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Self-Inspection for Car Insurance Renewal

Team AckoJan 12, 2022

Buying and renewing car insurance is getting easier by the day. Technology has a huge role to play in this change. Gone are the days when the only way to buy car insurance was to fill lengthy forms and submit a heap of documents. Now, the process is simplified. It is convenient. It is mobile! Several insurance companies offer a feature known as Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal. Using this, you can renew a policy without physical inspection in case there’s a break between policy expiry and renewal.

Self Inspection For Car Insurance

This article will inform you about the Self-inspection feature along with its process. There’s a Frequently Asked Questions and a Key Takeaway section at the end of the article for further clarification. Read ahead for details regarding car insurance renewal for a Break-in Policy using the Self-inspection feature.

What is Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal?

Self Inspection car insurance renewal is a feature by which you can inspect your car using your smartphone. This feature is also known as Self Video Inspection for Car Insurance as you are supposed to shoot a video of the car and send it to the insurance company. This way, there is no need for the insurance company to send its officials to inspect your car. It saves time and you can renew your car insurance policy quickly.

Before understanding more about self-inspection for car insurance renewal, you need to know the following vital points.

  • When there is a break between expired policy and policy renewal, it is known as a Break-in Insurance.

  • Insurers prefer inspecting a vehicle in Break-in Insurance cases.

  • You should not drive your car during the Break-in period as it will not be covered by the insurance company.

  • Not renewing the policy even after the 90 days of expiry can reset your No Claim Bonus component (if available) to zero.

  • Self-inspection using video is a quicker way to renew expired car insurance compared to the traditional way of waiting for the inspection officer to visit and inspect the vehicle.

How to Perform Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal?

Different insurance companies have different processes for the self-inspection process. The level of sophistication and simplicity can vary from one insurer to another. The process will depend upon the insurer’s technological strength. Here’s an overview of the commonly followed process.

Step 1: Download App

You will be required to download the insurer’s app through which you will need to perform the self-inspection. The app may or may not be available for Android as well as iOS users.

Step 2: Share Details

Once you have downloaded the compatible app on your smartphone, you will be asked for basic details. These details can be the name, number, vehicle details, policy number, etc. Mostly, a lot of the information will be auto-filled or traced from your registered mobile number so that you do not have to fill the details. Thus, it is crucial to enter the same mobile number and details as mentioned while purchasing the policy.

Step 3: Capture Video

Once the basics are covered, you can proceed towards recording a 360-degree video of the car. Make sure to cover all angles, especially areas where there is any damage. Once you have the video, hit submit.

How to Perform a Self-inspection for Renewing an Expired Car Insurance Policy?

Here are the steps to carry out a self-inspection of your car for the purpose of renewing your car insurance policy.

Step 1: Download the insurer’s mobile app

You will find the link to your car insurance company’s app on their website. Download the application from either Play Store or App Store depending upon the operating system.

Step 2: Log in

Create an account or log in to your old account to renew the policy. Click on your old policy and renew to proceed to the self-inspection part.

Stet 3: Click pictures or a video

Depending upon the terms and conditions of the insurance company, you will be asked to either click pictures of the car, or you can capture a clear video from all angles of the car. 

Step 4: Review and renew

Submit the pictures or video to the insurer and wait for their approval. Once approved, the insurer will send the payment link. Complete the payment to receive your car insurance policy.

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Why to Perform Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal?

In case yours happens to be a Break-in policy, either the insurance company will perform an inspection or you will have to do it. Here are some points highlighting the benefits of opting for a self-inspection car insurance renewal.

1) Quick:

Performing self-inspection is certainly quicker than waiting for the insurance company to arrange for it. This is because you do not have to wait for car inspectors to arrive at your doorstep. Sometimes, they can take days or weeks to assign inspectors. Instead, you can perform the review yourself in a matter of minutes and get the policy renewed in just a few hours.

2) Easy:

Self-inspection is easy. It is as simple as recording any video from your smartphone. It’s just that you must ensure to capture the car entirely and shoot the video in a way that the car is properly visible.

3) Convenient:

You do not need any special equipment or gadgets to perform the self-inspection. Your internet-enabled phone should be enough. If you are busy during the week, pick a time on a Sunday and record the video. You can perform the self-inspection as per your convenience.

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Factors to Know Before Self-Inspection for Car Insurance Renewal:

Listed below are some factors to know before self-inspection.

  • Download the correct app for the inspection.

  • Ensure your app is updated before initiating the inspection process.

  • Shoot the video from a camera that has a higher resolution for better video quality.

  • Record the video in a well-lit, open area. Avoid spaces such as garages and underground parking lots.

  • Make sure to open the bonnet to capture the engine and chassis number.

  • Take your time. Go for retakes if you do not get it right in the first attempt.

  • Go through the video before submitting it.

  • You will probably need high-speed internet to upload the video.

Factors to Know After Self-Inspection for Car Insurance Renewal:

Listed below are some factors to know after you have finished self-inspection.

  • The insurer can ask you to repeat the self-inspection process if it is not up to the mark.

  • The insurer can reject your renewal application if the requirements are not met.

  • Technical issues can prohibit your self-inspection from going through.

  • Make sure to get some acknowledgement from the insurance company after you have submitted the video. In most cases, you will get a notification. But if you don’t write to the insurer about it.

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Advantages of Mobile Self-inspection Facility on a Lapsed policy

Traditionally, an inspector would get assigned to thoroughly inspect the car for any previous damage before issuing the renewed policy. However, thanks to smartphones and changes in the insurance industry, the inspection process is much easier. In fact, car owners can now complete the inspection on their own. Here is a list of advantages of performing the self-inspection for renewing a lapsed policy.

Self-inspection saves time 

Self-inspection for renewing a lapsed policy saves a lot of time compared to getting the car inspected by the insurance company.

Faster approvals

The insurance company will review the pictures or videos you send and, if approved, send the payment link for buying the policy. This process takes around 2 - 3 days in case of manual inspection from the insurer.

Special expertise not required

The car owners can simply follow the instructions for performing the inspection and send it to the insurer. They don’t need to know the nitty-gritty of car parts or the technical aspect of an insurance policy. 

Self-inspection can be done via any smartphone

No special equipment is necessary for inspecting the car for renewing the insurance policy. A simple smartphone can do the job just right.

No hassle of meeting the inspection expert

You don’t have to schedule a meeting for the inspection as you can complete the process by yourself. You can simply click some pictures or videos of your car at your convenience.

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Benefits of Acko Online Car Insurance:

If you want to switch insurers while renewing your car insurance policy, you can do so by visiting acko.com. You can insure your car with Acko at Zero Commission and Zero Paperwork. Here are some of the benefits of buying car insurance online from Acko.

  • Easy process

  • Quick policy issuance

  • No paperwork

  • Swift claim settlement

  • Prompt customer assistance

Key Takeaways:

Here are some summary points of this article:

  • Mobile-based self-inspection car insurance renewal is performed via an app.

  • It involves recording a clear video from all angles and uploading it for claim settlement.

  • The process followed by insurance companies might vary.

  • The app-based process is not complicated and can be performed with minimal assistance and complications.

  • Note that the final call regarding approving a claim application sent via the self-inspection process is with the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that are frequently asked when it comes to self-inspection for car insurance renewal. If you have specific queries, you can contact the insurance company from whom you want to renew your policy. For assistance from Acko, send an email to [email protected]

How can I perform a self-inspection for car insurance renewal?

Insurance companies usually have set processes for self-inspection for car insurance renewal. This process is mostly done via their mobile applications. Some insurance aggregator websites might also have such processes. If you are not sure if your insurance provider has an app that supports self-inspection, you can simply call them up and ask about the way ahead. If they do not support self-inspection, they will assign an inspector and help you out with car insurance renewal.

Is it going to be beneficial for me if I opt for a self-inspection process over the traditional inspection process?

The app-based self-inspection process offers a lot of benefits over the traditional method. For instance, you can be done with the car insurance renewal process in a quick way. You do not have to wait for the insurer’s officer or team to arrive, be present at that time, and run them through the details. Self-inspection is convenient. You can do it based on your preferred time of the day. Busy on a Monday? Perform the self-inspection on the weekend or late at night. You have the power to choose.

What is the meaning of video-based self-inspection for car renewal?

This is just another name for app-based self-inspection. It is called that way because the process involves shooting a video of the to-be insured car by the policyholder.

How to go about performing the mobile-based self-inspection for car insurance renewal?

You simply have to follow the instructions mentioned in the app concerning the self-inspection process. The major aspects of the process include shooting the video in daylight, covering all angles, and uploading it with a high-speed internet connection.

What is the meaning of Cashless Self-video Claims?

The answer to this question lies in understanding Cashless Claims and Self-video Claims. Cashless Claims is a process where the insurance company deals with the garage directly. They have a set process when it comes to settling bills. Thus, you as a policyholder simply pay a nominal amount and the claim is settled.A Self-Video Claim is a process by which you send a claim application and add a video to it. This video is of the damaged part of the car. This way, the insurance company comes to know of the damage and they immediately settle the claim by making a one-time payment. Or else, they can approve the claim and settle it in a Cashless Manner with the garage without the need for physical inspection.Therefore, a Cashless Self-video Claims process involves you sending a video of the damaged part of the car to your insurance company for instant claim settlement. Usually, such a feature is only available for minor damages. Major damages resulting out of accidents and damage due to fire mostly need a physical inspection.


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