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Japan Visa for Indians

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If you are dreaming of visiting Japan, you can turn your dream into reality by applying for a Japan visa for Indians. A Japan visa can unlock the door to your dream adventure, and you can experience all the magic and excitement Japan has to offer. 

At times, applying for a visa can be daunting; however, if you apply with ACKO visa services, you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork or deal with any third person.

Scroll through this page to learn all the details of a Japanese visa, such as types, application process, eligibility criteria, documents, etc., and finally, apply for a Japan visa online with ACKO.

Do Indians Need a Japan Visa from India?
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Yes, Indian citizens must apply for a Japan visa to enter the country. A Japan visa allows you to visit Japan for various purposes, such as tourism, study, work, and more. Furthermore, when you apply for Japan visa online, you must select the type of visa as per your purpose and wait for its approval before visiting the country to avoid any issues.

Different Types of Japan Visas for Indians
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Japan has implеmеntеd various visa categories to catеr to different purposеs such as tourism, business, work, study, and morе. Understanding the different types of Japan visa for Indians is essential to ensure that you choose the most suitable one for your specific travel needs. Following are some common Japanese visa types.

Short-term Stay

A short-term visa allows you to stay in Japan for around 90 days. This visa sеrvеs various purposеs, such as businеss, tourism, cultural еvеnts, and visiting friеnds or rеlativеs. A short-term visa can be categorised into the following types: 

A single-entry visa allows you to еntеr Japan once and stay according to thе visa terms. Oncе you lеavе thе country, you cannot rеturn to Japan on thе samе visa. 

This visa allows you to еntеr and re-еntеr Japan multiple times on the short-term visa, according to certain specific criteria. A multiplе-еntry visa is usually issuеd to individuals who frequently visit Japan for business purposes. 

Long-term Stay

It enables individuals to stay longer than 90 days for various activities like higher education, temporary residency, work, etc. With this type of Japan visit visa for Indians, you can access different visa types, such as highly skilled professional visas, working visas, diplomatic visas, and more.

Medical Visa

Japan provides a medical visa for individuals who seek medical treatment within the country. This type of visa is crucial for those who plan to undergo medical procedures, consultations, or treatments in Japanese medical facilities. 

Transit Visa

Authorities issue a transit visa for a brief period, typically around 15 days, to individuals passing through Japan on their way to another destination.

Through ACKO, you can apply for a single-entry tourist visa from India, which will:

Validity of Japan Visa for Indians
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The period of validity of a single-entry visa Japan visa is basically 90 days (3 months). As soon as you exit Japan, the visa becomes invalid. So, it’s important to enter Japan within the approved months to avoid any problems. In case you wish to postpone your travel and stay for a longer duration, you can opt for another visa before the actual visa expires.

Japan Visa Processing Time
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We will send your Japan visa application to the Embassy once your reservation is confirmed. The approval process usually takes 7 to 8 days. In some cases, though, the Embassy may need some extra paperwork, which could cause your Japanese visa to be processed later than planned.

Japan Visa Fees for Indians
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If you apply through ACKO, a Single-Entry Visa will cost around INR 3,200* per person. The fees will not be refunded if the Japanese Embassy rejects your visa.

Why Choose ACKO to Apply for Japan Visa Online?
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Worldwide Visa Assistance

We make it easy and quick to get visas for all international countries.

End-to-End Process

We take care of everything, from paperwork to getting your visa sent to your email.

Pay As You Wish

Select the ideal payment method to pay for your visa fees.

Pick up and Delivery at Your Door

We collect and deliver your documents to your doorstep.

Documents Required for a Japan Visa Application for Indians
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The following highlights the Japan visa documents for Indians:

Provide birth certificate, family register certificate, marriage certificate etc. as proof for visiting relatives in Japan.

How to Apply for Japan Visa Online?
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Applying for a Japan visa online through ACKO is simple and quick. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the website:

Step 1: Click here and select Japan as the country of visit.

Step 2: Complete the online application form and upload all the required documents.

Step 3: Lastly, pay the fees required.

After your Japan visa application is verified and processed, you will be notified about your visa approval status.

Does Japan have a visa on arrival for Indians?
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No, Indian passport holders are not provided with a Japan-on-arrival visa. To visit Japan, Indian citizens must apply for a visa before their trip. It is essential to apply for this visa well in advance and follow the proper application procedure as mentioned on the Japan eVisa website or the embassy's official website.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Japan Visa for Indians
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Before applying for a Japan visa online or offline, you must carefully check the eligibility criteria.

Final Words
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Overall, Japan is a beautiful place to discover ancient cultures and modern technologies. Thus, obtaining a Japanese visa is crucial if you intend to visit the place for tourism or work purposes. By understanding the visa types, requirements, and fees, Indians can experience the richness of Japanese culture. 

Remember to purchase travel insurance before planning for your trip to Japan. It is essential to cover losses arising from passport loss, luggage issues, medical expenses, booking cancellations, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Some frequently asked questions about the Japan visa for Indians include:


Can India travel to Japan without a visa?

No, as an Indian national visa is a must requirement to enter Japan. As of 2024, Indians don’t have the privilege of visa-free access to the country, no matter what purpose they visit. 

Will I get a refund if my Japan visa application is rejected?

No, you will not receive a refund for your Japan visa fees, as it covers the processing and decision-making regardless of the outcome.

How much is a Japanese visa for Indians?

For an Indian national, the Japan visa fee will be around INR 3,200. This price applies to tourist visas and can be changed.

What will happen if I extend my stay beyond my visa validity?

Extending your stay in Japan beyond your visa's validity period will result in authorities imposing severe legal consequences and penalties, potentially barring you from future entry.

What is the minimum bank balance for a Japan visa?

There is no rigid bank balance that needs to be shown when it comes to getting a Japan visa. It depends on each case and the requirements set for each. However, we would suggest that anywhere between 1.5-2 lakhs is a sufficient balance to show that you can afford the cost of living there.

Can I apply Japan visa online?

Yes, for a short-term period, you can apply for a Japan visa application online through ACKO. It’s a sticker visa, and it hardly takes 5 minutes to fill out the application if you have all your documents intact with no alteration.

How many months before the trip should I apply for a Japan visa?

You can apply for a Japan visa as early as 3 months before your intended travel date.

Is it mandatory for Indians to get travel insurance for Japanese visas?

Though it is not mandatory, it is rеcommеndеd for Indians to obtain a travеl insurancе when visiting Japan. This insurance helps to cover medical еxpеnsеs and other unforeseen costs that may arise during the trip. 

How long does my Japanese last?

The Japan visa remains valid for three months from the day it is issued. It permits a single entry into Japan. The visa loses its validity upon your arrival and completion of immigration at the entry airport. 

What should I do if I renew my passport after applying for a Japan visa?

If you renew your passport after applying for the Japan visa, you must withdraw your initial application and submit a new one using your new passport.

Is it a sticker visa or an Evisa?

Through ACKO, you can apply for a Japanese sticker visa.

How much is the Japanese visa fee?

If you apply through ACKO, a single-entry visa will cost you around INR 3,200. However, the prices might fluctuate.