now and share details.

Step 3: Receive instant claim settlement for minor damages and follow the process for major damages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Answers to common questions about insuring your Harley-Davidson bike.

Commonly Asked Questions About Harley-Davidson Bike Insurance


Can I skip insuring my bike after my first policy expires?

Riding an uninsured bike on public roads is a punishable offence. Thus, you must renew your bike’s policy before it expires.

I go on frequent road trips on my cruiser bike. Which add-on should I prefer, Roadside Assistance or Personal Belongings Damage?

Out of the two, you should prefer the Roadside Assistance add-on. However, picking add-ons shouldn’t be an ‘either or’ choice. Choose those add-ons that add value to your cover.

Do I have to upload any documents to insure my bike from ACKO’s app?

There is no need to upload documents to buy insurance from ACKO’s app or website.

Can I renew my bike insurance policy one day before the expiry date?

Yes, you can renew the bike insurance policy one day before its expiry date. However, it is suggested to renew it at least a week before it expires.

Do I have to pay extra for each add-on?

Yes, each add-on must be paid for separately unless they are packaged in a particular policy.

Other Two-wheeler Insurance for Harley Davidson Bike Models/Variants
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