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Best time to visit Austria

TeamAckoMay 24, 2024

The shoulder seasons—April to May and September to November—are the best times to visit Austria. The weather is awesome, and there will be fewer tourists.

However, the best time to visit Austria largely relies on what you want to do there. Like December through March is the best time for skiing and other winter sports. Depending on the snow, the ski season can sometimes extend into April. Shoulder season months—April to June and September to early November—are great for sightseeing, hiking, and enjoying towns. The weather is nice, and there are fewer people there. It's fun to do things outside and go to festivals in July and August, but it can get crowded, especially in tourist places.

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Austria Climate 

Because it is in the hills, Austria is mostly a hilly country. It has a wide range of weather conditions and can be broken down into four seasons. However, most of Austria is in the cool temperature zone. You can do different things in each season. 

Austria in the winter is cold (-10 to 0 °C), but it can get pretty hot in the summers. The normal temperature is in the 20s, and in August, it can reach up to 40.5 °C (105 °F). With temperatures between 10 and 16 °C, spring is a great time to go exploring. Finally, fall has temperatures that are about the same as spring.

Here’s a table that shows the travel seasons, temperature ranges and how the weather will be in Austria:


Temperature Range

Weather Conditions


-10 to 0 °C (14 to 32 °F)

Cold and snow in many regions


10 to 16 °C (50 to 61 °F)

Mild, ideal for exploring


20 to 40.5 °C (68 to 105 °F)

Warm to hot, can be very hot in August


10 to 16 °C (50 to 61 °F)

Mild, similar to spring

Best Season to visit Austria

Austria is a beautiful country, and every season offers interesting things to do. Here's a simple breakdown:

Peak Season in Austria (June to August)

June through August are the busiest times of the year. The weather is pleasant and warm, but sometimes it can be very hot. This time is most popular for events, hiking, and sightseeing. However, it is also more expensive and crowded than at any other time of year.

Shoulder Season in Austria (April to May and September to October)

Shoulder season lasts from April to May in the spring and from September to October in the autumn. There are fewer people around, and it's warmer. In the spring, flower fields are wonderful; in the autumn, leaf fields are lovely. There are reasonable costs and convenient access to outdoor activities.

Low/Off Season in Austria (November to March)

Famous for excellent skiing and other winter sports, particularly in the Alps, this region is open from November to March. Although it is ski resort season, there are fewer tourists in other areas of Austria, so you can view winter scenery for less money.

Best Month to Visit Austria

Let us break it down by season so you can decide when would be the best month to visit Austria:

The spring (March-May): 

In Austria, springtime is like witnessing the planet come alive again. The temperature rises to between 10 and 20 °C. Flowers bloom, and the landscapes once again become green. Rain showers are not uncommon, but they also mean fewer tourists and more tranquil sightseeing. Hiking in the lower parts of the country is a fantastic outdoor activity at this time of year.

Why visit in the spring? It rains a little, and the temperatures are the lowest and mildest in most areas. Also, spring is generally cheaper and less crowded.

Events to attend: Vienna Festival Weeks, Genuss Festival (Austria’s largest food festival), Snowbombing Festival

The summers (June-August): 

Summer is peak season for a reason, with temperatures ranging between 20/30°C. Though July and August can get somewhat hot, the days are long and sunny. Enjoying the stunning lakes, touring the cities, and participating in cultural festivals are all best done during this season. Just get prepared for more people and more expensive things.

Why visit in the summers? You'll get the best weather, long days, green alpine trails, and the busiest days of tourist fun.

Events to attend: Vienna Festival Weeks, Liszt Festival

Autumn (September–November): 

With its brilliant autumn colours, autumn transforms Austria's landscape in a stunning way. 10 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius are the temperature ranges. Hiking and country exploration are ideal activities for the cooler weather. The tourist throngs also begin to thin away.

Why visit in the autumn? Autumn is one of the best seasons to visit Austria for pleasant weather, budgeted tours, and visiting the countryside of the hills.

Events to attend: Liszt Festival, Vienna Fashion Week

Winter (December-February): 

With temperatures frequently falling below 0°C, winter turns Austria into a breathtakingly beautiful country. Though chilly, the scenery coated in snow is breathtaking. The Alpine areas should see plenty of snow, which is great for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Beautifully decorated for Christmas, cities like Salzburg and Vienna provide quaint marketplaces and joyous events.

Why visit in the winter? Winters are known as Austria’s ski season and are the best. It’s also that time of year when Christmas is celebrated.

Events to attend: Music and ski festivals

Know More About The Best Time To Go To Austria

During what season is it best to ski in Austria?

According to people who live there, the best time to ski in Austria is usually in January. In December, the winter season starts, and Christmas markets add a festive feel. However, it's worth noting that the slopes might be less busy in January after the holiday rush. The second-best snow conditions are often in February and March, but these are also the busiest months because many countries have school breaks during those times. Somewhere in mid-April, the weather starts to get warmer, but you can still ski, especially at places higher up. 

This means that the best time to go is between late January and early March when there is a good mix of snow and scenery.

If you want to avoid crowds, when is the best time to go to Austria?

During the months (April, early May, September, and October), you can visit Austria without all the crowds and noise of the busy tourist season. These times are great for visitors who want to avoid crowds and have a more leisurely time.

When is the nicest time of year to go to Austria?

If you want to go to Austria and have nice weather, the best times are between April and May and September and November. The weather is usually nice during these months, and there aren't as many tourists around. This makes it a nice time to go sightseeing, hike, or visit towns. That being said, winter is the best time if you like being cold. The wettest months of the year are June through August. Even though summer is great, it can get up to 40 degrees at times. In Austria, there are four seasons, and the weather changes a lot from winter to summer. 

When is the rainy season in Austria?

Asia as a whole has a rainy season, but Austria doesn't. However, it can rain more often in the summer, especially in June and August, when thunderstorms happen. If you are going on a trip soon, you should check the weather first before making any plans. 

Keep in mind that

Travel insurance is mandatory when visiting Austria, as it is part of the Schengen region. To get full coverage for your Austria trip, check out ACKO’s travel insurance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few question and answers asked about Best Time to Visit Austria


Which month works best to travel to Austria?

If you want to see Austria at your own speed and with fewer tourists, the shoulder seasons—April to May and September to November—are the best time to visit Austria. 

Should one visit Austria in the summer or the winter?

Whether you visit Austria in the summer or the winter will mostly depend on your interests. 

Austria's wintertime specialities include beautiful Christmas markets, skiing, and snowboarding. Conversely, summer in Austria is ideal for people who like warmer temperatures, outdoor pursuits, and nature exploration. Austria offers various experiences in the summer and winter; hence, both are special.

For what is Austria most famous?

Rich cultural legacy, stunning Alpine scenery, and major contributions to classical music and the arts are what make Austria most famous. Famous for their magnificent architecture, lively cultural scenes, and plethora of museums, Austria's historic cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Furthermore, well-known for its winter sports, the nation offers first-rate snowboarding and skiing. 

When in Austria is the hottest month?

At up to 40 degrees on average, July and August are the hottest months in Austria.

When in Austria are the cold months?

November, December, January, February, and March are chilly months in Austria, with average temperatures between -10 and 0 °C (14 and 32 °F).

It snows in Austria in which month?

The beginning of Austria’s snowfall was from mid-December to March. Still, January is the coldest and best month for snowfall.


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