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Turkey Visa for Indians - Visa Types, Fees, and How to Apply

Team AckoOct 5, 2023

An abundance of cuisines, history, arts, and monuments makes Turkey an ideal tourist destination. To get a taste of these, you need to get your hands on the visa, a prerequisite for all Indians who wish to visit Turkey. Read ahead to know all about availing Turkey visa from India.




Turkey Visa for Indians

Here are some visa basics to keep in mind. 

  1. VFS Global is accepting applications for the Turkish Consulate in Mumbai, but all documents must be provided in the exact order as specified in the document checklists. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so make sure that you submit all of the required documents and that they are in the correct order to ensure your application is accepted.

  2. In case of rejection, the applicant can reapply only after 6 months.

  3. Applicants can apply for a Turkey Visa 60 days in advance.

  4. All applicants must complete all application forms truthfully and provide correct and accurate information and documentation to ensure they have a valid passport. 

  5. It is important for holders of Turkish visas to read and understand both the “duration of stay” and “period of validity” written on their visa before visiting Turkey.

Points to note

Here are some crucial points to be noted. 

  • Indian citizens with a diplomatic visa get visa-free entry to Turkey for up to 90 days.

  • Ordinary passport holders do need to have an electronic visa or a sticker visa to enter Turkey.

  • Special, Service or Ordinary Indian passport holders with a valid Schengen visa or a US, UK, or Irish visa can get an e-visa within a few minutes with a 30 days validation.

  • In order to travel to Turkey, Indian citizens must have their original passport that has a validity of at least 6 months and contains 3 blank pages. It is important to ensure that the passport meets these requirements before travelling.

  • The time frame to get the Turkish visa for an Indian citizen depends on the type of visa applied for and the documentation submitted.

  • Indian citizens can apply for a single entry, multiple entry, single transit, double transit; all have different validation periods.

  • Incomplete documents, mismatched information, security checks and any special reason may cause the rejection of a Turkey visa for any Indian citizen.

  • A valid travel insurance is mandatory for all Indian passport holders who may seek Turkey visa.

  • Indians can get an investor or a work visa in Turkey, provided they meet a few prerequisites.

  • Applicants applying for a Turkey visa must have sufficient funds ($50/day/per head) to support you and your dependents during the stay.

  • Children can apply for a Turkey visa if they travel with their parents or a legal guardian with valid passport and documents.

  • If the application is rejected, the minimum waiting time to re-apply is 15 days.

  • Urgent visa applicants may submit their application, but the final discretion lies within the Turkey consulate.

Do Indians require a visa to visit Turkey?

Yes. Turkey is becoming an ideal destination spot for Indian travellers, visa on arrival facility for Indians travelling to Turkey is not available, you need to get an e-visa or a sticker visa for a 30 days validity. Indian citizens cannot get a visa on arrival to Turkey. It was terminated in 2014. If any Indian citizen wishes to stay more than 30 days, you must apply for a residence visa to Turkey.

Application procedure for Turkey visa for Indians

Here are some crucial points pertaining to the application procedure for Turkey visa. 

  • Indians need to apply for a Turkey visa if they wish to visit the country. To apply for a Turkey visa, Indian nationals must apply for e-visa online within a few minutes. 

  • Fill out the application form and related details with a valid email ID to get a visa or any correspondence from the Turkish embassy.

  • Turkey visa processing time for Indians is typically 3-25 working days, but it may vary depending on the type of visa applied for.

  • Indians can select different types of Turkey visas; tourist, business, medical, and student.

  • Indian citizens cannot extend the visa while staying in Turkey, you need to leave Turkey within the legally allowed days and apply for visa again to return to Turkey.

  • Remember, if your visa is rejected initially, for reapplication to get a Turkish visa, you need to submit the reason of rejection, the consulate on inspection will rule out the reason, if it meets the protocols, you will be given a Turkish visa.

  • Travel insurance is necessary to cover unforeseen medical expenses or any emergency medical situation during the stay in Turkey.

Turkey Visa process for Indians

The visa application process can be in two ways: offline or online. For doing this offline, follow these steps. 

  • Visit the official website to apply for a visa. Find the Visa Form tab in the left column.

  • Click the Visa Form tab, and the visa form will download.

  • Print the form; make sure the application form is printed on one side.

  • Fill out the form and sign the visa application.

  • Attach the documents.

  • Submit them to the nearest visa collection centre. They will assist you with further procedures.

For online application

  • Visit the official website to apply for e- visa.

  • Fill up the online application form.

  • Provide necessary details.

  • Submit the scanned copy of the required documents.

  • Pay the e-visa fee. Use a debit/credit card or a MasterCard.

After submitting

  • Tracking your visa is possible once you submit the visa.

  • Collect your passport only after 3-15 or 25 working days, depending on the nature of visa

  • Request for delivery of your passport at your doorstep, in case you do not collect it in person.

Different types of Turkey Visas for Indians

An Indian citizen can access multiple types of visas, depending on their requirements. They are as follows. 

  • Tourist Visa: This visa enables you to enter Turkey for tourism and visit purposes only and stay for a predetermined (30 days) time.

  • Business Visa: A Business Visa is for travellers who wish to conduct business-related procedures in Turkey. Business visa holders may attend meetings or conferences, explore and invest in business opportunities, and take part in legally allowed activities. A business visa does not allow any sort of labour or a work-permission. It is always necessary to comply with immigration regulations.

  • Work Visa: A work visa allows you to get any job or labour in the country. You can also hunt for jobs under this work visa.

  • Visitor Visa: A visitor visa, or a visit visa, is a kind of non-immigrant visa which permits you to stay in Turkey for a specified time. On a visitor visa, you can enjoy the benefits of multiple visas. You can attend any short-term business activity or go for sight-seeing, seek medical treatments or any other time-bound activity.

  • Family Visa: Family visas may allow people who wish to keep their family or have a family connection with Turkish residents.

  • Student Visa: Students who wish to study in Universities in Turkey can apply for a student visa and stay in Turkey until their study is over.

  • Transit Visa: Long layovers can be released by using the option of getting a transit visa. They allow you to exit the airport and explore the city for the layover time. Turkey transit visa is valid for 5 days.

Documents required for Turkey Visa from India

With your application form, these documents are required if you wish to seek a visa for Turkey from India.

  • Original passport, with minimum validity of 6 months

  • Scanned copy of first and last page of passport

  • Passport-size photograph; white background

  • Return tickets from Turkey

  • Proof of hotel reservation

  • Bank statement

Photo requirements of Turkey visa

The passport-size photo you are submitting, along with the visa application for a Turkey visa must fulfil the following requirements.

  • Required photo size is 2.5 inch in height and 2.5 inch in width.

  • Coloured pictures only, no black and white.

  • Head must be straight.

  • The photo must be fresh, maximum 3 month old

  • White background only

  • No smile

  • Eyes must be visible

  • No blurry photos

  • Eye glasses acceptable if eyes are not hidden or under certain medical conditions

  • Hats or other obstructive head gears are not allowed; only religious head covering is allowed.

  • Image pixel resolution must be a minimum of 600 dpi

  • Contrast and brightness to reveal the natural skin tone required

  • Wear any coloured top, no white tops, please.

  • Beard allowed only as a part of your usual appearance

  • Two identical photos are required.

  • It must show at least 70% of your face

Turkey Visa fees and validity for Indians

The visa fee for a Turkey visa varies according to the visa type and the passenger's age.

Visa Type

Amount (INR)



Single Entry Transit


5 days

3 months

Double Entry Transit


5 days

3 months

Normal Single Entry Visa


30 days

6 months

Normal Multiple Entry Visa


30 days

6 months

How to check Turkey Visa application status

You can track the progress of your Turkey visa application through the following.

  • Visit the official website.

  • Enter your passport number and/or Visa number.

  • Enter the captcha code.

  • Click the Submit button.

Turkey visa processing time for Indians

Here’s some essential information regarding visa processing time. 

  • If you applied for a visa offline by downloading the Visa Form and submitting it to the nearest visa authority, expect it to arrive in 15 days.

  • If, specifically, any Indian citizen cannot get a Turkey visa due to some rejection, wait for 15 days and fix the rejection of reason to reapply for a Turkey visa.

  • Applying for a Turkey visa for any Indian national online through an e-visa, you may expect three days for the email to arrive in the email ID you provided.

  • Remember, the days mentioned are the Turkey working days. Expect delays if there are some documentation issues.

Common reasons Turkey visa application gets rejected

Some factors which affect a Turkey visa or can cause rejections are as follows. 

  • Incorrect information in the application form: The most common reason to reject a Turkish visa is incorrect personal information. Try to be extra careful and honest while filling out the visa application form.

  • Criminal history: A criminal record can cause the rejection of a Turkey visa.

  • Insufficient financial records: You must provide accurate and sufficient financial records to ensure your visa is accepted. Many people who cannot submit an excellent financial record face rejection.

  • Not following the visa rules: If you cannot follow the rules of Turkey’s visa application, you may face rejection.

  • Missing documents: Please provide all necessary documents to ensure your Turkey visa application is accepted and completed. 

  • Ineligible applicants: Always check the eligibility criteria for a Turkey visa for an Indian citizen, everyone may not be eligible for a Turkey visa, and if you are ineligible, your visa application can get a rejection or put on hold until you may provide the proof of your eligibility.

Turkey visa and travel insurance for Indian citizens

Here’s some crucial information that you must know before visiting Turkey.

  • To get travel insurance for your visit to Turkey is an integral step in getting a visa. Without a valid travel insurance, you might be denied entry to Turkey.

  • You can get the benefits of getting reimbursements of any cancelled flights, or can cover any medical expenditure if it happens during your stay or in case you may miss your travel luggage and any unforeseen expenses which are covered under insurance.

  • This coverage protects you financially and provides you peace of mind while travelling to Turkey.

  • Anyone travelling to Turkey must have travel insurance to cover sudden health issues during your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions and answers related to the Turvey visa for Indians.


Is a Turkish work visa open for Indians?

Turkey visa for any Indian citizen who meets the requirements described by the Turkish Embassy is open.

Are children eligible to apply for a Turkey visa?

Yes, children of any age can apply for a Turkey visa, provided they have valid passports and the required documents.

Can I check Turkey visa status with my passport number?

Yes, it is easy to track Turkey visa application status online through the official website using your passport number and/or your visa number.

What are the common causes of Turkey visa rejection?

The most common cause of Turkey visa rejection is incorrect or missing information in the visa form. The second reason can be insufficient financial funds or the proof of funds to help your routine expenses during your stay in Turkey. The third most common reason for Turkey visa rejection is a criminal record.

Which documents do I need to provide on arrival in Turkey?

You need a valid passport, return tickets, and proof of funds on arrival in Turkey.

Is COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for travelling to Turkey?

With the decrease in the international Covid cases, some places do not have this restriction. Always have a check on the local aviation websites to know the updated information.

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