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Best Time to Visit Georgia

TeamAckoMay 2, 2024

The best time to visit Georgia is usually from May to October as you will get pleasant temperatures accompanied by generally sunny weather and less crowd. If you want to see the grape harvest in Kakheti, you should choose a time between September and October. On the other hand, you should select a period between July and August to get a glimpse of summer warmth and enjoy the snow-free hike in the mountains and the Black Sea beaches. 


Georgia is a country that has something unique to offer every month of the year. To choose what time of year is best for your travel plans, go through this blog, where we discuss all the seasons and reasons to travel to Georgia.



When is the Best Time to Visit Georgia from India? 

The best time to visit Georgia from India is from May to October. However, the choice of time heavily depends on the locations you want to explore. But, if you want to know what most travellers prefer, it is from May to October. 

This period is special because it is the best time to explore Georgia's troglodytic town of Vardzia and its monasteries, taste Kekhati's wine, and explore the extraordinary countryside in Tusheti. 

If you are visiting for a short time, the best months for travel to Georgia can be either July or August, where you can enjoy the sea, mountain, and heritage sites at their fullest. 

Best Season to Visit Georgia

The best season to travel to Georgia can help you to understand whether Georgia will be perfect for soaking the sun on the beach, witnessing wildflowers carpeting the lowlands, harvest time in  Kakheti vineyards, or experiencing snow and making the most of off-peak prices. 

Here is Georgia's month-by-month weather guide, along with the pros and cons for you to choose a time that suits your plans best: 

Peak Season in Georgia/Summer Season in Georgia 

In Georgia, the peak season consists of two months, July and August.  

July is the month when the peak holiday season starts. During this time, Tbilisi and the lowlands start to get uncomfortably hot. You can experience lower temperatures in the mountainous and coastal areas of Georgia between July and August. It is the only time when the Caucasus Mountains are snow-free. Hence, it is why July and August are the best months to hike the highlands. 

Pros of going to Georgia during the peak season: 

  • You will get a taste of Georgia's open-air restaurants during this time. 

  • Concerts and festivals take place everywhere in the country. 

  • Since the Caucasus Mountains are snow-free, you can explore the magnificent mountains at their utmost beauty. 

Cons of going to Georgia during the peak season: 

  • Accommodations fill up fast as the peak season starts. 

  • To escape the harsh heat of the city, Georgians travel from Tbilisi, and coastal regions become crowded. 

Shoulder Season in Georgia/Spring Season in Georgia 

The shoulder season in Georgia is from May to June. 

You can expect a milder climate in May and some rainfall. Walking trails start to reopen in the mountains, and the wildflowers carpet the lowland landscape. Around the end of May, the road to Tusheti opens up. You get good opportunities to explore tourist spots before the summer heat kicks in. Around mid-June, the trekking season officially starts, and the heat rises. More and more hiking trails and Gudauri ski lifts are open to visitors. 

Pros of going to Georgia during the shoulder season: 

  • It is the ideal time to explore the historic sights of Tbilisi and the botanical garden. 

  • You can avoid the summer heat and explore David Gareja Cave Monastery and Vashlovani National Park in eastern Georgia. 

  • You can visit the mountains, cities, and coastal areas before the summer heat rises and the rush of tourists begins.

  • During this time, you can participate in the Georgian Independence Day celebration (on 26th May) with open-air street festivals, bards, live music, pop-up restaurants, and markets. 

  • You may also catch the Orthodox Easter with mesmerising traditions and exciting services lining the streets. 

Cons of going to Georgia during the shoulder season: 

  • It is not the ideal time yet to explore the magnificent countryside on foot or horseback.   

Low Season in Georgia/Winter Season in Georgia 

November to December and January to April are the low seasons in Georgia. 

In November, the temperature dramatically drops in most parts of Georgia. You can expect both warm and cold weather during this time. In Gudauri and Mestia, snow starts to fall around November. Most places will be covered in snow during December except Tbilisi, allowing you to explore hiking trails around the city. 

Except for Tbilisi, most places will have freezing temperatures at night and experience snow in January, leaving few things to do in Georgia. However, you can partake in the unique tradition of Bedoba, Orthodox Christmas Day, and the Alilo Parade in January. February is the coldest month of the year, leaving a few options like relaxing in a natural hot spring, taking a ride on the Kukushka train in Bakuriani, or visiting the Ushguli stone towers. 

During most of March, the conditions stay the same. It only starts to change during April, marked by the blossoming of wildflowers in the lowland regions. 

Pros of going to Georgia during the low season: 

  • You can take advantage of off-peak prices and explore Tbilisi with fewer crowds. 

  • Spending New Year's in Tbilisi is an extraordinary experience for anyone. 

  • Snowboarding and skiing are the only reasons to visit Georgia in winter. 

Cons of going to Georgia during the low season: 

  • Coastal areas such as Batumi on the Black Sea stay below 10°C. 

  • Mountainous regions are not accessible due to heavy snow. 

  • Heating may not be available at all times as Georgia is prone to frequent power outages. 

Best Month to Visit Georgia 

There is no one month that is the best time to visit Georgia, as every month has something unique to offer. Most tourists favour July and August (despite it being a bit pricier than off-season) because of the unmissable Georgian landscapes. 

In the following table, we have divided the months into flour seasons to help you decide the best time for your trip to Georgia: 


Travel Months

Min Temperature

Max Temperature


March to May




June to August 




September to November 




December to February 



March to May (Spring in Georgia)

Springtime in Georgia is a great time to visit Georgia as the weather conditions are soothing. One can avoid sunny and warm summer days to roam the streets freely and traverse the country. It looks spectacular in the spring as many beautiful flowers bloom during these months. 

Important Events in Georgia During Spring

  • Mother’s Day 

  • International Women’s Day 

  • Day of restoration of Independence of Georgia and Memorial day

  • Victory Day

  • Orthodox Easter

  • Name day of Andrea the first called

  • Independence Day

Why should you visit this month? 

Visit Georgia in spring to taste the local Georgian wine at Kakheti. Eat local foods like Khachapuri, visit the caves of Gareji, and hike to Gergeti Trinity Church. Raft and move through Martvili Canyon, enjoy your time at Batumi Beach and visit Ananuri Castle. Explore the medieval land and numerous watch towers in Svaneti. 

Things to Remember 

As Georgia transitions from winter to spring, the weather can be unpredictable during March. Expect some frost in the mountains. You can enjoy lower prices in March and early April as it is the low season. 

June to August (Summer in Georgia)

June is a lovely time to visit Georgia, as early June feels like spring when the summer heat has yet to kick in. Around mid-June, trekking starts officially. You can utilise the nice weather to visit the cities, mountains, and coastal areas. In July, the temperature starts to increase and usher in tourists worldwide, and various festivals take place. The peak season continues as August begins. It is the best time to go on hiking tours in the highlands. 

Important Events in Georgia During Summer

  • Day of the Virgin Mary

Why should you visit this month? 

Visit Georgia in summer to take a day trip to Gori or go camping in Svaneti. Enjoy the Upper Adjara and Racha mountainous regions in the soothing weather. In Batumi, treat your ears at the Black Sea Jazz Festival. Explore the Aragvi River by white water river rafting. Experience the grandeur of Abudelauri Lakes and the fascinating waterfalls of Mtirala National Park. 

Things to Remember 

It is the time when trekking officially starts, and more and more hiking trails become available. Ski lifts in Gudauri also open in June. During July, Tbilisi and the lowlands may feel uncomfortably hot. The Caucasus Mountains are completely snow-free and ready for hiking. In July and August, you can expect to find hotels filling quickly as more locals and tourists gather in the coastal regions due to the extreme heat in the city. 

September to November (Autumn in Georgia)

Autumn in Georgia is a beautiful and fantastic time for sightseeing all the paramount tourist attractions there. In this season, humidity remains low, but you can have rainfall sometimes. The surroundings are mesmerising with colourful fall hues, making it perfect for hiking or exploring the cities by strolling around on pleasantly sunny days. 

Important Events in Georgia During Autumn

  • Svetitskhovloba or Day of Mtskheta

  • Saint George's Day 

Why should you visit this month? 

Visit Georgia in autumn to hike in Lagodekhi National Park and admire the Black Rock Lake. Take a wine-harvesting holiday in Kakheti and relax at Rtveli. Enjoy the views at Bateti Lake and Lake Shaori. Celebrate Tbilisoba with the locals and swim in the Black Sea. 

Things to Remember 

Temperatures gradually start to drop during September. You can see snow starting to fall in the mountains. The harvest time in Kakheti is late September to mid-October. It is the ideal time to involve yourself with grape harvesting and wine tasting. October witnesses the ‘Day of Tbilisi', one of the biggest celebrations in which the old town transforms into an open-air carnival with folk performances and a gastro market. 

December to February (Winter in Georgia)

Winters can become harsh for the majority of Indian travellers as the weather is cold and has very low temperatures (sub-zero during nights) and occasional rains. It is a low season for tourism when you cannot visit all the popular tourist places. Most of the country is covered in snow during these months except for its capital, Tbilisi, and coastal areas. However, tourists looking for skiing and snowboarding may have a good time. 

Important Events in Georgia During Winter

  • New Year Celebrations

  • Orthodox Christmas

  • Baptism Day or Orthodox Epiphany

Why should you visit this month? 

You can visit Georgia in winter to enjoy skiing at Gudauri, ice skating at various locations, Sulphur baths in Tbilisi, and explore Savannah and Jekyll Island. 

Things to Remember 

Experiencing the New Year in Tbilisi can be a memorable experience in life. During this time of year, you can also participate in their Orthodox Christmas celebration in the streets of Tbilisi.

Key Takeaways 

If you have gathered a general idea about the seasons in Georgia, you understand that you should carefully decide the best time to visit Georgia. Depending on what parts of a Georgia tour attract you the most, you can decide what time of year will be suitable for you to visit Georgia. 

ACKO can help you with this upcoming trip by providing online travel insurance to protect your financial coverage against emergencies during the total duration of the trip. Whether it is flight delays, loss of baggage, medical emergencies, or extension of stay due to weather conditions, our product has your back. 

Now that you have taken into account the seasons and months of Georgia, you can start to plan confidently and free of worry with travel insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few question and answers on Best Time to Visit Georgia


Which months does it snow in Georgia? 

In Georgia, snowfall starts in November. However, between December and February, you cannot miss it. To see snow, visit places like Mountain City, Rabun Gap, Clayton, Sky Valley, Hiawassee, Young Harris, Mineral Bluff, Blue Ridge, Suches, and Morganton. 

Is winter a good time to visit Georgia? 

If you want to enjoy snowboarding and skiing and explore Georgia's rich history, culture, delicious food and enchanting landscape, you must visit Georgia during winter. 

What are the hottest and coldest months in Georgia? 

July is the hottest, and February is the coldest month in Georgia. Both of these months have special attractions for tourists. 

Which month is best for visiting Tbilisi? 

The best time to visit this international destination is from May to October. Except for July and August, you can expect moderate crowds. The weather is moderate during March and April. 

What month is the rainy season in Georgia? 

March is the wettest month of the year in Georgia, while September and October are the driest months. In a typical year, during spring and summer seasons, you can witness thunderstorms in Georgia. 


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