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9 Best places to visit in July outside India

TeamAckoMay 13, 2024

July is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to plan an international vacation! This month falls right in the middle of the year, making it an ideal time to take a break from the monotony of work and daily routine. Many destinations around the world enjoy great weather in July, making it the perfect time to embark on that long-awaited international trip. In this article, we'll be sharing with you the 9 best places to visit in July outside India.

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1. Bhutan


Bhutan is a great place to visit in July outside India if you want to get closer to nature, culture, and inner peace, as well as actually breathe fresh air, since it is the only carbon-negative country in the world. Also, considering how close the two countries are and the cheap travel deals available, going from India to Bhutan is a surprise bargain. 

Bhutan is a great place to visit that won't break the bank. Also, travelling in July means fewer tourists, which means more real adventures. You'll be able to get to know the people better, take part in traditional events, and enjoy the peace and quiet without all the other tourists.

Weather in July: 26 degrees

Some places in Bhutan that you should see are Punakha, Paro Taktsang, Khoma, Dochu La, and Thimphu.

2. Sri Lanka

sriilanka (1) (1).png

Want to go on a cheap trip outside of India? Sri Lanka comes to mind as one of the best countries to visit in July. You can get a visa-on-arrival; it's close, and it's cheap to stay, eat, and get around. 

It's only a short flight away, and you can stay there for up to 30 days without any worries. This makes it great for last-minute trips. 

You can enjoy a lot of history and culture, as well as tasty food and beautiful scenery. If you want a holiday that feels both far away and close to home, Sri Lanka should be at the top of your list. The country has stunning scenery, clean beaches, lush tea farms, old churches, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Weather in July: 25 degrees

Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Sigiriya, and Jaffna are all great places to look around in Sri Lanka.

3. Seychelles


There is a lovely group of islands in the Indian Ocean. They are called the Seychelles.  It's a great choice for Indian tourists who want to take a trip outside of India in July. The area has beautiful beaches, lush scenery, and a lot of sea life to explore. The weather is dry and sunny right now.

Indians can get a visa-on-arrival in the Seychelles, which makes it one of the best international places to visit, as it easy and convenient to plan a trip. 

The Seychelles is easy to get to because there are direct flights there.

Weather in July: 24 degrees

Mahé Island, Bird Island, La Digue, and Praslin are all places to see in the Seychelles.

4. Maldives

The Muraka at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Indian tourists often choose the Maldives as one of the best countries to visit in July because it is close to India, easy to get a visa, has beautiful beaches, high-end resorts, and lots of things to do. 

Here, you can have fun and escape everything while still being near home. Another well-known feature of the Maldives is their private islands and floating cottages. These are great for families, honeymooners, and anyone else who wants a private holiday. 

Movie stars from both India and America enjoy taking holidays in the Maldives, so you never know when you might run into your favourite.

Weather in July: 26 degrees

North Male Atoll, Vakkaru Island, Mudhdhoo Island, and Baa Atoll are all great places to visit.

5. Thailand

Best Time to Visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places to visit in July outside India for Indians seeking a cheap and varied foreign vacation. In Thailand, the monsoon season brings cooler weather and green scenery, making it a great time to go hiking or enjoy the beaches without as many people. 

Indian tourists are especially interested in Thailand because it is close, which makes travel quick and cheap. Also, the fact that Indian passport users can get a visa on arrival in Thailand makes the trip easier. In addition, the lower prices during the off-season make the trip more affordable without lowering the quality of the sites or lodging.

Weather in July: 30 degrees

Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok are some of the most beautiful places.

6. France


The weather in July is perfect for tourists who want to see the colourful parts of Paris, the flower fields of Provence, and the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera. The famous Tour de France takes place in July, which is another great cultural event. 

Also, you can have a more relaxed and immersive experience because there are not as many tourists, which makes it one of the best places to visit in July outside India. France is a great place to go if you want to see something new because it has great art, history, and natural beauty, and the weather is great in July. 

Weather in July: 25 Degrees

Paris, Loire Valley, Nimes and Nice are some of the most beautiful places.

7. Jordan

jordan (1) (1).png

Jordan is the best international place to visit in July in terms of safety and peace. Tourists come from all over the world, including India. 

With so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jordan is truly unique. It's like an outdoor museum. In Jordan, you can go back in time and space in a magical way, from the old city of Petra to the dry deserts of Wadi Rum. It has just the right amount of history and excitement, making it a great vacation spot for people who want to learn about the amazing things that happened in the past. So, if you want a great holiday in July, you might want to visit Jordan.

Weather in July: 35 Degrees

Petra, Wadi Ram, The Dead Sea and Jerash are some of the best places to visit.

8. Nepal


Getting ready for a family trip in July? Have you thought about Nepal? You can visit this wonderful place without having to go through any visa procedures. 

Nepal is a beautiful country with a lot of natural beauty, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. Families can enjoy exploring together and making moments that will last a lifetime. There is something for the whole family to enjoy, from the beautiful views of Mount Everest to the holy pilgrimage places. So why not get away from the liveliness of the city this July and enjoy the peaceful scenery and lively customs of Nepal? It's one of the best places to visit in July outside India with family.

Weather in July: 27 Degrees

Kathmandu, Lumbini, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park ​​are some of the best places to visit.

9. Mexico


In July, Mexico, a country with a lot of history and culture, has both sunny beaches and fun events. Beach lovers love Cancún and Playa del Carmen because of their blue waters, which are great for snorkelling and seeing the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef's rich underwater world. Inland, the busy streets of Mexico City offer a wide range of things to do, from enjoying delicious street food to exploring the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, all set against the lively summer energy.

Weather in July: 28 Degrees

Oaxaca, Isla Holbox, and Bacalar, Mexico City, are some of the best places to visit.

We hope that with our list of the best places to visit in July from India, you will be able to decide where your next destination is. To be on the safe side, get the travel protection you need with travel insurance before starting your trip. 

Stay safe, and have happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here Are Few Questions Asked About Best places to visit in July outside India


1. Which country is best to visit in July?

The best countries to visit in July outside India are Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Thailand, France, Jordan, Nepal and Mexico.

2. Where is it the cheapest to go in July?

Bhutan is a great place to go if you want to save money on your July trip. You can go there for a low price because your money will stretch more. Sri Lanka is also a great choice. You can still have a great time there, just like at other cheap holiday spots.

3. Is July a good time to travel?

Yes, July is a good month to travel from India because, back here, the school and college holidays will be in full swing and you can get some time with your family and friends on a vacation. It's a great opportunity to get relief from the hot weather too.

4. Where should I go for a beach vacation in July?

To enjoy a warm beach vacation in July, you can go to the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Maldives, or Thailand.


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