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New Zealand Visa for Indians - Requirements, Fees and Types

Team AckoOct 5, 2023

Every year thousands of individuals from different parts of the world, including Indians, plan to visit New Zealand for trips or work purposes. This makes it essential for travellers to gear up and get a New Zealand Visa issued for their respective travel.

The best part about a New Zealand Visa, is that the New Zealand government authorities responsible for providing visas to foreigners, do not impose stringent guidelines for the successful issuing of visas.

Therefore, interested individuals do not have to worry a lot about visa application rejection. In this blog post, we will find out the different aspects associated with travelling to this beautiful country.

New Zealand Visa for Indians



Types of New Zealand Visas

Currently, New Zealand visas are available in different types, for foreigners planning to travel or settle in the cities of this amazing country. One can choose the visa based on the purpose of travelling to the respective city in New Zealand. Here is the list of the different types of New Zealand visas:  

  • Work Visa: This is one of the most commonly chosen options for New Zealand visas for Indians. The visa authorities prefer candidates who have already received a job offer from an organisation in New Zealand. Therefore, you must work towards the same if you want to increase the chances of receiving the work visa much faster than expected.

  • Student Visa: Student Visas are available for students interested in studying short-term or long-term courses. Successful visa receipt highly depends on admission to the university in New Zealand. Therefore, you must ensure that if you are aiming to get a student visa, prepare well to secure admission to a recognized university in New Zealand.

  • Investor Visa: If you are planning to invest money and start a business in New Zealand, then an investor visa is ideal for you. New Zealand visa for Indians helps interested business people and individuals to build their businesses in New Zealand, thus contributing to the growth of the respective individuals and the country.

  • Partner/Child Visa: Children or partners of a New Zealand citizen will find the partner or child New Zealand visa useful, if they are planning to visit or settle in the country. 

  • Tourist Visa: New Zealand is a beautiful country for short and long trips. Therefore, a New Zealand visa for Indians explicitly catering to the tourist is one of the most popular types of visas out of the above-mentioned New Zealand visa options.  

  • Artist/Sports Visa: This is one of the exciting types of New Zealand visas available in the present times. This visa helps artists and sports professionals visit different locations in this country for their work commitments with the help of the New Zealand visa for Indians.

New Zealand Visa Fees

This is one of the critical aspects that most candidates enquire about before applying for a New Zealand visa.

The visa fees vary with each visa category and the sub-classification of the respective visa category, as shown in the table below, which details the visa application costs depending on its type.

New Zealand Visa Types And Their Fees: 

Visa Category Visa Fee (NZ$ & INR)
Family 1,670 NZ$ or 77,950 INR
Skilled Migrant 2,505 NZ$ or 1,16,926 INR
Investor Plus 4,165 NZ$ or 1,94,410 INR
Entrepreneur Residence 3,340 NZ$ or 1,55,900 INR
Parent Retirement 3,340 NZ$ or 1,55,900 INR
Refugee (depends on the situation) 835 NZ$ or 38,975 INR
Other Residence Visa 1,670 NZ$ or 77,950 INR
Permanent Visa 190 NZ$ or 8,868 INR
Expression of Interest (EOI) different categories 440 – 680 NZ$ or 20,537 INR to 31,740 INR
Visitor Visa (Online and Offline/Hard Copy) 151 NZ$ (7,048 INR) and 170 NZ$ (7,935 INR)
Temporary Work Visa – Job Search 260 NZ$ (12,136 INR)
Work Visa (Online and Offline) 355 NZ$ (16,570 INR) and 375 NZ$ (17,503 INR)
Holiday Work Visa 170 NZ$ (7,935 INR)
Transit Visa 145 NZ$ (6,768 INR)

Apart from the visa fee for New Zealand visas, the immigration charges are also applicable for some visa categories when filling out the visa application form.

For instance:

  • The family and parent retirement categories have immigration charges of 280 NZ$ or 13,075.99 INR. 

  • Skilled migrants, investor plus, and entrepreneur residents have immigration charges of 580 NZ$ or 27,085.98 INR.

Different types of work visas have 38 NZ$ immigration charges in each of the categories:

  • Student visas, visitor visas and tourist visas have (10 – 20) NZ$ or (467 - 934) INR immigration charges in each category.

Requirements for New Zealand VISA

Individuals who are interested in travelling to New Zealand and want to apply and get the New Zealand Visa must fulfil the following criteria at the time of visa application:

  • Character: The candidate applying for the New Zealand Visa must ensure that no criminal records or ongoing cases are recorded with the national police. The visa authorities have the right to cancel the visa application of the candidate in case any such evidence is found.

  • Stay duration: The applicant must know the total stay duration in the country when applying for the New Zealand visa. After checking the maximum duration specified in the visa category guidelines, one must choose the visa.

  • Tickets: The candidate must keep the records of the booked return tickets, especially in case of short-duration travel or trips.

  • Funding status: The candidate must have proper funds to bear the living expenses in New Zealand. This helps the embassies grant the New Zealand visa for Indians without delay.   

  • Sponsor details: If you are travelling to New Zealand with the help of sponsors, you must provide the details to the authorities for the smooth progression of your New Zealand visa application process.

  • Admission proof: If a candidate is travelling to New Zealand for graduation or higher studies, then showing evidence that they have acquired admission to the respective university in New Zealand is essential.

  • Fees: The candidate must pay the application fees before completing the application process.

  • Documents: Your documents such as a valid passport, admission letter, work letter, and tickets must be ready before starting the New Zealand visa application process.

Steps to Apply for the New Zealand Visa

Once you decide to apply for a New Zealand visa via online mode, you must refer to the following steps for a successful visa application:

  • First, visit the official website of the New Zealand High Commission.

  • Then, choose the best category for your travel purpose and duration.

  • Fill in the required details in the application form.

  • In the next step, you must upload the photos and scanned documents.

  • In the final step from the applicant’s end, you must pay the New Zealand visa fees to complete the visa application process.

  • After application submission, approval from the responsible authorities might take a few weeks.

Thus, these are the crucial details associated with the New Zealand Visa for Indians that interested individuals must consider before starting the visa application process. Also, you must plan well and proceed with further steps linked with the visa application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions on New Zealand Visa


Do Indian Candidates Receive New Zealand Visa Fee Waiver?

No. India is not eligible for the New Zealand visa fee waiver. Therefore, the fee must be paid while applying for the New Zealand visa for Indians.

Which Application Form Do I Need to Fill Out for New Zealand Visa?

Interested candidates must fill up the INZ 1017 form to apply for a New Zealand visa.

Does Travel History Matter While Applying for a New Zealand Visa?

Travel history matters to a certain extent during the visa application process. This is also applicable while applying for the New Zealand visa for Indians. Therefore, you must be ready to show your travel history via past passports during your visa interview stage.   

Can I Submit an Old Photograph of Mine in the New Zealand Visa Application?

No, applicants must ensure that the photographs submitted with the visa application must not exceed six months. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare new photographs before commencing the New Zealand visa application process.

Do I Need to Undergo a Medical Examination for New Zealand Visa?

Yes, candidates interested in applying for the New Zealand visa must undergo a medical examination, and recommended tests per the medical expert’s advice at a recognised hospital or clinic.

If you do not fulfil the respective medical parameters, then the visa authorities have the right to reject the New Zealand visa application of the respective candidate.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any passport-related decisions.


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