Ducati Two Wheeler Insurance

So you own a Ducati bike? Hats off just to that!

Planning to renew the insurance of your good old Ducati Diavel bike or looking for the best two-wheeler insurance for your brand new Ducati 1299 Superleggera bike – you’ve landed just the right place.

Let’s dive into the two-wheeler insurance basics for your Ducati bike.

Understanding Ducati Insurance

Must-know Coverage for Your Ducati Bike

You can get following kinds of insurance policies for your Ducati Bike:

Third-Party Bike InsuranceComprehensive Bike Insurance
Only covers third-party injuries and damages, and not to your own vehicle.Gives third-party policy + coverage for losses and damages to your own bike
Mandatory by Indian Motors Act.It’s not mandatory to buy coverage for your own bike’s damages, but then we all know the state of Indian roads. And, who doesn’t love their Ducati bike?
Multi-year insurance availableMulti-year insurance available

Why You Should Insure Your Ducati Bike?

Ducati bikes are great on Indian roads, which is why there are so many of them. But with a two-wheeler insurance, you can:

  • Be sure that you’re rightfully compensated if your Ducati bike was stolen or damaged beyond repairs.
  • Get coverage for a third-party if your bike caused an accident and the third-party was injured or their property damaged.
  • Get comprehensive coverage for your own two-wheeler, in case damages were caused to your vehicle.
  • Be sure that no traffic policeman heavily fines you for not having an insurance policy for your bike. Strictly, say no to bribery!

 Good-to-Have Insurance Add-ons for Ducati Bikes

  • Zero Depreciation Cover:

Irrespective of the model of Ducati bike you have, depreciation is applicable on all kinds of metal, plastic, and fiber glass parts. In case of repairs / replacement claims, you would have to pay for the depreciation cost. However, with zero depreciation add-on, you can get that covered.

  • Return to Invoice Cover:

So that if your bike was stolen or completely damaged, the claim settlement amount from the insurance company is not as little as the current market value of your bike. Instead, it is as much as the invoice value of your bike. This is even when in case your bike was two years old, with a 20 percent lower current market value.

A lot of insurance companies offer specific add-on coverage at an addition premium cost. Depending on the model of Ducati bike you have, do enquire with your insurer about these coverage options. Key replacement, roadside assistance, personal accident cover of passengers could be a few such options.

Things a Two Wheeler Insurance Covers For Any Ducati Bike

  • Personal accident coverage for owner-driver
  • Accident-related damages to your bike
  • Damages caused during a natural calamity like flood or storm
  • Loss because of fire, explosions
  • Compensation for Stolen Bike

Things a Two Wheeler Insurance Does Not Cover For Any Ducati Bike

  • Wear and tear caused over the years [including flat tyres]
  • Losses caused when the bike was driven without a driving license
  • Damages caused when the bike was being driven under the influence of alcohol
  • Driving outside the geographical limits
  • If the bike is used for anything beyond it’s legal purpose [racing, illegal activities, organized crime]

Questions you might ask about Ducati Insurance

How can I renew my Ducati Insurance online?

Your Ducati Insurance Policy can be renewed online very seamlessly through your insurer’s online portal or your broker’s portal.

  1. If you have already selected an insurance company you can go to the insurer’s portal and renew it online by filling in the details.
  2. All you need to fill are your bike details (like Vehicle Registration Number, Engine/Chasis Number), your previous insurance details and your contact details. Once done, you can then renew the policy online by paying via netbanking, wallet or credit/debit card.
  3. Also, it is not necessary to continue your insurance policy with the same insurance company as the previous year. You can easily purchase insurance policy from a different insurer, as long as you are aware of the benefits and features being offered.

The two wheeler insurance of my Ducati Monster 1200 bike has already expired. Is vehicle inspection mandatory?

No. Inspection is not mandatory even if the insurance for your bike has already expired. It is sometimes done at the discretion of the insurer but only if the insurance has lapsed for more than 6 months or so.

Is an online insurance policy valid for two-wheelers?

Of course it is valid. You get a valid bike insurance policy by renewing the policy online. All you need to do is fill in your previous policy bike details and get a valid insurance policy emailed to your registered email id. A printout of that would suffice.

Single-year or Mutli-year: what’s better in case of Ducati insurance?

Multi-year is always better as you get a better rate and your insurance policy is valid for 2 to 3 years. Thus, there is no renewal headache every year. Also, since you pay upfront, there is a huge discount on the premium.

How do I get no-claim bonus at the time of renewal?

If you have not claimed in the preceding year, then you can avail a No-Claim Bonus at the time of your next renewal. Keep one thing in mind: your bike insurance renewal has to happen before the previous policy expires. At the time of renewal of your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy, you need to mention your last NCB and whether you have made any claim in the last year or not. You get discount on the own-damage premium as per the NCB grid provided by IRDA.

All vehicle Type NCB Grid% of discount on own damage premium
No Claim in the last 1 year20%
No Claim in the last 2 consecutive years25%
No Claim in the last 3 consecutive years35%
No Claim in the last 4 consecutive years45%
No Claim in the last 5 consecutive years50%

How much more do I need to pay for comprehensive two wheeler insurance?

The premium for a simple third party only insurance is fixed by the IRDAI. A comprehensive insurance policy includes own-damage premium too. The own-damage premium varies slightly from one insurance company to another and is dependent on a lot of factors, including your claims history and the age of your bike. The overall premium for comprehensive insurance is marginally higher, but highly recommended if you are looking for complete coverage for your Ducati bike.

Models Manufactured by Ducati: Which One Do You Ride?

Brand NameVariantsPriceEngine CCMileage(kmpl)BHPWt. (kgs)Price Range(in Rs)
Ducati DiavelStandard148101198.410159.623914,81,000 to 15,69,860
Ducati DiavelCarbon (Star White)168901198.410159.623916,89,000 to 17,90,340
Ducati DiavelCarbon (Red)181501198.410159.623918,15,000 to 19,23,900
Ducati DiavelLimited Edition199201198.417.5416224519,92,000 to 21,11,520
Ducati DiavelTitanium373001198.410159.618837,30,000 to 39,53,800
Ducati ScramblerIcon Red678080320751866,78,000 to 7,18,680
Ducati ScramblerIcon Yellow697080320751866,97,000 to 7,38,820
Ducati ScramblerUrban Enduro818080320751868,18,000 to 8,67,080
Ducati ScramblerClassic81808032075192.58,18,000 to 8,67,080
Ducati ScramblerFull Throttle818080320751868,18,000 to 8,67,080
Ducati XDiavelABS15870126218.8715624715,87,000 to 16,82,220
Ducati XDiavelS14470126218.8715624714,47,000 to 15,33,820
Ducati 959 PanigaleStandard139709551715720013,97,000 to 14,80,820
Ducati 1299 PanigaleStandard3449012851520519034,49,000 to 36,55,940
Ducati 1299 PanigaleS4249012851520519042,49,000 to 45,03,940
Ducati 1299 PanigalePanigale R4902011981420519549,02,000 to 51,96,120
Ducati 1299 SuperleggeraSuperleggera1122001285152171671,12,20,000 to 1,18,93,200
Ducati Monster 821821 Dark972080317752059,72,000 to 10,30,320
Ducati Monster 821Standard1025082116110205.510,25,000 to 10,86,500
Ducati Monster 12001200cc211801198.41513518721,18,000 to 22,45,080
Ducati Monster 12001200 S Stripe258401198.41414518725,84,000 to 27,39,040
Ducati Monster 12001200 S259101198.41414518725,91,000 to 27,46,460
Ducati Multistrada1200144501198.412157.823214,45,000 to 15,31,700
Ducati Multistrada1200 S164601198.420117.723516,46,000 to 17,44,760
Ducati Multistrada1200 Enduro174409371211325417,44,000 to 18,48,640
Ducati Multistrada1200 S Pikes Peak200601198.420117.720820,06,000 to 21,26,360
Ducati HypermotardHyperstrada10100821.11711020510,10,000 to 10,70,600
Ducati HypermotardStandard10100821.11811019810,10,000 to 10,70,600
Ducati HypermotardSP19200821.11711020519,20,000 to 20,35,200

Ducati Reveals The New Updated Monster Motorcycle

– December 3, 2020

Italian two-wheeler maker Ducati has finally revealed the 2021 Monster, which comes with extensive updates to the design and features. The updated model looks sharper and aggressive when compared to the previous model. Talking about the design, the new Ducati Monster features new sharp lines on the fuel tank, a sleek tail section, angular oval headlight and upswept slash-cut exhaust mufflers. Ducati has stated that it has revised the seating posture for a comfortable riding experience. Other updates include a revised handlebar position and lower footpegs. The new Monster draws power from a 937cc Testastretta L-Twin internal combustion engine which churns out 111Bhp and 86Nm of peak torque. Another major update on the new Monster is the aluminium frame which is lighter than the trellis frame, which was used in previous models. Other notable highlights of the motorcycle include slipper clutch, quick-shifter, riding modes, digital instrument console with TFT display and optional Bluetooth connectivity, USD front forks, mono-shock suspension at the rear, ride-by-wire throttle, launch control, wheelie control and cornering ABS. The 2021 Ducati Monster is available in three colour options: Dark Stealth, Ducati Red and Aviator Grey with red wheels. Ducati has also introduced a Monster Plus model which gets a flyscreen and a rear seat cowl. The new Monster will soon go on sale in global markets, while India has to wait till 2021 to get the updated motorcycle.

Ducati To Reveal The New Monster In December

– November 27, 2020

Italian premium motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has announced that the company will reveal the new Monster on 2 December 2020. The next reveal will be the final episode of the Ducati World Premiere program. Ducati has already begun testing the new Monster motorcycle, and it is expected to feature an extensive update. The new Ducati Monster is likely to ditch the steel trellis frame, and the new model might feature an alloy frame. The new frame will reduce the weight of the motorcycle and drastically improve handling. Ducati is also expected to tweak the design of the Monster to make it more sporty and aggressive. But the new Monster will continue to feature the signature round headlight and muscular fuel tank design. The new Ducati Monster is expected to draw power from a 937cc internal combustion engine, which also powers the Multistrada 950 and the Hypermotard. Ducati might also introduce advanced electronic riding aids and new features on the upcoming new Monster. For all the details of the motorcycle, we have to wait till next week. The new Ducati Monster is expected to come to India in 2021.

Ducati Reveals Diavel 1260 Lamborghini Edition

– November 26, 2020

Ducati has taken the wraps off the new Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini edition. Ducati has partnered with Lamborghini to build the bike. The motorcycle takes inspiration from the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37. Similar to the supercar, the Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini gets Verde Gea colour with Electrum Gold accents. The alloy wheels also get the same treatment with Electrum Gold finish. Even the radiator cover comes with the ‘63’ numbering that signifies the year when Lamborghini was founded. As for the suspension, engine and brakes, it remains identical to the basic version. Ducati is producing only 630 units of the special edition. The cruiser derives power from a 1262cc L-Twin engine that is able to extract a maximum power of 162hp and a peak torque of 129Nm.

Ducati Reveals The Panigale V4 SP

– November 19, 2020

Ducati has revealed the new 2021 Panigale V4 SP during the Ducati World Premiere. Along with the Panigale V4 SP, the Italian brand also unveiled the new Supersport 950. Talking about the Panigale V4 SP, the motorcycle gets technical upgrades to make it faster on the race track. The overall design is aggressive and has been borrowed from the likes of Superleggera and the V4R. The Panigale V4 SP draws power from a 1,103cc V4 internal combustion engine which produces a massive 214Bhp of power and 124Nm of peak torque. The motorcycle gets high-end cycle parts such as Ohlins suspension, semi-active suspension, electronic steering damper, carbon wheels, dry clutch and large disc brakes. Other features of the motorcycle include cornering ABS, riding modes, traction control, wheelie control, quick shifter, slide control and launch control. Each unit of the Panigale V4 SP will get a number to offer exclusivity to the customers. Ducati is offering only one colour option on the Panigale V4 SP, and it is finished in black colour with silver accents. Ducati is expected to launch the Panigale V4 SP in India in 2021.

Ducati Reveals The New Supersport 950

– November 19, 2020

Italian motorcycle brand Ducati has revealed the new 2021 avatar of the Supersport 950. The motorcycle gets updates to the design and advanced features. The new Supersport 950 now looks more in line with the design language of the Panigale V4. Ducati has redesigned the headlights, and it features a sleek LED daytime running lights. The motorcycle also features a revamped fairing with fins on the sides of the headlight. The 2021 Supersport 950 draws power from the same 937cc L-Twin internal combustion engine which produces 108.4Bhp of maximum power and 93.5Nm of peak torque. Ducati has updated the engine to comply with the latest emission norms. Other notable features of the motorcycle include an up/down quickshifter, TFT display for the digital instrument console and three riding modes. The Supersport 950 gets premium cycle parts such as Marzocchi inverted forks up front and Sachs monoshock suspension at the rear. The top-spec S model is equipped with Ohlins suspension on both ends.

XDiavel Range From Ducati Revealed

– November 17, 2020

Ducati XDiavel series will be launched in 3 variants called Dark, S and Black Star. The difference between these variants is less known as of now. Currently, we know that the kerb weight of S is 2 kgs more than the kerb weight of Dark and Black Star. S weighs 223kgs and other two variants are 221kgs. The engines on the bikes are of similar specifications. The engine is an L-twin Testastretta 1262cc one that is unsurprisingly BS6 compliant. It can generate an output of 160hp and 127Nm of torque. Previous models of XDiavel created 156hp output and 128.9Nm of torque. Other aspects include cornering ABS, ride-by-wire throttle, Ducati Power Launch (DPL), traction control, hands-free ignition, and cruise control. The Dark variant comes with a beautiful black colour scheme that offers a unique stealthy finish.

Scrambler Range From Ducati Finally Unveiled

– November 17, 2020

The first bike in the range is Ducati Scrambler Nightshift, which is an original. Other bikes in the range are tweaked variants of existing bikes. They are Scrambler Icon and Scrambler Desert Sled. The last model from the Scrambler range is Ducati Icon Dark. All bikes in the Scrambler range are equipped with an 803cc engine that is air-cooled and has L-twin technology. It can produce an output of 72hp at 8,250rpm and a torque of 5,750rpm. The Nightshift is all black with a tinge of grey to represent the darkness of the night. It does not come in vivid colours that would deviate from the theme of Nightshift. Colour enthusiasts can opt for Scrambler Desert Sled or Ducati Scrambler Icon that comes in Sparkling Blue and an iconic Ducati Red respectively. The manufacturer is not clear about the bikes’ launch in the Indian market however, a 2021 launch is likely.

Ducati Reveals The New Multistrada V4

– November 5, 2020

Italian two-wheeler giant Ducati has revealed the new Multistrada V4 adventure-tourer motorcycle. The new avatar of the Multistrada comes with a new engine and host of updates to the design and equipment. The new Ducati Multistrada V4 is available in three variants: V4, V4 S and V4 S Sport. In terms of design, the overall styling remains the same with a beak upfront, LED headlights, tall adjustable windscreen, split seat setup, sleek tail design and a large 22-litre fuel tank. Coming to the heart of the matter, the new Multistrada V4 draws power from a new 1,158cc V4 internal combustion engine which pumps out a maximum power output of 168Bhp and 125Nm of peak torque. The motorcycle comes with a host of electronic riding aids such as cornering ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), traction control, wheelie control, hill-hold control, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection and advanced Skyhook suspension control system. Other notable features of the Multistrada V4 include a large colour TFT display for the digital instrument console cornering lights, double-sided swingarm and 19-inch front wheel. The V4 model is available only in red colour, the V4 S is available in grey and red colour schemes and the V4 S Sport is offered with a special livery. Ducati has stated that the oil change interval on the new Multistrada V4 stands at every 15,000km and the interval for valve clearance adjustment stands at every 60,000km. Ducati is expected to introduce the new Multistrada V4 in India in the first half of 2021.

Ducati Introduces The Multistrada 950 S In India

– November 3, 2020

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has introduced a new motorcycle in the Indian market. Ducati has launched the Multistrada 950 S in the country. The new Ducati Multistrada 950 S carries a price tag of Rs. 15.49 lakh (ex-showroom India). The Multistrada 950 S is an adventure-tourer motorcycle and comes with a host of updates when compared to the previous iteration of the motorcycle. On the design front, the Multistrada 950 S features the same design language with a prominent beak up front, a large windscreen, twin LED headlights and sleek rear end. Ducati is offering the Multistrada 950 S with only one Red colour option and India misses out on the new white colour scheme which was introduced in the global markets. The Multistrada 950 S draws power from a 937cc L-twin internal combustion engine which produces a maximum power output of 111.4Bhp and 96Nm of peak torque. The engine is compliant with the latest emission norms, and the motorcycle gets a 6-speed gearbox. The Multistrada 950 S is loaded with a host of electronic riding aids such as traction control, cornering ABS, hill-hold control, four riding modes and semi-active suspension system. The motorcycle also gets a colour TFT display for the digital instrument console. Ducati will start delivering the new Multistrada 950 S in the second week of November.

Ducati to Launch Multistrada 950 S in India

– October 27, 2020

Italian bike manufacturer Ducati has announced that it will launch the Ducati Multistrada 950 S in India on 2 November 2020. Customers can book the motorcycle for a booking amount of Rs. 1,00,000 and can be done at their showrooms. The deliveries of the Ducati Multistrada 950 S will commence from the first week of November 2020. The motorcycle gets several advanced gadgets such as electronic suspension with Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo, a full LED headlight, Ducati Quick Shift, Ducati Cornering Lights, a 5-inch colour TFT display, Cruise Control, Hands-free System, backlit handlebar controls. The bike gets selectable riding modes, Ducati Traction Control, ABS cornering and vehicle hold control. The motorcycle derives power from a 937cc L-Twin engine that is able to punch out a maximum power of 111bhp and a peak torque of 96Nm and comes paired with a 6-speed gearbox. The sports adventure tourer competes with the likes of the Yamana Tracer 900 GT, the BMW F900 XR, Honda Africa Twin, among others in its segment.

Ducati Reveals The Specifications Of Multistrada V4

– October 16, 2020

Italian two-wheeler giant Ducati has finally revealed the technical specifications of the upcoming Multistrada V4 sports tourer motorcycle. Ducati has named the new engine as V4 Granturismo, and the new power unit gets MotoGP-sourced technology such as a crankshaft with the capability of counter-rotating. The new Ducati Multistrada V4 will draw power from a 1,158cc V4 internal combustion engine which produces a maximum power output of 168Bhp and 125Nm of peak torque. The power will be transmitted via a 6-speed transmission with an up/down quick shifter. The new Ducati Multistrada V4 will be revealed on November 4th, 2020, and the motorcycle has already entered the production line. The new engine will also produce a unique exhaust note due to the 70-degree set crankpins. The company has also said that the new engine will deliver better heat management and better fuel-efficiency. The new V4 engine looks like a refined version of the V4 engine equipped on the Panigale V4, and the new motor is lighter than the V-twin engine. The new Multistrada V4 is expected to be the best Gran Turismo enduro motorcycle from the stable of Ducati.

Ducati Reveals A New Variant Of The Scrambler 1100

– October 13, 2020

Italian two-wheeler giant Ducati has revealed a new variant of the popular Scrambler 1100 motorcycle. The newly revealed variant will be an entry-level model, and it is named as Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro. On the design front, the new variant of the motorcycle is identical to the Scrambler 1100 Pro and Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro. But the Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro gets a new matte black colour scheme. The motorcycle also features natural anodised aluminium parts and retro-style rearview mirrors. The new variant of the Scrambler 1100 draws power from a 1,079cc twin-cylinder internal combustion engine which produces a maximum power of 84.4 Bhp and 88Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Other notable features of the motorcycle include cornering ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), traction control and three riding modes (City, Active and Journey). Currently, the new Scrambler 1100 Dark Pro is only available in the European markets. On the other hand, Ducati has recently launched the new Scrambler 1100 Pro and Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro in the Indian market. Both the new models come with a host of improvements when compared to its previous iterations.

Ducati Introduces The New Scrambler 1100 Pro In India

– October 08, 2020

Italian two-wheeler giant Ducati has introduced the new updated Scrambler 1100 Pro in the Indian market. The new model complies with the latest emission norms. The motorcycle is offered in two variants: Scrambler 1100 Pro and Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro. The Scrambler 1100 Pro variant carries a price tag of Rs. 11.95 lakh and the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro costs Rs. 13.74 lakh. Both prices are ex-showroom. The newly launched motorcycle draws power from a 1,100cc L-twin internal combustion engine that produces a maximum power of 84.8Bhp and 88.4Nm of peak torque. Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a 6-speed gearbox assisted by a slipper clutch which aids in smooth downshifting of gears. The Sport Pro variant of the motorcycle is available in matte black colour and comes equipped with superior Ohlins suspension (upside-down front forks and mono-shock suspension at the rear). The Pro model features Marzocchi front suspension and Kayaba mono-shock suspension at the rear. The new Scrambler 1100 Pro is also equipped with Brembo brakes with cornering ABS. Other notable features of the new Scrambler 1100 Pro are all-LED lighting, steel fuel tank, traction control, riding modes (City, Journey and Active) and Pirelli tyres. The new BS6 avatar of the Scrambler also gets a new seat which is comfortable for long-distance rides.

Ducati Reveals Performance Accessories for the Streetfighter V4

– September 29, 2020

Italian bike manufacturer, Ducati, has revealed performance accessories for its Ducati Streetfighter V4. Accessories include a titanium exhaust system, set of four structural carbon fibre wings, dry clutch kit, dry clutch cover, passenger seat cover, carbon heel guard, billet aluminium tank cap, carbon tank cover, and aluminium adjustable rider footpegs. The Ducati Streetfighter V4 draws power from a 1103cc engine which is tuned to push out a maximum power of 205bhp and a peak torque of 122Nm and weighs 180kgs. Some of the key features include single-sided swingarm, Brembo brakes, 5-inch TFT colour display instrument console, ABS cornering EVO, Wheelie control, power launch, Biplane wings, among others. The bike is equipped with adjustable USD forks at the front and a mono-shock at the rear. While there are dual disc brakes at the front, there is a single disc brake at the rear with 17-inch wheels at both ends. The bike competes with the likes of Kawasaki Z H2, MV Agusta Brutale 1000, KTM Superduke 1290, BMW S1000R, among others in the market.

Ducati Reveals Launch Date BS6 Scrambler 1100 Pro

– September 18, 2020

Italian bike manufacturer, Ducati, has revealed the launch date of the BS6 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro in India. The bike will be launched on the 22nd of September 2020. The BS6 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro can be had with two variants: Pro and Sport Pro. The bike was first revealed back in January this year and will be the second bike in the company’s lineup to be BS6 complaint. The first being the Ducati Panigale V2. The BS6 Scrambler 1100 Pro comes with a newly designed exhaust, updated livery and a new dual-tone paint scheme. The Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro features a new trellis frame. The motorcycle will draw power from a 1079cc twin-cylinder engine that is able to produce a maximum power of 86bhp and a peak torque of 88Nm which is paired with a 6-speed gearbox. Both the Pro and the Sport Pro receive a revised seat and a repositioned number plate bracket. The Pro is equipped with a USD Marzocchi fork at the front and a Kayaba mono-shock at the rear, while the Sport Pro comes with Ohlins at both ends. On the safety front, the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro gets traction control, cornering ABS, among others. Riders can choose from three-riding modes such as City, Active and Journey. The Pro variant comes in Ocean Drive colour scheme, the Sport Pro comes with Matt Black. Both the variants get Brembo Monobloc disc brakes at both ends. The bike competes with the likes of Triumph Scrambler 1200 and the BMW R Nine T.

Ducati Gives A Sneak-Peek Of The Updated Scrambler

– September 10, 2020

Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Ducati has shared a sneak-peek of the updated Scrambler motorcycle. The new Scrambler will also comply with the BS6 emission norms. The Bologna-based company is expected to introduce the updated Scrambler 1100 in the Indian market, and the motorcycle might be offered in two variants. The motorcycle derives its power from a 1,076cc L-Twin internal combustion engine that churns out 85bhp of maximum power and 88Nm of maximum torque. Rounding off the update is the revamped exhaust system to adhere to the strict emission regulations. Other notable features of the Scrambler include ABS (cornering), traction control and inverted front forks from Ohlins. The new range of Scrambler models will come with a newly designed seat for more comfort and repositioned registration number plate holder for an improved look. The Scrambler is more of a retro-style motorcycle with round headlight. The motorcycle also leans more towards the off-roading genre, and the adventure junkies will love this motorcycle. Ducati is expected to introduce the new updated Scrambler in India in the coming weeks. The new motorcycle might be slightly expensive as compared to the currently sold models.

Ducati Begins Pre-Booking for Panigale V2

– July 21, 2020

Premium motorcycle manufacturer Ducati said that it has begun pre-booking for the Panigale V2, which is incidentally its first BS6 motorcycle. The Panigale V2 will be the entry-level model in the Panigale family. The company in a tweet said that it is accepting a pre-booked amount of Rs. 1 lakh and deliveries are expected to follow after the launch of the superbike in India. The superbike features a single-sided aluminium swingarm fitted with a monocoque chassis. Compared to the outgoing model, the new Ducat Panigale V2 is sleeker and leaner. The superbike derives power from a 955cc L-Twin engine that is able to produce a maximum power of 155PS and a peak torque of 104Nm. Compared to the old model, the power has increased by 5PS and torque by 2Nm. The bike boasts of cornering ABS, traction control, quick shifter, 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and engine brake control. Among the features, the Ducato Panigale V2 comes with a 4.3 TFT screen and replaces the LCD instrument console seen in the outgoing model. The Ducati Panigale V2 competes with the likes of Kawasaki ZX10R, BMW S1000R, and the Yamaha R1 in the Indian superbike segment.