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5 Tips to Consider While Driving Through Waterlogged Roads

Team AckoOct 6, 2021

Nowadays, monsoons have quite a polarizing response. While people are excited about a break from the harshness of the summer season, they are wary of the problems associated with the monsoon season. Monsoon forces a lifestyle change for a few months, especially in the cities. It is not just about buying umbrellas, it is also about thinking ensuring proper hygiene, avoiding street food and driving your car properly through waterlogged roads.

Driving Through Waterlogged Roads

Flooding due to monsoon has become a regular scenario in major cities in the recent past. It no longer happens once in a decade. Unfortunately, it is happening almost every year in places like Mumbai, Chennai, and other metros. In such a scenario, one has to take great care of the vehicle while driving it through waterlogged roads. Read ahead to know some tips that will help you to drive your car smoothly through such roads.

5 Tips to Wade Through Waterlogged Roads:

Driving your car through waterlogged roads in India can be a daunting task. The potholes on roads make it even more challenging to move through the water and reach your destination. Driving in such a scenario can be problematic for the vehicle as well for your safety. It can also affect other drivers and pedestrians. Here are some tips that will help you to drive your car through waterlogged roads.

1) Gauge Water Level:

Keep an eye on the water level on the road. It gets more dangerous when the car’s tires are submerged. Higher water levels can make driving a lot difficult and prone to problems. If that is about to happen, try to take an alternate route. The alternate route might be time-consuming but it is better to be safe than sorry.

2) Stay in the Centre:

If you look closely, flood water gets accumulated on the side of the roads. That is because the roads are often constructed that way, to channel floodwater down the drain. But when the drains are flooded, the sides of the road also get flooded. Thus, the water level should be the lowest at the centre. Also, if a heavy vehicle passes swiftly, the water can get displaced to the side of the road and if your car is in that position, the water level can rise there drastically. Thus, try to keep your car in the centre lane.

3) Composed Driving:

Drive slow and do not move to higher gears. Keep toggling between first and second gear without letting the throttle go down. Maintain a consistent level of RPM. This will prevent the water from blocking the exhaust pipe.

4) Avoid Hydrostatic Lock:

If the car’s engine is underwater and it breaks down, do not try to force start it. Let it be. If you try to crank up the engine when it is submerged in water, chances are that your car might fall prey to a hydrostatic lock. This can be damaging to the car’s engine. The car should be towed to the nearest garage.

5) Don’t Panic:

Keep calm. It is not the end of the world. Everyone wants to get out of the waterlogged area and go home soon. The only way to do it is by staying patient and cooperative. Getting into arguments, unnecessary honking etc. is not going to help the cause. It will make matters worse. Stay focused and don’t panic.

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Additional Driving Tips for The Monsoon Season:

Here are some tips to help you drive safely during the monsoon season.

  • Drive your car at a lower speed than usual. It will offer you better control in case you have to stop immediately or make quick manoeuvres.

  • Clear the windshield with the help of the HVAC system – heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

  • If possible, move through waterlogged areas in one go without removing your foot from the accelerator.

  • There can be difficulty in braking after a car crosses a waterlogged area, drive accordingly.

  • Avoid starting your car on your own if it is parked in a flooded area. Get a mechanic or tow it to a nearby garage.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What sort of insurance cover should I buy for my car considering I reside in a flooding-prone area?

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, your car insurance policy must have appropriate covers to tackle damages due to waterlogging. Choose a Comprehensive insurance plan with the right Add-ons for wide-ranging coverage.

Should I compare car insurance quotes online before buying the policy?

Buy and renew car insurance online only after comparing car insurance quotes. Also, do not be blinded by low rates, check if the policy is offering the right cover. Digital insurance companies tend to offer wide-ranging coverage at an affordable rate.

How can I check personalized car insurance quotes?

You can use a car insurance online calculator to check car insurance quotes for a personalized cover.

Will a Third-party Liability cover insure my car against damages due to waterlogging, flooding, and the monsoon season?

A Third-party Liability cover will not be able to cover you in case of damage to the insured vehicle due to waterlogging, flooding, or the monsoon season. This is because the third-party policy does not offer an Own Damage cover. An Own Damage cover is offered by a Comprehensive car insurance policy. Therefore, if you are worried about damages to the vehicle, you should insure your car with a Comprehensive policy and choose relevant Add-on covers.

Which Add-on covers are suitable to ensure enhanced coverage for my car in case of waterlogging?

You can opt for Add-on covers like Zero Depreciation, Engine Protection and Roadside Assistance.


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