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Kenya stands as a beautiful destination for people with a knack for wildlife and scenic beauty. When you plan for your international tour to Kenya, the first thing you have to do is apply for a visa. Being a diverse and beautiful country, Kenya is visited by tourists, business enthusiasts, and professionals; hence, applying for a visa as per your requirements is important.

To know more about the Kenya visa for Indians, read this article, where we have discussed in detail the types of Kenyan visas, their application methods, fees, and how you can apply easily with ACKO.

Do Indians Need a Kenya Visa?
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Yes, Indians need a Kenya visa to enter the country. The facility of a Kenya visa on arrival for Indians is not available. You have to apply for a visa as per your purpose and wait for its approval before visiting the country to avoid any issues.

A Kenya visa for Indians permits an individual from India to enter the geographical area of Kenya. The authorities of the Kenya High Commission in India look over approving visa applications of Indians who want to visit the country for different purposes. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Kenya Visa for Indians
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There are a few eligibility and Kenya visa requirements for Indian citizens that are important for you to keep in mind before applying for one. Let us walk you through those criteria below.

Different Types of Kenya Visas for Indians
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There are mainly 2 main types of Kenya visas: single entry and multiple entry. 

Let us get a detailed understanding of the different types of Kenya visas for Indians.

Single Entry Visa
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One of the main Kenya visa types is a single entry visa. If you want to visit the country for not more than 3 months, then this visa is for you. This visa is mainly issued to individuals intending to visit Kenya for tourism, humanitarian, business and medical purposes. 

This type of visa can be segregated into 3 more types. They are:

Courtesy Visa

Another key Kenya visa for Indians is the Courtesy visa. Individuals having Indian Service, Diplomatic and Official passports, and the reason to visit the country for some official reasons are eligible to apply for this type of visa. If you are applying for this visa, you do not need to make any payment of fees.

Transit Visa

The sole purpose of issuing a transit visa to Indian nationals is to use it for transportation. It is a single-use Kenya e-visa for Indians that does not allow you to leave the international area for transit within the airport.

East African Tourist Visa

Lastly, the East African tourist visa is a special visa issued to individuals planning to visit specific locations, such as Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. The governments of all three countries have come together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the year 2014 to issue this single tourism visa. Just like a Schengen visa, if you apply for an East African Tourist Visa, you will be issued an East African sticker upon entry to Kenya.

Multiple Entry Visa
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If you plan to visit Kenya multiple times, for instance, if you are a business person, then you must opt to apply for a multiple-entry visa. The application for this Kenya visa for Indians gets referred to the Director of Immigration Services, who obtains approval. 

Through ACKO, you can apply for a single entry Kenya tourist visa, with which:

Validity of Kenya Visas for Indians
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If you apply for a 30-day single-entry Kenya tourist visa through ACKO, you'll get a 90-day validity from the date it's issued. This means you've got an 89-day window to plan your trip and enter Kenya. Once you're in, you can enjoy your tourist adventures for up to 30 days, but once you depart from the place, your validity will be over.

Kenya Visa Processing Time in India
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A Kenya single-entry visa takes 5 to 6 business days to process. However, it does not include weekends and Kenyan holidays. It is still advisable to start the application procedure for a Kenya e-visa for Indians at least 15 days before you plan your travel to the country, even though the processing period is shorter.

Kenya Visa Fees for Indians
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The price for a Kenya tourist visa is shown in the table below.

Type of Visa


Stay period

Fees for Indians

Single entry Kenya visa

90 days (3 months)

30 days

USD 71 or Rs. 5,900 (as per current exchange rate)

Note: If the Embassy rejects your visa, the fees will not be refunded, and the prices are subject to change. So, before applying for Kenyan visas, please check for the updated price on the website.

Why Choose ACKO to Apply for a Kenya Visa?
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Worldwide Visa Assistance
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We make it easy and quick to get visas for all international countries.


End-to-End Process
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We take care of everything, from paperwork to getting your visa sent to your email.


Pay As You Wish
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Select the ideal payment method to pay for your visa fees.


Track Real-Time Progress
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The application lets you keep track of the progress of your visas in real time.


Pick up and Delivery at Your Door
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We collect and deliver your documents to your doorstep.

Documents Required for a Kenya Visa for Indians
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Whether you are going to Kenya for business or pleasure, be sure you have all the necessary paperwork. 

Here, we have categorically divided the documents required for a Kenya visa for Indians.

Standard Documents Required for Indian Citizens
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The documents required for a tourist Kenya visa for Indians are:

We will now talk about the Kenya visa requirements for Indian citizens or documents as per the purpose of your visit.

Documents Required for Tourist Visa
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The documents required for a tourist Kenya visa for Indians are:

Documents Required for Employed 
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The documents required for a tourist Kenya visa for Indians are:

How to Apply for a Kenya Visa from India?
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Kenya is a mesmerising destination to travel for families, couples and solo travellers. 

Here are a few steps you must follow to apply for a Kenya visa from India through ACKO.

Step 1: Visit our official page for Kenya e-visa.

Step 2: Choose the destination and type of visa required.

Step 3: The redirected page will provide you with an application form for a Kenya visa for Indians. Fill in the form.

Step 4: The application form will ask for information such as the purpose of your visit, personal details, necessary documents, and more.

Step 5: Ensure you entered all the correct details to avoid delay or rejection of your application. Re-check the completed form before submitting it.

Step 6: Upload all the necessary documents stated in the form, such as your recent photograph, passport, proof of travel and others, for successfully applying for a Kenya e-visa for Indians.

Step 7: After filling out the application form, you need to pay the Kenya visa fees for Indians. Select the payment mode as per your feasibility.

Step 8: After completing the fee payment, you will get an email or message in your registered email and mobile number, respectively, every time the visa status changes.

Step 9: Upon successful verification, processing and approval of the Kenya visa for Indians, the e-visa will be sent to your email ID. Download the same and print it to use it in a hassle-free way on your Kenya trip.

Why Does Kenya Visa for Indians Get Rejected?
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There are several Kenya e-visa problems that you may face while applying for the visa. Here are some major reasons for the rejection of your Kenya visa for Indians application.

What to Do If My Kenya Visa Gets Rejected?
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If the Kenya visa for Indians gets rejected, you can follow the tips we have discussed below to deal with the situation and rectify your mistakes.

Tip 1
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Double-check all the information you provided in your application form to avoid the same mistake again.

Tip 2
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Re-apply for a Kenya visa for Indians with all the correct information and details so that your application is approved this time. Re-check your past mistakes and avoid doing the same again in your new application.

Tip 3
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Talk with officials of the Kenya Embassy or Consulate to find out the reason for your rejected application. Even if the reason is not due to any mistake, it is always advisable to reapply for the same.

Tip 4
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Check whether all the documents you have uploaded are in accordance with the requirements. Upload your documents properly so the visa officials can issue you a Kenya e-visa for Indians at your next application attempt.

Things to Remember for an Indian Regarding Kenya Visa 
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Before you start planning your Kenya trip, make sure to remember a few things related to the Kenya visa for Indians to avoid issues on your journey.

  1. Apply for an e-visa as per the purpose of visit. It helps the officials understand your situation and avoid delaying your visa application.

  2. Fill in all the details in your visa application form cautiously and correctly. Check twice or three times to detect and avoid any discrepancies in your application.

  3. Keep all your documents handy while travelling. Even if you have submitted the documents while applying for the visa, it is advisable to keep the necessary documents on paper so that you can be quick on your feet to provide them to officials if asked during check-in or check-out at Indian to Kenya airport.

  4. Make sure you buy travel insurance online. Travel insurance will help you cover losses arising in case of loss of passport, baggage, funds, medical expenses, booking cancellation, or others, thus helping you not lose funds on your travel.

So, apply for your visa and start packing your bags to have the trip of your life in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding Kenya visas for Indians.


What is Kenya's e-visa?

A Kenya e-visa is a kind of visa that gets generated electronically but serves the same purpose for Indians allowing them to enter the country of Kenya from India. The Kenya High Commission in India reviews and approves visa applications from Indians who want to visit the country for various reasons.

Can I apply for a Kenya visa using online mode?

Yes. You can apply for a Kenya e-visa for Indians through ACKO. Just click here to add your details and visa type. It will hardly take 5 minutes if you keep the documents ready.

How many types of Kenya visas are available?

There are mainly 2 types of Kenyan visas available for Indian citizens to apply for, depending on their purpose. They are:

  • Single Entry Visa (It includes Courtesy Visa, Transit Visa and East African Tourist Visa)
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Through ACKO, you will get to apply for a Kenya Single-entry tourist visa.

Can I apply for a Kenya visa offline?

You may visit the Embassy of Kenya in India, situated in New Delhi, to apply for a Kenyan visa offline.

How many days before my trip should I apply for a Kenya visa for Indians?

Processing and approval of Kenya visa for Indians takes 3 to 4 working days. Hence, you can apply for a visa at least 15 to 20 days before your trip so that you have extra days in your hand to re-apply your visa in case of rejection.

Am I eligible to apply for 2 types of Kenya visa at a time?

No, you are not eligible for 2 types of Kenyan visa simultaneously. You can apply for only one visa at a time for your Kenyan trip.

Is it necessary to apply for travel insurance when travelling to Kenya?

If you want a safe trip in Kenya with all your unexpected losses or expenses covered, then applying for travel insurance is important. However, it is not mandatory to purchase travel insurance during your international trip.

Is a visa-on-arrival facility available for Indian tourists visiting Kenya?

Kenya visa on arrival for Indian facilities is not available. You must apply for your visa before travelling to avoid issues during your tour.

Are there any specific requirements for photographs to be uploaded in an application for a Kenya visa for Indians?

The Kenya eVisa photo requirements state that your full face must be visible in frontal perspective against an off-white or white backdrop.  You have to dress casually, except in religious clothing. It is inappropriate to appear in uniform for the Kenya eVisa picture shoot. Moreover, your photo must be within 6 months of your journey date.

How long does it take to get approval for my Kenya e-visa application?

It generally takes 5 to 6 working days to get approval on the application for a Kenya visa for Indians.

Is a Kenya visa an e-visa?

Yes, your Kenya tourist visa will be an e-visa.

Disclaimer: The information mentioned on this page is compiled from different websites and government sources. The information may be updated from time to time. Hence, please refer to the respective government websites and verify before making any visa-related decisions.