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Best mileage bikes in India

Team AckoDec 2, 2022

Two-wheelers are an excellent choice for daily commute due to their compact frame. They also offer better fuel efficiency than cars, which is why several people prefer motorcycles or scooters. If you are looking to purchase a bike, you will find a long list of fuel-efficient two-wheelers in India. To narrow your search for the best mileage bike in India, we have listed the top fuel-efficiency bikes currently on sale in the market.

Best Mileage Bikes In India



List of Top 15 Mileage Bikes in India

Here is a list of the best mileage two-wheelers in India as of August 2022. Note that these are in no particular order.

1. Bajaj Platina 100 - Mileage: 72 km/l

The tag of the best mileage bike in India is currently held by the Bajaj Platina 100, with an excellent fuel efficiency of 72 kms for a litre of petrol. Bajaj Auto has also updated the Platina 100 with graphics, alloy wheels, LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) and electric start.

Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj Platina 100 features

  • Engine capacity: 102cc

  • Mileage: 72 km/l

  • Power: 7.91 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres

  • Price: Rs. 63,130 onwards

2. TVS Sport - Mileage: 70 km/l

TVS Motors has sold more than 25 lakh units of the TVS Sport, stamping its authority as one of the best mileage bikes in India. The company has updated the TVS Sport with all-new graphics and sporty design. The bike does not have a DRL but comes with Automatic Headlight On (AHO) feature.

TVS Sport Bike Insurance

TVS Sport features

  • Engine capacity: 109cc

  • Mileage: 70 km/l

  • Power: 8.18 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

  • Price: Rs. 63,950 onwards

3. Bajaj Platina 110 - Mileage: 70 km/l

Bajaj Auto also offers the Platina in the 110cc guise with a bump in power and stylish design and graphics. Despite the higher engine capacity, the Platina 110 is one of the top mileage bikes in India.

Bajaj Platina 110

Bajaj Platina 110 features

  • Engine capacity: 115.45cc

  • Mileage: 70 km/l

  • Power: 8.49 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres

  • Price: Rs. 69,216 lakh onwards

4. Bajaj CT 110 - Mileage: 70 km/l

Another Bajaj bike makes it to the top of the best mileage two-wheeler in India. The motorcycle features sporty graphics, a pillion grab rail with a rack for carrying luggage, and a capable engine to offer superior performance.

Bajaj CT 110

Bajaj CT 110 features

  • Engine capacity: 115.45cc

  • Mileage: 70 km/l

  • Power: 8.6 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres

  • Price: Rs. 66,298 lakh onwards

5. TVS Star City Plus - Mileage: 68 km/l

The TVS Star City Plus is probably India's most stylish entry-level commuter bike. It boasts LED DRL, sporty muffler, dual tone mirrors, adjustable rear suspension, USB mobile charger, and more.

TVS Star City Plus Bike Insurance

TVS Star City Plus features

  • Engine capacity: 109.7cc

  • Mileage: 68 km/l

  • Power: 8.08 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

  • Price: Rs. 72,305 onwards

6. Honda SP 125 - Mileage: 65 km/l

The Honda SP 125 is one of the best 125cc mileage bikes in India. The Japanese automaker has ensured a powerful 125cc engine with excellent fuel economy. The bike has features such as a fully-digital instrument console, tubeless tyres, and a lot of top-notch Honda technology to ensure the engine returns good fuel efficiency.

Honda SP 125

Honda SP 125 features

  • Engine capacity: 123.94cc

  • Mileage: 68 km/l

  • Power: 10.72 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 11 litres

  • Price: Rs. 82,486 onwards

7. Hero HF Deluxe - Mileage: 65 km/l

The Hero HF Deluxe is a no-nonsense bike primarily built to offer good fuel efficiency. The bike features a long, comfortable seat, adjustable suspension, and a capable braking system.

Hero HF Deluxe Bike Insurance

Hero HF Deluxe features

  • Engine capacity: 97.2cc

  • Mileage: 65 km/l

  • Power: 7.91 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.6 litres

  • Price: Rs. 59,890 onwards

8. TVS Radeon - Mileage: 65 km/l

The TVS Radeon is a sturdy bike that focuses on fuel efficiency. It also boasts sporty graphics, alloy wheels, a digital instrument console with a real-time mileage display, and more. The bike is also comfortable with a long and wide seat, USB charger, bigger 18-inch wheels, a pillion grab rail with a rack, etc.

TVS Radeon

TVS Radeon features

  • Engine capacity: 109.7cc

  • Mileage: 65 km/l

  • Power: 8.08 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

  • Price: Rs. 59,925 onwards

9. Honda CD 110 Dream - Mileage: 65 km/l

The Honda CD 110 Dream is arguably the rival to the Hero Splendor in terms of design and practicality. Honda is providing a 3+3 years warranty on the bike, and it comes with features such as tubeless tyres, alloy wheels, a longer and more comfortable seat, and stylish decals.

Honda CD 110 Dream Bike Insurance

Honda CD 110 Dream features

  • Engine capacity: 109.51cc

  • Mileage: 65 km/l

  • Power: 8.67 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.1 litres

  • Price: Rs. 70,315 onwards

10. Hero Splendor Plus - Mileage: 60 km/l

The Hero Splendor Plus is probably the first bike in India with fuel efficiency as its mainstay. The motorcycle features i3S for better fuel economy, best-in-class 130mm rear brake, higher ground clearance, alloy wheels, sporty graphics and more.

Hero Splendor Plus Bike Insurance

Hero Splendor Plus features

  • Engine capacity: 97.2cc

  • Mileage: 60 km/l

  • Power: 7.91 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 9.8 litres

  • Price: Rs. 72,728 onwards

11. TVS Raider - Mileage: 60 km/l

Commuter or mileage-oriented bikes are usually considered boring in design. But, that's not the case with the TVS Raider. It boasts a distinct sport styling, hi-tech features, best-in-class performance, bold LED headlamp, comfortable riding position, split seat, disc brakes, etc.

TVS Raider

TVS Raider features

  • Engine capacity: 124.8cc

  • Mileage: 60 km/l

  • Power: 11.22 bhp

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

  • Price: Rs. 84,500 onwards

12. Revolt RV 400 (electric bike) - Range: 80 to 100 kms

The Revolt RV 400 makes it to the best mileage (range) bike list in India. Thanks to its practical design and longer battery range. The bike looks like any other fuel-powered sports bike in India and comes with a host of premium features.  

Revolt RV400 Electric Bike Insurance

Revolt RV 400 features

  • Battery pack: 3 kWh

  • Range: 80 to 150 kms

  • Charging time: 4.5 hrs

  • Seat height: 814 mm

  • Weight: 108 kgs

  • Price: 1.29 lakh onwards

13. Ola S1 Pro (electric scooter) - Range: 181 kms

The Ola S1 Pro was launched with the primary objective of a higher battery range. Ola claims the electric scooter offers an impressive range of 181 kms. The bike also boasts premium features such as a wider seat and premium colour options. It is quick off the line with its powerful electric motor.

Ola S1 and S1 Pro Electric Scooter Insurance

Ola S1 Pro features

  • Battery pack: 3.97 kWh

  • Range: 181 kms

  • Weight: 125 kgs

  • Underseat storage: 36 litres

  • Seat height: 792 mm

  • Price: Rs. 97,211 onwards

14. TVS iQube (electric scooter) - Range: 145 kms

The TVS iQube is a mirror image of a petrol-powered scooter in India but powered by an electric motor. The electric scooter is practical due to its accessibility, seat height, and performance.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Insurance

TVS iQube features

  • Battery pack: 3.97 kWh

  • Range: 145 kms

  • Weight: 118 kgs

  • Underseat storage: 17 litres

  • Seat height: 770 mm

  • Price: Rs. 1.05 lakh onwards

15. Ather 450X 3rd Gen

The Ather 450X is one of the most dependable electric scooters in India. With sharp features and better riding ergonomics, the scooter is preferred by youngsters. While it may not offer a higher range than its rivals, the scooter is reliable and provides a plush ride.

Ather 450X Bike Insurance

Ather 450X 3rd Gen features

  • Battery pack: 3.97 kWh

  • Range: 105 kms

  • Underseat storage: 22 litres

  • Seat height: 780 mm

  • Weight: 111 kgs

  • Price: Rs. 1.56 lakh onwards

List of best mileage bikes in India (as of August 2022)

Here is the list of best mileage bikes in India (as of August 2022).

Sl. No. Name of the bike Mileage (km/l) Price (ex-showroom Delhi)
1 Bajaj Platina 100 72 Rs. 63,130
2 TVS Sport 70 Rs. 63,950
3 Bajaj Platina 110 70 Rs. 69,216
4 Bajaj CT 110 70 Rs. 66,298
5 TVS Star City Plus 68 Rs. 72,305
6 Honda SP 125 65 Rs. 82,486
7 Hero HF Deluxe 65 Rs. 59,890
8 TVS Radeon 65 Rs. 59,925
9 Honda CD 110 Dream 65 Rs. 70,315
10 Hero Splendor Plus 60 Rs. 72,728
11 TVS Raider 60 Rs. 84,500
12 Revolt RV 400 electric bike 80 to 100 kms battery range Rs. 1.02 lakh
13 Ola S1 Pro electric scooter Up to 181 kms battery range Rs. 97,211
14 TVS iQube electric scooter Up to 145 kms battery range Rs. 1.05 lakh
15 Ather 450X 3rd Gen Up to 105 kms battery range Rs. 1.56 lakh

Here are answers to some common questions about the best mileage bikes in India (as of August 2022).


Which is the most affordable and best mileage bike in India?

The Hero HF Deluxe and TVS Raider can be considered affordable and fuel-efficient in India. 

Which is the best mileage bike in Honda?

The Honda SP 125 is the highest mileage bike from Honda.

What affects the mileage of a bike?

Negligent and rash driving can reduce the mileage of the bike. Additionally, not maintaining the bike may lead to a reduction in fuel efficiency. Thus, it is vital to take good care of your bike and ensure you ride safely to get the best mileage of your bike.

Which two-wheeler insurance is best for bikes?

The best two wheeler insurance covers damages to the insured bike and third-party liabilities. Additionally, opt for online bike insurance from digital-first insurers such as ACKO for affordable bike insurance policies and superior claim experience.

Disclaimer: The content on this page is generic and shared only for informational and explanatory purposes. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making any decisions. Related Articles:


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