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Ashok Leyland Car Insurance

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Ashok Leyland Car Insurance

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Ashok Leyland is a collaboration between Ashok Motors and Leyland Motors. Today the company is owned by Hinduja Group which is an Indian-originated, British-based trans-national conglomerate. The company majorly manufactures transport vehicles ranging from Lightweight motor vehicles to Heavy Goods carrying ones. The cost of the Ashok Leyland Insurance policy depends upon the type of vehicle being insured. Read on as we provide all the details about Ashok Leyland insurance.

Benefits of Buying Online Motor Insurance for Ashok Leyland Vehicles
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Here are the benefits of buying online vehicle insurance for an Ashok Leyland vehicle.

Compare Plans
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The Indian constitution says that a vehicle should be driven only with a valid insurance policy. If this is not followed, the owner can be fined heavily. Thus, you follow the law by buying an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Instant Policy
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A commercial vehicle is constantly on the road for business purposes. This makes it more vulnerable to accidents and theft. This situation can prove to be a huge financial burden for the owner if no insurance policy is purchased.

Digital Process
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Heavy vehicles can cause a lot of damage to life or property. Insurance helps in compensating a person against such losses.

Insurance Plans for Ashok Leyland Cars
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Here are more details about the insurance plans for Ashok Leyland vehicles.

Third-party Vehicle Insurance
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It is necessary by law that a vehicle running on an Indian road should be insured. The laws are more strict for commercial vehicles. Buying a third-party insurance policy is a basic requirement as it covers the policyholder against third-party damages or injuries. Additionally, a Personal Accident cover of Rs. 15 Lakh is also included in the policy.

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance
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Buying a comprehensive insurance policy is not mandatory, however, it is much more beneficial as compared to a Third-party (TP) liability policy. Where a TP policy only offers financial protection against TP damages, a comprehensive policy covers the insured vehicle as well against financial losses. Additionally, one can buy more add-on covers as per their needs to enhance the coverage.

Add-ons for Ashok Leyland Vehicle Insurance
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Add-ons increase the scope of a vehicle insurance policy. These are extra coverages that can be bought with a comprehensive online car insurance policy. Here is a list of add-ons that are most suitable for Ashok Leyland vehicles:

What’s Covered

What’s Not Covered

What’s Covered in Ashok Leyland Vehicle Insurance? (Inclusions)
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Coverages define the scope of a policy. These are conditions under which the policyholder should raise a claim to get compensation for the damage to the insured vehicle or injuries to the owner-driver. Following are the coverages of a comprehensive Ashok Leyland Vehicle Insurance policy:

  1. Third-party Coverages: The cost of paying compensation to the third party for accidental damage to their property or life is covered.

  2. Third-party Legal Liabilities: The cost of legal liabilities arising out of an accident with the third party is covered.

  3. Damage due to Fire: Damage arising out of the fire, self-ignition, or lightning is covered.

  4. Theft Coverage: The policyholder will be compensated with the Insured Declared Value of the vehicle (IDV) in case of burglary, housebreaking or theft.

  5. Accidental Damage: Unintentional damage arising out of an accident is covered under Ashok Leyland vehicle insurance.

  6. Damage due to calamities: Damage due to natural or man-made calamities is covered.

  7. Malicious Act: Damage arising out of a malicious act.

  8. Terrorist Activities: Damage to the insured vehicle from a terrorist activity is covered.

What’s Not Covered in Ashok Leyland Vehicle Insurance? (Exclusions)
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Exclusions can be defined as conditions that are not covered under an insurance policy. If a policyholder raises a claim against the exclusions, his/her claim will be rejected. Following are the exclusions of the comprehensive Ashok Leyland Vehicle Insurance policy:

  • A claim raised for situations other than the coverages of the policy.

  • The cost of damage occurred when outside the geographical limits laid down by the insurance company.

  • Damage caused when the vehicle is used for a purpose for which it is unfit.

  • Damage occurred when the vehicle is not being driven by a listed driver.

  • Consequential loss is not covered.

  • Damage caused due to a radioactive or nuclear weapon material.

  • Damage due to war or war-like conditions.

  • Damage when the driver is not carrying valid documents.

  • Damage occurred when the driver was in an intoxicated state.

  • Intentional damage.

How is Ashok Leyland Insurance Premium Calculated?
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Several factors influence the insurance premium. Some of the crucial factors are listed below.

Why Should You Choose ACKO for Ashok Leyland Insurance?
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ACKO is a customer-centric insurance company that puts its policyholders before everything else. Being a digital-first insurer, ACKO can carry out most of its customer-related operations online. Thus, it is very easy to claim against an Acko motor insurance policy. Following are more benefits of buying a vehicle insurance policy from ACKO.

No Paperwork
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One can buy an insurance policy from ACKO instantly. No need to send any hard copies of vehicle documents. This feature speeds up the process of buying insurance for your commercial vehicle.

Affordable Plans
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ACKO works on a no-commission model. It enables us to provide insurance at affordable premiums.

Excellent Customer Support
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ACKO has a top-rated customer support team that guides potential and existing policyholders at every stage of an insurance policy. Right from purchase to claims, the team is here to help you.

How to Buy/Renew Ashok Leyland Insurance
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Here are the steps to buy or renew Ashok Leyland insurance.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the insurer.

Step 2: Fill in your vehicle details and previous policy details (if applicable)

Step 3: Choose your plan, and add-ons and select a payment method for instant purchase or renewal.

How to File a Claim Under Ashok Leyland Insurance
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Here are the steps to file a claim against Ashokn Leyland Insurance.

Step 3: The representative from the insurance provider will get in touch with you to process the claim.

Documents Required to File Ashok Leyland Insurance Claim
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Here are a few essential documents you need to file an insurance claim.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the factors that determine the premium of my Ashok Leyland vehicle?

Factors like the cost of the vehicle, its manufacturing year, additional accessories, type of insurance policy, the owner/driver's claim history, driving habits, etc. affect the cost of an insurance policy.

Why is buying an Ashok Layland vehicle insurance online better than buying it offline?

Buying a vehicle insurance policy online can give you a lot of benefits as compared to buying it offline. For example, there are no agent commissions involved when purchasing an insurance policy online. You can save time and buy the policy from the comfort of your home or office. Digital insurance companies also offer online services that are useful after the purchase of the policy.

Which insurance company has the best claim settlement ratio for Ashok Leyland cars?

The Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) can increase or decrease depending on a lot of factors. The insurance regulator (IRDAI) publishes reports related to CSR annually and one can take a look at such reports to know the best insurer CSR-wise. However, choosing an insurance company only based on its CSR could be a very bad idea.

Where can I buy insurance for my Ashok Leyland vehicle?

Please visit to purchase insurance for your Ashok Leyland vehicle.

Which add-ons are available for Ashok Leyland vehicles?

Add-ons suitable for insuring Ashok Leyland are explained in this section. Please take a look.

What is the cost of an Ashok Leyland vehicle insurance policy?

The cost of vehicle insurance depends upon various factors related to the vehicle and its owner. For example, the Insured Declared Value i.e. the approximate market value of the vehicle plays a vital role in the premium. Similarly, the type of vehicle insurance policy, add-ons, claim history, etc. are also important. All these determine the cost of Ashok Leyland's insurance policy.

Does buying vehicle insurance take a lot of time?

No, if you choose to buy insurance online, you can get your policy within minutes.

Is it a costly affair to maintain an Ashok Leyland car?

Commercial vehicles require regular attention as they are constantly on the road. One may have to spend money regularly depending upon the nature of the business for which the vehicle is being used.